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From Elsewhere: A cavalcade of Islamo-fascist scum at the Dorchester Hotel

October 25, 2013

Jalal ibn Saeed, another Islamist scumbag we could well do without

The writer Lucy Lips over at Harry’s Place has found that a large collection of gay hating, Jew hating, Britain hating, KKK aligned JIhadist scum will be holding a conference at London’s Dorchester Hotel in November.

Why is it that we in Britain allow in jihadists like Jalal ibn Saeed who support and praise the KKK, but ban those like Pamela Geller and Robert Spencer who do nothing more than alert people to the danger of political Islam?  It just seems totally mad to welcome the dangerous fraggles but keep out those who are trying to intellectually vaccinate people against Jihad promoters,

Here is a list of some of the speakers who are due to attend which has been put up on Harry’s Place:

Announcing Our 7th Annual Dorchester Hotel Charity Dinner – in Park Lane,

Sh Salim al Amry, “These walls have witnessed so much jahiliyah [ignorance of the divine], tonight they witnessed Allah being worshipped. May Allah accept it from us.”

Honoured Host:
Sajid Varda
Roshan Muhammed Salih

Special Video Message:
Zakir Naik
Bilal Philips
Sh Salim al Amry

Honoured & Invited Speakers – It is early days so we will post as and when they confirm with us their schedules.
Sh Khalid Khan (Islam Channel) – Confirmed
Sh Adil Bengalha (Hafith al Qur’an – 10 Rawaya) – Confirmed
Sh Feisal Bodi (Islam Channel) – Confirmed
Jalal ibn Sa’eed – Confirmed
Adnan Rashid – Confirmed
Sh Yusuf Estes – TBC

Honouring An-Nisa

Sister Lauren Booth – Confirmed
SisterUmm Jannah – Confirmed

What an appalling list of death cultists, Islamic supremacists and a mentally ill attention whore,

Read the background on Harry’s to these speakers.

You will not believe the sort of medieval hate filled guff that they both believe in and promote.

A more sensible society would have horse-whipped these violent Saracens or at the very least expelled them or curtailled their actions in some way.  The fact that such Islamic fascists are free to ply their filthy trade in central London should tell us that something is very, very wrong indeed.

That nobody in authority has had the strength of character to step up and say ‘ we want no Islamo-fascism here’ is indicative of a dangerous rot that has set into our governing and administrative classes.  That these Islamo fash are allowed to meet and chat their poison unmolested should tell anybody who is concerned about this nation and the concepts of freedom and individual rights, that it is time for a change.

Too often in the past we’ve overlooked the fact that politicians both national and local are appeasers of Islam and we have voted for them out of habit, because our parents did, or because a particular politican did a personal favour.  We can’t do that anymore, personal likes and historic party loyalty need to be put to one side and we need to vote for those who share our concerns about Islam and vote against those who appease, even though the appeaser may be a nice person or they are someone we enjoy having a beer with or they sorted out a particular problem for us.

Overlooking appeasement, whether that be deliberate or via ignorance should not be given a free pass anymore.

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