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Redbridge – Picking out the Kitman and the Taqqiya from the Truth

November 6, 2013

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This story has all the hallmarks of the use by an Islamic organisation,of Taqqiya and Kitman, the dispensations given to Muslims to lie or dissemble if they are either under oppression, or in order to advance the cause of Islam. For more information along with references to the Qu’ran and the Hadith, see the Kitman and Taqqiya link at the bottom of this article.

Back in April this blog awarded its monthly ‘British Neville Chamberlain Award‘ to the London Borough of Redbridge in East London. The borough had ‘handed over’ a former working-mans club in Hainault to an Islamic group, but they were told not to use it as a mosque. The group said that they would use the premises as a ‘community centre’ but it appears that the organisation may not have been entirely honest with either the local authority or those who live nearby to the new Islamic centre.

Here’s an article from the Ilford Recorder about how it’s working out for the former working-mans club. As the title says, I’ve picked the truth out of the obfuscation and my responses are in non-bold-italics.

From the Ilford Recorder 6th November 2013 (thanks to @SueDimmy1966 for heads-up on this)

A trustee of a Hainault community centre that is under investigation by Redbridge Council believes it is being unfairly targeted.”

Don’t make me laugh. You are not being oppressed or singled out unfairly. Your organisation got the use of this building over the heads of others who were campaigning for it to be used for wider community use, and you appear to be taking the piss somewhat as well as whining without warrant or reason.

“New North Road Community Centre in New North Road, Hainault, opened on September 1 as a multi-faith community centre.”

A multi-faith community centre can only work if it is run by a group unconnected with any of the religions using it. This is not the case in this instance. The use of the term ‘multi-faith centre’ is disingenuous and may have been used primarily to reduce the criticism of the decision to hand over the building to this particular Islamic trust. Either that or it is multi-faith in name only and this term was used primarily in order to expedite the planning application.

“But last week, a group of residents submitted a petition to the council, as they believe it is being used as a mosque, making people of no or other faiths feel excluded.”

Many in the area and many who read the original story on here would have immediately thought ‘Mosque’ when hearing of the manner of the hand over of the property, and the individuals and groups involved. It was patently obvious that the building was going to be used as a mosque. Any other term or description was just dishonesty on the part of those using them. Of course adherents of other religions are going to be uncomfortable in a mosque, there are many people of different faiths who have suffered either Islamic terror in the present day or their group has been under Islamic oppression at some point in their history. By giving control of the building to the Chigwell and Hainault Muslim Association they have automatically ensured that it will be removed from general community use. How could anyone be so naive as to think otherwise?

“Dr Sohail Hameed says the centre does provide for the whole community”.

Sometimes, the only word that is applicable or justifiable to describe someone’s words is ‘Bullshit’.

He said: “Our main aim at the moment is raising the standard of education. The hall is mostly used by teachers.

Aha! This statement raises the question; If they are teaching, exactly what are they teaching? But that is a matter for another post. Also, if there are teachers, why are they all using the hall, is it like a gigantic ‘staff room’ complete with a collection of stained,chipped coffee cups and trade union posters? Again these words have a lot in common with male bovine faeces. The answer given by Dr Hameed is no answer.

Whichever way you look at it, the evidence points to a considerable amount of ‘Islamic prayer based activity’ going on at this building, and that it is definitely being used as a mosque. Whatever denials come out of the mouths of the centres management, are in the face of the evidence, such as traffic increase on a Friday, should be treated with more than a pinch of salt. 

People do their daily prayers here but I am a GP and I pray in my office too.

There is no breach of planning conditions.”

Well he would say that wouldn’t he? It’s part of the script we get fed on these occasions, ‘we ain’t’ doing nothing wrong’ or variants thereof.

“The council are looking into the matter as residents believe the centre should not be used as a place of worship, and claim it is in breach of planning conditions if it is.

The petition also cites increased traffic on a Friday lunchtime and “discrimination”, including removal of shoes prior to entry of the centre, a separate entrance for women, opening and closing at specific times each day and the alleged refusal of entry based on faith.”

The increase in Friday lunchtime traffic definitely screams ‘mosque’ to me, so does the removal of shoes. The gender segregation, the hostility to members of other faiths and the manipulation of the opening times to fit in with Islamic prayer times, definitely looks like the standard mosque-like behaviour we have become all too used to.

“Dr Hameed called the claims “absolutely ridiculous”.

Based on the claims above, if they are proved to be true, then many would feel quite justified in calling Dr Hameed a liar. Because if all what has been alleged has been going on at this ‘multi-faith’ centre, then this property is no longer being used for the purpose for which planning permission was granted, and is indeed being used as a Mosque.

Cllr David Poole (Conservative, Hainault) spoke about the residents’ concern at the same meeting.

He said: “The petition has been signed by 57 residents who feel the community centre is not open to them.”

Of course they feel excluded. The local authority took a building that was the subject of a community campaign to bring it back into wider community use only to find that the council had gifted the building to this Islamic group. The Islamic group probably used standard bullshit buzzwords to the planning service in order to get their building grab done and dusted. Phrases like ‘for all the community’, and ‘multi-faith’ will be used to convince planners, and sympathetic Islamic councillors often back these sort of plans. However as soon as the buildings are handed over or planning is granted, Islamic rules apply on the premises and Islamic rules are very often hostile to the views, needs, beliefs and practises of those of other faiths. To give one minor example; Because of Islamic restrictions on alcohol, it would be impossible to use wine as part of a religious ritual in this building. A Christian could not make Communion and a Jew could not make Kiddish, of course Grape juice could be used but why should the Christian and the Jew change? Why should they live under Islamic law, in Hainault of all places?

“The council’s planning and regeneration and property service area are leading the investigation.

Cllr Alex Phillips, (Conservative, Fairlop), chairing the area committee three meeting last week, said it was a matter for the planning department.

If it is not open to all of the community, it will be acted upon,” he said,

The council is looking in to the matter, but it will take time.”

It is indeed a matter for the planning department but will the planners deal with this or just file it away or lose it in the system in the hope that in the meantime people will stop complaining. Are they hoping that people will give up in the face of local authority collusion and possible Islamic intimidation, or just move away? If the building itself is now no longer welcoming for members of other faiths, how long before the streets surrounding it are also no longer welcoming or safe for other faiths as well?

The statement by Cllr Alex Phillips is particularly ominous as a portent as to how this issue is going to be ‘resolved’. By flagging up that this matter may take time to sort out it looks very much like Cllr Phillips is stalling. To check on this problem would not, as he said, take ‘a lot of time’. It would be a simple and relatively inexpensive matter to use the plethora of powers local authorities have to observe the property at both random times and specific pressure points such as Friday lunchtimes. If they can use these powers to check on parents abusing school catchment areas, then surely they can be used to resolve this problem?

Leaving this matter to the very planning department that may have caused this problem by their deliberate actions, or by being caught out by Kitman and Taqqiya from the mosque management, is probably not the best idea. The priority may not end up by being a quest for the truth in this matter but instead become an exercise in arse-covering at Lynton House.

Bullshitting to the residents and councillors of Redbridge as the mosque management seem to have done here, is no way to make friends and influence people, and can only serve to increase tensions and distrust.


Original story from the Ilford Recorder

From here. April British Neville Chamberlain Award

More mosque related planning dodgy-ness

Background on Taqqiya and Kitman

Many thanks to the twitterer @SueDimmy1966 for alerting me to this development in this story.


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