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What is it about the ‘Religion of Violence’ that attracts the unbalanced and the psychopathic?

November 12, 2013

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With yet another convert to Islam going rogue on the streets of Battersea in South West London on Sunday 10th November, we should ask ourselves why are violent nutters attracted to Islam? The answer would, in my opinion, be that Islam contains the sort of violence, certainty and submission that attracts those who for reasons of mental illness have their judgement clouded. The diseased and distressed minds of these converts cook up reasons why Islam is not only correct, but why they also see ‘Kill the Kuffar’ is the greatest Islamic commandment.

If you have been around the block a few times as have I you will probably have come across people in the other Abrahamic religions who because they are unbalanced, take particular parts of their holy books and amplify them beyond logical reason. A common example of this is Christians and the Book of Revelation. This text with its wild apocalyptic imagery and dire warnings of judgement are often found as part of the core delusions of the mentally ill Christians I have encountered.

Very few of these people have been violent or would have the capacity for violence, they were just the sad and the mad. There is the odd one or two who are of course, but in the main they are not violent. They were not normal but not generally not dangerous. If anything these victims of the failed Care in the Community system were more likely to harm themselves.

There are some weird, strange and worrying things at the place where superstition, Christianity and mental illness meet, and if you’ve attended or seen something like an Exorcism then you will know what I mean. However I have rarely come across such a readiness for violence in the wilder shores of Christianity in the UK as I have with converts to Islam. Violence seems to be closer to the surface with these sort of Islamic converts than those people who are similarly unbalanced but who become ‘born again’ Christians for example*.

There is no very little doubt among those who observe Islamic societies and Islamic thought that the considerable amount of violence in both the Koran and the Hadith has created societies and cultures that are more violent than others. You only have to look at phenomena of ‘honour killings’ for an example of that. Islam creates the sort of cultures where killing your own child is morally preferable to not killing your own child.

It is not inconceivable that someone whose mental illness gave them a propensity for violence or who admired and lauded violence, would be attracted to something that had violence as part of its make up. Islam is the key that fits the twisted lock you could say.

We have recently seen a plethora of those who are plainly ill as well as those who are anti-social and criminal becoming Muslims. Some are sick people running away from the painful mess of their lives and hope that following a 7th century warlord paedophile will take the pain away (you’d have to be mad to think that), others grew up in environments steeped in violence and came to Islam via prison. Either way we have a situation where Islam is attracting the unbalanced and nothing seems to be being done to stop that.

Surely those tasked with helping those with mental health problems should do more to prevent situations like the one in Battersea occurring again? The conversion to Islam by a mentally ill person should really be seen as a negative thing and must result in closer supervision of the patient. Just as a person who refuses to take their medication can cause mental health services to become more closely involved, so should a declared converted adherence to Islam. Islam has no benefit to the mentally ill in fact I would say it will probably only make things worse, just like failing to take the appropriate medication would do.

There will be some who will quite rightly worry that if there was a crack down on conversions to Islam by the mentally ill then it would be against the ‘rights’ of the patient. Yes it is, but would those who have this worry also feel the same about giving a suicidal mentally ill person a razor blade or a bottle of barbiturates? Probably not. It would be a reasonable restriction to prevent a mentally ill person from harming either themselves or those around them. Not being concerned about mentally ill people converting to Islam is the same as giving distressed and sick people the means to do harm to themselves and others.

It is time to see that a person with mental illness converting to Islam as crossing a ‘red line’ that should necessitate either closer supervision or incarceration in a secure mental health facility.

Islam is making our mad people bad, which is something that needs to stop. If there is not the cooperation of Imams and Islamic organisations on this matter, then the fault lies with the Islamic organisations and individuals who continue to witness the Shahada spoken by mentally ill people and induct into Islam those people who are not the full ticket. If they do not cooperate then it will raise suspicions that mentally ill people are being converted to Islam by members of Britain’s Islamic community for shady ulterior motives.


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  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    This is “chicken and egg.”

    Are nutters attracted by islam, or was islam invented by nutters?

    As there have always been nutters, personally, I would go for the later.

    “Islam! A hobby invented by nutters, for nutters!”

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Yep picture the situation. Remote desert, man called Mohammed with severe mental illness and no access to Stelazine. What sort of religion or ideology would that situation create?

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        xX no access to Stelazine. xX

        I would like to see his Acid supplier though.

        Same for this “Jesus” character.

        Same mould.

        ALL religion is a bad acid trip.

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