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Angola Bans Islam. I don’t blame them do you?

November 25, 2013

Angolan digger dismantles a mosque minaret in October 2012. Maybe this is what we should be seeing elsewhere, a concerted government led effort to roll back Islamic incursion.

The news that the African nation of Angola has banned Islam and ordered the closing down of Mosques has stunned many observers of the Religion of Exploding to Pieces. It seems that the Angolan Government has seen the problems that Islam brings to a country, of which there are plenty of examples throughout the world, and decided to do something about it.

According to the Islamic website ‘On Islam’ Angolan newspaper reports say that the government of Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and start to dismantle the Mosques that have already been built there. It seems that Islamic groups have not been properly ‘legalised’ by the Angolan state and are therefore operating illegally.

The On Islam site said:

According to several Angolan newspapers, Angola has become the first country in the world to ban Islam and Muslims, taking first measures by destroying mosques in the country.

The process of legalization of Islamhas not been approved by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights, their mosques would be closed until further notice,” Rosa Cruz e Silva, the Angolan Minister of Culture, was quoted by Agence Ecofin on Friday, November 22.

Silva comments were given during her visit last Tuesday to the 6th Commission of the National Assembly.

She asserted that the decision was the latest is a series of efforts to ban ‘illegal’ religious sects.

According to the minister, the action was necessary to fight relentlessly against the emergence of congregations whose worshipping is contradicting with the customs of the Angolan culture.

Same as Islam, other faiths which were not legalized will face closure of their houses of worship.

All sects on the list published by the Ministry of Justice and Human Rights in the Angolan newspaper ‘Jornal de Angola’ are prohibited to conduct worship, so they should keep their doors closed,” she was quoted by Cameroon Voice‏.

“In addition, we also have a long list of more than a thousand legalization applications,” she added.


The anti-Islam comments were not the first by Angolan officials.

This is the final end of Islamic influence in our country,” President José Eduardo dos Santos was quoted by Osun Defender newspaper on Sunday, November 24.

Last October, Muslims from the urban municipality of Viana, Luanda, attended the destruction of the minaret of their mosque Zengo.

The provincial governor of Luanda, Bento Bento, has also said on the airwaves of a local radio that “radical Muslims are not welcome in Angola and the Angolan government is not ready for the legalization of mosques.”

He added that Muslims were not welcome in Angola and that the government would not legalize the presence of mosques in the country.

According to CIA Factbook, 47% of Angolans practice indigenous beliefs, 38% Roman Catholic and 15% Protestant.”

The On Islam piece ended with the usual lying guff (Taqiyya) about how Islam respects the beliefs of others and how ‘there shall be no compulsion in religion’, but fails to mention that the famous ‘no compulsion’ verse was abrogated later by either Mohammed himself or by those who put the Koran together.

The Angolans have recognised what many other non-Muslims and some ex-Muslims have also recognised, which is that Islam is not so much a religion, like Christianity or Judaism or Hinduism or Sikhism etc, but is instead a political movement with a veneer of spirituality. Islam has much more in common with the great and terrible totalitarian political movements like Communism or Fascism that scarred the 20th Century than with any sort of religious movement. Like the nationalist or internationalist tyrants of old, the ideology of Islam desires conquest of territory and the cowed obedience of its adherents.

Also like the totalitarians, the ideology of Islam has committed great crimes, murdered millions and has made attempts to subvert those nations who follow ideologies different to Islam. It is perfectly legitimate to see Islam not as a personal or familial faith like so many others, but instead to see it as an ideology that is incompatible with those cultures that are not Islamic.

Although I believe that it is a human right that people should be able to believe in whatever deity or deities they want, the line in the sand we should have should be ‘does this professed ‘religion’ damage the society in which it is manifesting itself?’ If you ask this question about most other religions in Britain you would get a negative answer.  

Most other religions are not a problem for anyone else, yes, beliefs, practices, dietary rules and clothes may differ between religious groups and may even appear strange to others not in that group, but that is just part of the wondrous tapestry of life and creation. We need some honesty here and we need to recognise that not all religious or religio-political paths are created equal, some are highly beneficial and encourage good moral and ethical practise, but there are others, such as Islam or Communism or Fascism where there is a strong record of destruction and oppression which should give everyone cause for concern.

It is time to see that in Islam the desire for conquest and a deep seated Qu’ranically derived hatred for the non-Muslim is very strong. Because of that Islam should not be seen as a religion but instead as something else, a hybrid of politics and misguided spirituality which has been catalysed by a false prophet who plagiarised the holy books of Christians and Jews and inverted the morality contained therein. The Commandment from the Biblical book of Exodus which states that ‘thou shalt not murder’, is corrupted in the Qu’ran which applies this commandment only to fellow Muslims. The infidel, ie you and me, is fair game and always marked for death under Islamic rule. There is no ‘statute of limitations’ on violence, nor any indication of context for the massive amount of violence in the Qu’ran unlike with the issue of violence in the Bible. This gulf that separates Islam ethics from the ethics of the Judaeo-Christian world is huge and it seems that the Angolans have recognised that.

We now need to ask ourselves a big question. If the Angolans can start to deal with an ideology that is a clear and present danger to their society, why cannot we in Britain, France, the United States, Italy, Greece, Russia and everywhere else where Islam has had a negative impact, do the same? Why are we putting up not only with the terror, the mass rapes, the criminality that Islam brings, but why also are we continuing to tolerate the oppression by Islam of those citizens of our nations who had the misfortune to be born into Islam. By clamping down on Islam, we could help those enslaved and damaged by this ideology escape from it.  If we free the slaves of Islam, then we allow people to have the opportunity to fulfill their human potential, which they may not be able to do as a slave of Islam.  

Let us hope that other nations will follow Angola’s lead and start to place restrictions on the practise, manifestation and promotion of an ideology that is quite plainly not compatible with the cultural values of the countries to which it has been mistakenly imposed or allowed to establish itself.

Those who believe in religious freedom should examine whether or not it is wise to allow an ideology such as Islam that wishes to wipe out both different religions and their followers, the same rights as those non-Muslims who do not believe in or want such an ideology threatening them. To promote the rights of Islam or to accept its worldview is to denigrate the rights and imperil the security of, so many others.

Well done Angola, let’s hope this sets some form of precedent.



Original story from the On Islam site.  Worth checking out the comments.  The non-Muslims who are knowledgable about the Koran appear to be hitting the target quite accurately.



  1. DerekP permalink

    News this significant might even get mentioned in our MSM… in a few years time… maybe.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I bet if you held a referendum on the banning of or restriction of Islam in Britain even in the current circumstances you’d get a majority. Britain has changed in how it views minority religions and that is in my mind a good thing, what is a bad thing is how the ideology of Islam took the piss out of that goodwill and did great damage.

  2. AndrewWS permalink

    Perhaps lots of readers of this and similar blogs could write to the Angolan embassy and congratulate them on this course of action? Just by way of encouragement, they could say that this has made them think of Angola as a potential holiday destination, or as somewhere where they might invest some nice money.

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