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Women should be careful about getting involved with Muslim men. Another Muslim child-snatcher comes to light.

November 13, 2013

Ladies: If you fall for a guy who follows the ‘Prophet’ Mohammed (as pictured above) then there is a fair chance that the relationship will end in tragedy of one form or another.

The sad story below is one that is becoming all too common. Western non-Muslim woman, meets an apparently integrated Muslim man they get together or get married, have children and then at the thought that the children would be brought up in a free country, the man turns into an extremist Britain hating scumbag who runs off with the children. This is not the only case where this has happened but is one of the few that the courts allow to be publicised with names and details.

The Hertfordshire and Essex Observer said:

“A Libyan Muslim took his two children from their home in Birmingham to Libya after telling his estranged wife that the UK was “too western”, lawyers have said.

Jamal Dgham, 35, is unlawfully keeping daughter Aisha, four, and son Zakaria, who will be two in February, in Libya, say solicitors representing the children’s mother, Priscilla Micalleff, 30.

Lawyers say the children – thought to be in the Bin Ashur area of Tripoli at the home of Mr Dgham’s mother – are being unlawfully retained in breach of a court order made in England.”

Of course the Muslim child-snatcher is going to be defying the law of the land, to a devout Muslim the law of England and Wales, or anywhere else for that matter, is not as important as Shariah Law.

“A High Court judge has given permission for the details of the case to be published, following private hearings in the Family Division of the High Court, in the hope that publicity will help secure the children’s return to England.

We do need to know more about these and similar cases. There is no benefit to the child for keeping such matters secret from the Press or the public.

Solicitor Pam Sanghera, who works for Birmingham law firm The Firm Solicitors and represents Miss Micalleff, gave details in a statement released with the permission of Mr Justice Wood.

“These proceedings are brought by the mother and arise from the father’s unlawful retention of the children in Libya, ” she said.

“The father was directed to return the children to England and Wales. The father has not complied with this order.”

Of course he wouldn’t for the reasons given above.

“She added: “The parties met one another in Malta and began a relationship in 1999 and married in 2001. They came to the United Kingdom together in 2008 and stayed for approximately one year and returned to Malta. The mother at the time was pregnant with Aisha.

She said Aisha was born in Malta and Zakaria in the UK and added: ” The father is a practising Muslim. He informed the mother that he wants his children to be raised as devout Muslims.

“He previously moved to the UK believing there to be more mosques and believing the religion to be widely recognised and practised in the UK.

“He slowly changed his view and believed the UK to be too western. He did not want his children to be influenced against being devout Muslims.”

On one thing, and one thing only is the Bearded Savage Child-snatcher in this case correct, he thought that Islam would be respected in the UK, but he found out that it was not. Well although the Government and others in authority fawn over it, the people of Britain appear to be getting extremely pissed off with Islam.

The moral of this story is no matter how attractive a Muslim man is,no matter how integrated he appears to be or how much cash he flashes, there is a strong chance that when the chips are down his loyalties will be towards Islam and not to anything or anybody else. Women should be really, really careful not to get involved with Muslim men because outcomes like this or worse are not uncommon.

Although women like anybody else should be free to choose the partner of their own preference, they should be aware that choosing a Muslim man also means choosing to link with an ideology that treats women and women’s concerns as subservient to those of men. Choosing a Muslim man can end in tragedy as this case so clearly shows. Knowing how unstable the political and judicial system is in Libya it looks like it is highly unlikely that these children will be returned to the UK without some form of physical intervention.

This woman has lost her children because she made a piss-poor choice of partner in a Muslim man from a hell-hole like Libya, and because she did not check that he would not turn into someone who thinks that Britain is too free. Let this poor abandoned and bereft woman’s story be a warning to others and lets hope that women wake up and learn to give devout Muslim men a wider berth in future.

Read the full story at:


  1. you should be careful some bearded savage might take serious offence to you show prophet’s photo :/

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Please excuse the swearing but the Bearded Savages are always F**king offended by something or other. It would be easier and would be a much shorter list to show what the Bearded Savages are NOT offended by. The Savages are offended by Christians, Hindus, Jews, women thinking for themselves, dogs, pigs, freedom, Sikhs, women not in Burquas and so much more.

      Let them take offence, I for one am tired of seeing people walking on eggshells when it comes to Islam.

      • Irene Gomes permalink


        This is the most retarded write up I hv ever seen.. pathetic to its every word..

        One man mr muzzammil aijaz from Pakistan screws himself with every woman that crosses his path and he locks his eyes upon

        Dick headed muslim men should not screw non Muslim’s but fake and materialistic Muslim woman
        If not tie a rope around their necks to a stone n kill their disgraceful selves.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink


        Reading between the lines of your very piss poorly phrases comment, I gather that you are one of those who believe that no blame whatsoever attaches to the muslim men who treat non muslim women like dirt and who sometimes run off with the children of the relationship.

        You seem to be continually blaming the women who are quite plainly the victims of these Muslim men.

        You might even think that this is a one off case but it isn’t. Every year in the UK there are ore several cases of women who mistakenly get involved with Muslim men only to find that as soon as they are converted or married, the Islamic handcuffs come on. The women are treated like shit, the children are used as weapons to control the wife, there is the ever present fear in the minds of the woman that if she doesn’t behave then the children will be taken to a backward Muslim country where women have much less rights to child custody.

        This is not me rehashing news reports, I’ve seen several female friends whose life chances have been curtailed by involvement with either Islam or Islamic men, Like it or not it is a fact that Islam creates men who do not respect women as equals, and that is why I will always hate it.

        You are so bloody arrogant about your belief that Muslim men are superior that you believe that the women in these situations are so plainly at fault that they should kill themselves.

        It’s not just this and similar cases that have brought me to the opinion that free women should avoid any contact with Islamic men, culture or nations for reason of their own safety. Western Female travelers to places like Dubai and other Gulf States too often fall foul of the woman hating Islamic rules that apply in such places. Islam and all that surrounds it should carry a health warning which should read ‘Warning – ‘Islam present, women should avoid, adverse affects of Islam on women can include slavery, murder, child theft, domestic violence, acid attacks and generalised oppression’

  2. farah permalink

    His man should be real man and give the kids back .Cause all kids should be woth their mommy.He is making a bad name to islam .A real muslim will Never do tat

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Unfortunately Farah, you are incorrect in your statement. Islamic law says that when there is a dispute in child custody the children should go to the parent who is Muslim. The man in this particular case therefore IS acting like a ‘real Muslim’. Non-Muslim women should really be made aware of the discriminatory nature of Islamic law when it comes to child custody.

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