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More on the illegal mosque in Hainault, Essex. A community starts to fight back against a building grab.

November 14, 2013

I recently became aware of the new Hainault Community Action Group, which is fighting a building grab by an Islamic group who were gifted the building by the local authority, by Redbridge Council in East London. However those who run the mosque are now applying Shariah Law to the centre.

Music, dancing, alcohol, gambling the use of the building for clubs like Scouts or the such like, have all been banned by the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association who are management of what is laughingly referred to as a ‘multi-faith’ community centre. Oh and the icing on the cake is women are only to be there, when booked to be so, once a week. Scummy lying building thieves is about the most charitable description I can drag up to describe the actions of the Hainault and Chigwell Muslim Association.

It seems that the group running what should have been a facility for all, have turned it into a threatening ‘shariah zone’ and are making non-Muslims unwelcome by imposing rules that they know will cause problems for them or which go against the customs of those who live locally and wish to use the centre for more than just a mosque.

This is illustrated by the video linked below. Filmed secretly by someone, it shows how the representative of the mosque, for that is what the building now has become, arrogantly telling the enquirer just what is now not allowed in the building. This shows such a blatant and shocking grab of a building that should have been for everyone, but instead has been monopolised by the followers of Islam.

Here’s the video. It made me angry to see how this community facility has been captured for Shariah and everybody else has been so comprehensively excluded. The building thieves have made it clear, there shall be no Bingo in their Islamic paradise. This bunch of liars really need to be legally turfed out as soon as possible for breaking the promises they gave to planners and local people regarding community access.

If you want to subscribe to the Hainault Community Action Group’s Twitter feed then link with


HCAG’s You Tube page



Illegal mosque representatives speak bullshit to the Ilford Recorder

Original story from the Ilford Recorder

From here. April British Neville Chamberlain Award

More mosque related planning dodgy-ness

Background on Taqqiya and Kitman

If you want to write a polite letter telling the mosque management that taking over a building like this is not acceptable then you can write to him at the postal and email addresses below:  Please keep your communications with this fuckwit within the bounds of taste legality and decency.

Dr Sohail Hameed
628 New North Road
The community centre, sorry I mean mosque’s, website
  1. Haha I saw the video, hilarious 😀 ..well in sad kind of way.

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Hi Anando, it’s the blatant lying of the Islamic group involved that gets me. Basically they said ‘No we are not planning a mosque’, but in reality that is what they go ahead and do. Yeah it was funny in a sad sort of way. I don’t think any other religious group would act like this and ban music and stuff.

  3. Other religions mostly take music to be a good thing..why would they ban it? :S retarded religion can only take music to be wrong.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Probably because music can make a person think and feel. Islam doesn’t appear to like such things.

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