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More on the disruption caused by the illegal Hainault mosque

November 25, 2013

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You may have read on here or over at the Hainault Community Action Group Twitter feed (@hcag2013 ) about the community centre in East London that has been illegally turned into a mosque, despite locals wanting to bring the centre back into general community use.

It seems that the  Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association which were gifted the building by Redbridge Council on the grounds that the Islamic association would run the building as a multi-faith centre, are seriously taking the piss out of the conditions imposed by the Council and those who live locally to the centre.

First the centre promised the Council that the building would not be used as a mosque, then when they got control of the building they put the building under Shariah control and banned all the activities that locals would like to use the building for. Music, dancing, alcohol, bingo were all forbidden by the Islamic savages who now run the building. An aggressive attitude of ‘you can’t touch me I’m a Muslim, I’m special’ has characterised the behaviour of those involved with this illegal mosque. In effect the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association have lied. They’ve lied to the council, they’ve lied to local residents, they’ve lied to the local newspapers. They have turned the building, which should have been a community resource for all, into a mosque, despite promises that this is not what they would do.

Because the building is now a mosque, local residents are now having to put up with all the disruption that such an entity brings. The picture below from the local Action Group shows 50+ cars turning up for Islamic Friday prayers even though the car park was only designed for 26 vehicles. There have even been allegations that the number of cars bringing Muslim worshippers to the building have impeded access to the site for emergency vehicles.

Locals are having to cope with extreme local parking issues since this site was handed over to the Islamic society. This is very similar to what happens around other mosques where locals are sometimes prisoners in their own homes until prayers are over before they can get their own vehicles out into the road. How can the Islamic society in Hainault lie so easily to those who they must have known would be inconvenienced by the actions of the Islamic society’s use of the building? This new and illegal mosque has brought great problems to Hainault and it should not be beyond the capability of the local authority to close it down and return the building to general community use.

When you have grossly dishonest, arrogant and quite frankly supremacist behaviour like that which has been displayed by the local Islamic group is it any wonder that both the ideology of Islam and its followers are widely despised and often hated. The key rule for minorities living in societies where the mores are different from their own, is to respect the law. The Law of the land should be the law of the Muslim, the Jew, the Christian and everybody else, and by not respecting the Law or the customs of the majority community, groups like the Chigwell and Hainault Islamic Society only encourage more people to see Islam as the dishonest and dangerous ideology that it so often is. Taking the piss like this is no way to win friends and influence people.


Previous story on this subject

Update:  More dishonest denials from Dr Sohail Hameed of the Muslim Association about the use of the building from the local newspaper. Does he really expect people to believe his bullshit that all these people turning up on Fridays are there for ‘lectures’?  Bastard can’t even lie properly.

  1. john warren permalink

    Sadly, this ill-placed Mosque derived traffic problem is mild in comparison to many others.

    My bother was travelling through Leeds last year when his car was brought to a sudden halt. The highway had become log-jammed way off into the distance. No one moved for over half an hour. The chap driving the car next to him said he thought there might have been an accident. My brother agreed as they continued sitting there for perhaps another twenty minutes. Then, very slowly, the line of vehicles started to move forward. Up ahead was heard a shouting match. When they got close enough to hear, a lorry driver was having an argument with a Muslim chap who’d returned to his car which he’d parked with it arse-end sticking way out into the carriageway. He couldn’t get any closer into the kerb he’d said; because of several other illegally parked cars.

    On foot and coming from the other direction, plod was making his way up the road. He decided to attack the lorry driver for causing an obstruction and seemed to side with the Muslim when he ordered the truck driver to start moving or suffer the issuance of a ticket.

    Now however, fed up to the back teeth with all this, my brother got out of his car and demanded to know what the hell was going on and how far up the road yet was the accident. Plod, upon hearing my brother’s somewhat authoritarian voice, explained that it was prayer time at the local mosque. He’d had his orders, which were, on no account must he disturb Muslims at prayer… no matter where they’d parked their cars, or what problems illegally parked vehicles might be causing.

    Of course by that time the word must have spread that Muslim’s at prayer are very special and will therefore be protected by plod no matter where they park.

    So, it seems like those down south are doing ok on the Mosque front… so far.

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    WHAT is an “illegal” mosque?

    If you, Fred Bloggs, or Mr ANY-fucker wants to have a party at his PRIVATE house, there is nothing, in the first instance, except noise, that you can use to stop it.

    Do you need, SHOULD you need, a “licence”, to get a few mates around and play chess one evening per week?

    Since WHEN did private partys have to have “official aproval”, out side of Stalins Soviet Union?

    And THAT is the problem!

    WHAT is an “illegal” mosque?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      It is normally a building, possibly a community centre or a house which is being used as a regular place of worship, often accompanied by a considerable number of regular visitors that is being operated as such without planning permission to operate as such.

      It is not the same as a regular meeting of chess mates or anything similar, this is the change of use of buildings by Islamic groups who are quite aware that they should play by the same rules as everyone else, but in their arrogance choose not to do so.

      It’s not an issue of personal or religious freedom, it’s a matter of planning law. I can’t suddenly decide to turn my front garden over to the repair and recycling of industrial transformers because it is a use for which the property was neither designed for nor for which planning permission for a change of use has been granted.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        XX I can’t suddenly decide to turn my front garden over to the repair and recycling of industrial transformers XX

        Let them prove it is not your hobby.

    • jonny permalink

      @Furor Teutonicus

      You need permission when this activity is happening in a council owned building that is meant to be for everyone. A “place of worship” status must exist within your Heads of Terms on a D1 use Community Centre, it’s UK planning law and not enough people know about it or challenge it. If you exclude people whilst muslims are worshiping in a “multi faith” community centre, then it would be deemed a mosque which would be discrimination and therefore illegal according to the Social Inclusion Strategy – exactly the case in Hainault. I agree that in a private house you wouldn’t be able to do a lot… other than turn your music up during worshipping times as Islam prohibits it during prayer, therefore it wouldn’t last for long as they would move somewhere else.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        O.K. I see the difference.

        I was thinking more along the lines of the one in Bathgate.

        They bought a flat above a shop, and use that.

        As far as I see, there is nothing the coucil can do in such a case.

        But as you say, different to the one above.

  3. Penseivat permalink

    Road blockages on Fridays were a regular occurrence near me due to the cretinous parking of the Mosque users. Then one day, they returned to their cars to find notices on them that 3 nuts had been removed from each wheel and were at the Police station awaiting collection. It added that the action was regretted but the car owners would now understand the effects of being inconvenienced. The tribe of church goers trooped down to the Police station (about 3 miles away) to discover that two unknown men had walked in there with 3 carrier bags full of loose wheel nuts and said they found them in the road. The mosque goers don’t cause obstructions on Fridays any more.

  4. john warren permalink

    I wasn’t able to quite finish my earlier account regarding my brother’s Mosque experience ‘Up North’ because I had to leave.

    What I’d intended adding was, that although those who choose to pray to a chap called Allah are given special treatment by plod (and accept it because they consider theirs of right and exclusive entitlement), whilst though who choose to pray to someone called Jesus pick up fines. Then, soon or later, those being obliged by plod to keep paying fines will become extremely angry.

    The man in the street knows injustice when he sees it. So what else can he possibly do when he sees it being repeated but take the law very firmly into his own hands? I think all irresponsible Muslims are best advised by the more sensible ones to park in ways the law allows; resisting all temptation to rely on plod to protect them.

    That’s it… now said all I needed to on the subject.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      John you are right the injustice is being noticed. It is extremely concerning to see just how much plod is being seen to be in the pockets of Islamic intrests. I don’t think that is being led or wasn’t originally led by plod but was at the instigation of left wing politios. By not telling the Bearded Savages that they cannot prey in the street the police set the stage for future vigilantism which is not a development that should be welcomed.

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