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Bearded Savages of the Day number 79 – Syrian man tortured for not being violently Islamic enough.

November 29, 2013

Bearded savage mug full designA Muslim man in Syria, moderate in his religious views, who tried to keep vital services going when government ceased running them in his area, was tortured for weeks by members of the Jihadist group that had siezed control of his town.

 The BBC said:

“I was handcuffed, blindfolded when I was taken to their base. Like the six other detainees with me, we were whipped 70 times every day.”

“We were mostly accused of setting up ‘Sahwa’ – Awakening Councils – against the state.”

Mohammed’s horrific tale of torture from Syria might not sound that unusual if the “state” his captors’ were referring to was the government of President Bashar al-Assad.

But they were from the self-proclaimed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS), an al-Qaeda affiliate that has become an equally feared force in rebel-held areas.

Mohammed, an engineer in his early 50s who is the father of four children, joined the peaceful protest movement against Mr Assad when the uprising in Syria began in 2011.

When Raqqa province fell under rebel control, he helped set up a local council to provide basic services in the absence of the state.

Activists who have fled Raqqa spoke to BBC Newsnight earlier this month

But little did they know that it would not take long for a new dictatorship to replace the one from which they had freed themselves.

On 9 July 2013 – the first day of the Islamic holy month of Ramadan – Mohammed and six other members of the council in the border town of Tal Abyad were detained by members of ISIS, who handcuffed and blindfolded them and took them to the city of Raqqa.

Over the next 33 days, Mohammed was tortured on a daily basis by the jihadists.

But even after his release, Mohammed was not safe. He soon learned that his life was at risk and so fled north by foot to Turkey.”

What we have here is an example of the murderous intolerance that rises up whenever the followers of Islam try to go ‘back to basics’. The violence and the death meted out to the people of Syria by the Jihadist fighters is grimly reminiscent of the violence commanded by the founder of Islam, its ‘prophet’, Mohammed. These Jihadis, who are plainly not liberators, are only following the example of Mohammed, a beast who either personally took part in violence, or sent out thugs on average once every two months during his time in charge of the 7th century Muslims. The Islamic ‘mission’ was not born in peace and neither has it shown itself to be peaceful. From the oppression of the Christians of North Africa that occurred a short while after the death of Mohammed right through to the bestial behaviour we see from it today, the world of Islam is anything but a world of peace.

Yet again we see the followers of Islam destroying or oppressing their own co-religionists, if they do this to each other, how to you think such people will treat those who worship different deities or none? What the jihadis do in Syria today, they may be doing in British cities tomorrow.


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