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From Elsewhere: Another savage convert

October 26, 2013

Richard Dart, one of many violent persons and damaged personalities which are attracted to Islam


What is it with those who convert to Islam, especially the women? Although the BBC and others in the media try to only show female Islamic converts as reasonable people who have found a spiritual path that suits them, what I have found is very much different. A significant number of converts to Islam appear to be violent, in general and in particular with female converts.

You don’t get that with Christianity, the number of born again Christians who in the modern world commit religious based atrocities or make outrageous demands, or flaunt their new religion in an aggressive way is incredibly small. You might find a new Christian doing a bit of charity work or doing some street preaching, that is about as extreme as it gets.

It is a similar situation for Jewish converts, the new Jew might stick to the kosher or Sabbath rules more strictly than many born Jews, but it is highly unlikely that the new Jew will run round in the street with a big knife shouting ‘put down the bacon sandwiches, or I’ll kill you’. But new Muslims do all sorts of hateful and disturbing things when they join Islam. Islamic converts are involved in terror, preaching extreme violence, threatening people in the street, conspiracy to commit offences and much else besides.

There is something about Islam that attracts the violent, the liars, the authoritarian, the misogynistic, the self hating, the lost, the evil and the mad and the sad. It provides a perfect home for those who are both damaged and damaging.

Now we have a newly minted Savage Saracen on the lose and taking the piss big time in France.

The Daily Mail (via Jihadwatch ) said:

A French teenager who was sentenced for biting a police officer while being arrested for wearing a niqab has appeared in court at her appeal hearing with the veil on.

Louise-Marie Suisse was stopped by two police officers near a mosque in the centre of Marseille in late July, for wearing a niqab – full-face veil – in breach of a ban introduced in 2011.”

Even though this Savage wasn’t showing her face, she was showing her massive sense of needy Islamic entitlement, something that many of us in Europe are getting pissed off with experiencing. She disobeyed the law and then got arrested for it, France’s position on Islamic face coverings is well known so it seems she was just offering a bit ‘sod you’ to French culture.

As could be expected this Savage continued to take the piss out of the French state by wearing the Black Cloak of Death in court.

The Daily Mail added:

The court heard the 18-year-old refused to cooperate with the police when asked to produce identity papers.

Violations are punishable by a fine of up to 150 euros (£128) or mandatory citizenship training.

Police have four hours to consider whether an offender should be fined.”

Why bother with the ‘citizenship training’, someone who wears the Black cloak of Death really should be jailed or removed from the country. Wearing this sort of garb is an expression of hatred for t he French state and the French people. Wearing this puts the wearer as much outside the pale as wearing a Nazi or Stasi uniform and it is about time more people started seeing the distinctive Islamic dress, especially of the face covering variety, as an affront to their societies.


  1. Dr Cromarty permalink

    OT but how’s about this bit of savagery? Wife divorces you – set her on fire! Note the name: Ahmed, diminutive oh Mohammed:

  2. Paris Claims permalink

    Every willing muslim convert has a personality disorder. Usually serious.

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