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From Elsewhere: Current Pope a bit of a dope regarding Islam. Robert Spencer Fisks Pope.

November 29, 2013

Pope Francis I. A Pope with an unrealistic view of the ideology of Islam.

The current incumbent of throne of St Peter in the Vatican may be an educated, humane man, dedicated to peace, but he has proved recently that he is not an expert in Islam. Pope Francis started off his time in office by showing that he was prepared to be humble, to be a pope for the poor and the disenfranchised.

He is sadly panning out to be a Pope who is incapable of seeing evil even when it written down and presented to him in the form of a copy of the Qu’ran. Despite there being a wealth of evidence from the Qu’ran and the Hadiths and from mainstream Islamic scholars that Jihad and violence is hard wired together into the ideology of Islam, this current Pope still mistakenly refers to Islam as ‘peaceful’. Even though the majority of Muslim individuals are in the main peaceful, the ideology of Islam definitely is not pacifisitic. Peaceful Muslims are those who decide to selectively read the Qu’ran and the Hadiths and by doing so reject the hatred and violence that makes up so much of this literature.

An article on Mr Robert Spencer’s Jihad Watch shows how deeply Pope Francis has drunk from the multiculturalist Kool-Aid.

Mr Spencer said:

“No one would even be interested in this question were it not for the abundant evidence to the contrary: the daily record of jihad violence carried out by Muslims who point to Islam and the Qur’an to justify their actions, including many who are burning churches and terrorizing Christians in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, Pakistan and elsewhere. It is because of them that Pope Francis, David Cameron and others feel compelled to insist that, contrary to what we see happening every day, Islam is really peaceful. The question is whether they are doing the victims of jihad any real service by insisting this.

“Apostolic Exhortation Evangelii Gaudium of the Holy Father Francis to the Bishops, Clergy, Consecrated Persons and the Lay Faithful On the Proclamation of the Gospel In Today’s World,” from, November 24:

253. In order to sustain dialogue with Islam, suitable training is essential for all involved, not only so that they can be solidly and joyfully grounded in their own identity, but so that they can also acknowledge the values of others, appreciate the concerns underlying their demands and shed light on shared beliefs. We Christians should embrace with affection and respect Muslim immigrants to our countries in the same way that we hope and ask to be received and respected in countries of Islamic tradition. I ask and I humbly entreat those countries to grant Christians freedom to worship and to practice their faith, in light of the freedom which followers of Islam enjoy in Western countries!”

I’d really advise reading this article, especially if you are not familiar with the sheer number of confirmations that there are in Islamic history, Islamic religious scholarship and Islamic religious writings, of the acceptability of violence within the Islamic cultural mindset. Whichever way you look at it Islam is NOT a religion of peace.

Rather than speak up for the many oppressed Christians who have the misfortune to either live in Muslim lands or reside in one of Europes Islamic ghettos, Pope Francis instead chooses to pander to Islam. He has appealed to Muslims to protect Christians in Muslim lands even though it is Muslims who are oppressing the Christians of these lands, and in some cases subjecting them to ethnic and religious cleansing. For a Pope to do nothing but issue a mealy mouthed appeal to reasonableness from Islamic countries regarding their treatment of Christians is utterly disgusting.

The Pope should be issuing condemnations of the behaviour of Islamic groups and Islamic countries, not weakly asking for the lives of his co-religionists, like a beaten and bruised supplicant.

This humbleness and humanity expressed by the Pope will not be seen by the Islamic world as it is seen in the Civilised world. In the Civilised world we see the humanity and desire for peace in the Pope’s words as a good thing. In the Uncivilised Islamic world such words and sentiments will only be seen as a weakness to be exploited. Popes and other non-Muslim religious leaders need to speak honestly about the nature of the ideology of Islam and not hide either the violent and supremacist parts of Islamic theology, nor give a false impression about the effects of that theology on the world.

What we have here is a Pope ‘bearing false witness‘ about the nature of Islam and that is a failing that must not be allowed to pass by without comment or protest.


Jihad Watch piece

Islamic leader tell Pope to say that Islam is peaceful. Another case of ‘Mohammed’s Believe It Or Else’?

One Comment
  1. marika permalink

    Pope acted like a dope. Hey, I don’t even have to be afraid that he (Pope) will have me beheaded for saying this. An Imam, thank you ma’m, sure or “fer suria” would!
    Appeasing “them” is like leaving a tasty sausage in a dog’s dish and expecting him not to eat it.
    Stop kissing feet, Padre. We love you, just stop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Besides, in the old Jerusalem it was more about washing feet as respect for your guest-travelers-not kissing them.

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