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‘Rapists not our priority, guv’nor’ – South Yorkshire Police shown to have wrong priorities.

November 14, 2013

South Yorkshire Police – The police equivalent of a ‘failed state’. SYP is the ‘Somalia’ of British policing.

The national disgrace, otherwise known as the South Yorkshire Police, has been in the news again, and yet again it is for the wrong reasons.

Despite the South Yorkshire police area encompassing areas like Rotherham where there has been extensive Islamic Grooming Gang activity, they are still not giving this problem anything like the priority that it deserves. The police ‘service’ has concentrated on vehicle crime and burglary at the expense of the serious grooming problems that this area has.

Now that is not to denigrate the seriousness of burglary and vehicle crime, crimes that are often accompanied with violence, but this does give you some idea just how little the police have cared for girls being abused, sexually, physically and emotionally in their area. By their inaction, South Yorkshire police have sided with the Islamic abusers and not their battered and traumatised victims, and the belated focus by the CPS and South Yorkshire police, should no way make up for their previous negligence and malfeasance.

The Daily Mail said:

A police force under the spotlight over its handling of child sex exploitation is still prioritising burglary and vehicle crime, according to a new report.  

Her Majesty’s Inspectorate of Constabulary (HMIC) found that the emphasis from senior and middle local managers at South Yorkshire Police was still more focused on dealing with other crimes and must act immediately to improve its response. 

It also found that intelligence teams were not fully supporting child sexual exploitation investigations and that staffing problems were hampering the investigations.

It said that these matters should be addressed ‘as a matter of urgency’.

South Yorkshire PCC Shaun Wright said there had been ‘a failure of management’ at South Yorkshire Police as he responded to the report, which he commissioned in the summer.”

The question that really needs to be asked is why were not these issues of child exploitation not dealt with in the past? The police cannot realistically claim that they knew nothing about what was going on, because victims families contacted the police to inform them of what they knew or suspected about what was happening to their daughters.

The South Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner should not be allowed to get away with content-free ‘new-speak’ such as ‘a failure of management’, that much of the problem with SYP is blindingly obvious.

What seems to have happened in South Yorkshire and what probably has happened in other police forces, is that the pernicious ideology of multiculturalism, which promotes the unequal treatment of people, twisted the moral compasses of those in authority in both the police and the local authority. ‘Desk Criminals*’, both in uniform and not, brushed the issue of Islamic Grooming Gangs under the carpet for the spurious and valueless reasons of ‘community cohesion’. By doing this, and abandoning an unknown number of girls to violent sex abuse, the Desk Criminals of South Yorkshire showed that they had no compassion or empathy with the victims. They chose their side and it is so plainly and obviously the wrong one.

The Daily Mail added:

The HMIC inspection report did say, however, that South Yorkshire Police now showed a ‘clear commitment to enhancing the force’s response to the sexual exploitation of children’ and found ‘all the officers and staff working in child protection to be deeply committed to their work’.

But the inspectors also said these efforts have had ‘mixed success’.

Their report concluded: ‘In particular, although staff and officers were aware that tackling child sexual exploitation was a stated force priority, this has not consistently been translated into operational activity on the ground at a local (district) level.’

Mr Wright said: ‘This current situation has to change.”

While it it is good that there are committed officers and support staff now looking into the issues a ‘mixed success’ is not good enough. That the message is not getting down to the cops on the ground is appalling. It makes me wonder if there may be lower level police officers who may still be working under the wrong assumption that they should continue pandering to the Bearded Savage community and continue to turn a blind eye to crimes.

If South Yorkshire Police have not communicated the need for operational activity at district level, then the problems with the force go much deeper and are more worrying than just ‘management failure’. Healthy organisations can function quite adequately for quite a while even with rubbish management. South Yorkshire Police is not a healthy organisation it is a sick, disgrace of a police force that did not protect those who both deserved and needed protection.


Original article from Daily Mail 

Gangs,Girls and Grooming by Julie Bindel from Standpoint magazine 2010.

More from South Yorkshire Police Farce – Muslim police officer arrested for passing confidential police information to an aide to George Galloway.

More on Mr Wright’s background in the town that I call ‘the Islamic paedophile capital of Britain’

Background: The ‘lovely’ Joyce Thacker social services chief for Rotherham

Councillor who is related to an alleged Islamic sex offender resigns from police committee.

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