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Video – The importance of countering mosque expansion.

December 1, 2013

Here is a video of Gavin Boby speaking at a meeting of the International Civil Liberties Alliance. Mr Boby, a Lawyer, and leader of the Law and Freedom Foundation, the group otherwise known as ‘Mosquebusters’, told of the reasons why the building of mosques should be curtailed and the basic problems with the ideology of Islam.

He spoke of how Islamic law and Islamic practice, is like Nazism and at heart counter to the law. The incitement to violence and conquest to be found in the Koran would render it against law in many countries and in many jurisdictions. The aggressive conquest encouraged by the Koran make it an enemy of peace.

Mr Boby mentioned the sheer scale of funds available to mosque promoters and it is truly staggering. Mr Boby said that since 1979, 200 Billion US Dollars have been supplied by the government of Saudi Arabia for the purpose of mosque and maddrassa building.

On a lighter note he said how much he enjoyed the abuse he gets from the unprofessional pro-mosque councillors and professional politically correct activists that he encounters in his work opposing mosques. He quite rightly said that such people along with groups like the Organisation of Islamic Countries should not be debated with but instead, should be told where to get off. ‘We don’t debate with such people,’ he said ‘we turn the tables on them.’

He compared Islam and its hatred to the sort of hatred promulgated by the Nazi SS. He said ‘we wouldn’t let a group of Nazis set up a chapter house, so why don’t we do the same with Muslims?’

Mr Boby said that the ideology of Islam is counter to the peace and also counter to documents like Magna Carta. In other words the hatred promoted by Islam is against the law.

He also said that playing hardball with Mosque PR people and dimwit councillors and have told planners that imposing a mosque is against the law, against the peace and that one day that law will come back to haunt those who push through Mosques, later ‘after the politically correct fog has finally ended’.

Mr Boby is right, Islam, like fascism needs to go, it needs to go in the Islamic world and it needs to go here. I cannot agree more, if freeing the slave is a general good, then the slaves of Islam need to be freed.

This is a fabulous speech and really should be heard by many more people, especially those who are outside of the counterjihad world. We do indeed need to hold the line on Law against the lawless hatred that is coming from Islam.


Gavin Boby speaking in Brussels

The Law and Freedom Foundation AKA ‘Mosquebusters’


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