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A rise in the number of ‘Ham-bushes’

November 18, 2013

Borrowed from Bare Naked Islam

The recent spate of pigs heads and bits of bacon and ham left at mosques and mosque sites both in France and in the UK are not all fake attacks staged by Islamic groups in order to boast about how damned oppressed they are. Some of these attacks do appear to be real.

Those attacks that are genuine appear to be a case of frustration with Islam by non-Muslims and the indifference of State actors in dealing with the problems of Islam, boiling over and manifesting as this type of direct action. I’m not sure whether this sort of action is helpful in dealing with Islamic encroachment as all that happens is the Mosque management a) just get a non-Muslim to remove the pig bits and b) use the attack as propaganda to whine on about how hard done by they are.

The Bare Naked Islam site has a list of recent Ham-bush allegations that have occurred in France and I have been told offline that there is at least one newly built mosque in Britain where angry British builders showed their displeasure at the ideology of Islam by filling the cavity walls with Pork products.

These Ham-bushes are a symptom of a greater problem. That problem is that only one side, the Islamic side, is being listened to by the agents of the State and the opinions of the majority, those who are non-racist, but who have genuine and well founded worries about Islam are being dismissed as being ‘racist’. In the current climate being accused of being ‘racist’ can be a career death in certain areas. This power to smear people in order to shut them up has been a very powerful weapon in the hands of both Islamic groups and their Leftist allies.

Over the last 20 or so years, the British state has become too cosy with Islamic groups and counter-Islamic views have been steadily erased from the public sphere. Not being able to debate these issues doesn’t calm things down as some may think, it just screws the lid of the box down even more and risks a bigger explosion down the line. Not allowing Islam to be criticised is no more wise in the long run than blocking the safety valve of a pressure cooker.

This Leftist/Islamic policy of smearing opponents and shutting down debate is very dangerous. In a democratic open society debate must be free even if it gives offence. Free societies where the individual has rights are much preferable to the sort of closed oppressive societies or societies where the ‘group’ is more important than the individual which are outcomes desired by much of the Left and also the Shariah Law promoters. If debate is stifled and if there is a perceived penalty for speaking about the negative effects of Islam and democratic channels to discuss contentious issues are closed off, then frustrated people start to kick out.

What we are seeing in EU countries are instances where both individuals and small groups of non-Muslims who are frustrated by both the rapid and aggressive spread of Islam and the collusion with Islamic groups by the State, start to take action. These Ham-bushes are not an end in themselves and are not mere mindless vandalism, but they are instead a symptom of something deeply wrong with our societies.

The majority have been disenfranchised when it comes to Islam. They have been forbidden by our politicians and the multiculturalists from talking about it, voting against it, campaigning against it, debating with it, or de-constructing it or examining it. This disenfranchisement will end badly when the pressure of Islam gets too great and people start to turn off their televisions and do something a bit more violent instead.

I’ve no wish to see the ordinary Muslim Joe Mohammed, who probably doesn’t give two hoots about what ‘s in the Koran, and may even have a similar view of the ‘prophet’ Mohammed as I do, hurt or killed or their property destroyed, the innocent must not be rolled up with the guilty. That’s my opinion, I choose life, even the life of those who mistakenly follow an enemy ideology, every-time. My fear is that the mobs with flaming torches, of which the 20th Century gave us too many examples, will return.

The irony of all this is, is that the Leftists by forbidding discussion of Islam and putting Islam on a pedestal, are creating the very conditions that are conducive to the creation of mobs with flaming torches. It is very wrong that someone in Britain can freely say that Jesus was a failed Messiah who died without completing his task or that Moses was a hare-lipped autocrat who presided over a civil war among his people, but they cannot say similar things about revered Islamic personages for fear of prosecution by the state, or physical attack from Muslims. All ideologies and all religions should be up for debate because it is by debate that faiths grow and learn.

Ham-bushes, should be seen for what they are, which is a harbinger of greater problems and greater conflict to come. They are a sign that the tension dial is rapidly being tuned up to 11. I fear that we are all in for some ‘interesting times’.


There have been a Rash(ers) of Ham-bush cases in Europe

Pigs heads etc placed at Mosques and mosque sites in France

Pigs heads at mosques in Spain

Newbury in Berkshire pigs head placed outside mosque

Cheltenham Gloucestershire

Pigs head outside a mosque in Boksop, Nederlands

Pigs heads at mosque in Oslo, Norway

France again

Leicester (yes it is an ‘unreliable source but it shows how Islamic groups are exploiting the Ham-bushes)

Rotherham (the people there have good reason to hate Islam because of all the Grooming Gangs there)


Luton, Bedfordshire


Cambridge (notice how the police jumped into action and took the pigs head away for ‘forensic analysis’ – If only we saw the police deal with Islamic crime such as the grooming gangs that infested Cambridge but were ignored, in a similar robust way)


Crawley, Sussex

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