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From Elsewhere: Lib Dems demand more taxes

October 28, 2013

Britain’s growing Green Tax burden – from the Confederation of British Industry

What  is it with the Liberal Democrats and taxation?  They are insisting that not only should be no tampering with the Green Taxes, they are in fact calling for rises in these taxes.

Never mind the freezing old or the freezing poor, or the business that cannot afford fuel, the priority for the Liberal Democrats  is paying rich landowners a handsome subsidy for siting incredibly inefficient wind farms on their land.  That’s nice liberal and democratic isn’t it?

The Daily Telegraph (as quoted by Anger of a Quiet Man) said:

“The Chief Secretary to the Treasury confirmed that the government is considering making the warm homes discount, which gives millions of poor households energy discounts, part of the general taxation system.
The move would leave a £1 billion tax black-hole which will need to be funded by raising taxes.
However, he said that the Liberal Democrats will block any attempts to lift green taxes relating to subsidies for renewable energy subsidies.
Green taxes currently add £112 to a typical household bill. However, the Conservatives have warned that the bill could rise to £194 by 2020.
Mr Alexander said: “What we’re doing at the moment is looking at every aspect of what contributes to people’s energy bills to make sure people aren’t paying a penny more than they need to. Our commitment to green energy is vitally important and its not something that we as Liberal Democrats will compromise on.”

Like Quietman, I’m really hoping that the next election sees these clueless charlatans, who cannot see the effect that green taxes are having on our country and our competitiveness, get the electoral kicking they deserve. Britain needs cheaper fuel whether that be from coal or fracked gas and whatever other source we can find, and the Lib Dems are putting obstacles in the way of cheaper fuel.

Taxation needs to be reduced all round so that people can decide what they want to spend their own money on, and not have people like Nick Clegg or Danny Alexander decide for them what is to be priority spending.

If you are shivering under a blanket this winter because you can’t afford fuel, then put the blame where it truly lies, with the inflexible attitude of the Lib Dems to Green Taxes. They care more about windfarms than citizens, that much so far appears to be true.  Lib Dems want to make your fuel bills higher, that’s going to be a vote winner isn’t it?


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