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Mountebank Mughal has found a real one at last.

October 22, 2013
I do not agree with burning mosques but Tell Mama have no scruples about exploiting such things.  (With apologies to Francis Ford Coppola and zero apologies to Tell Mama)

I do not agree with burning mosques or attacking individual Muslims but Tell Mama have no scruples about exploiting such things. (With apologies to Francis Ford Coppola and zero apologies to Tell Mama)

The Islamo-whiners of Tell Mama are crowing today because one of the alleged mosque attacks and a deadly attack on a Muslim man, has actually turned out to be real, for a change.

However, the perpetrator didn’t turn out to be a British patriot or a home grown racist but rather a hate-filled immigrant from the Ukraine.

Sky News said:

A Ukrainian man has pleaded guilty to murdering a Muslim pensioner and plotting to carry out a string of explosions near mosques.

Pavlo Lapshyn, a postgraduate student from Dnipropetrovsk, appeared at the Old Bailey charged with the murder of 82-year-old grandfather Mohammed Saleem as he walked home from a mosque in Birmingham in April.

He also admitted causing an explosion on July 12 near the Kanzal Iman mosque in Tipton, and engaging in conduct in preparation of terrorist acts between April 24 and July 18 this year.

This included planting bombs near mosques in Walsall and Wolverhampton, researching locations to plant bombs and buying chemicals on the internet to make explosives.

Lapshyn, who arrived in the country only five days before the killing, later told police: “I have a racial hatred, so I have a motivation, a racial motivation and racial hatred.”

The 25-year-old will be sentenced on Friday.

The Ukrainian was in the UK on a sponsored work placement at a software firm in the Small Heath area of Birmingham when he was arrested on suspicion of Mr Saleem’s murder nearby on July 20.

The father-of-seven was stabbed three times yards from his house on April 29, which prompted an outpouring of grief from the community.”

Sky News added:

The bomb exploded at 1pm, the time worshippers would normally be at Friday prayers. Because of Ramadan the prayers were put back to 2pm and police said this may have saved a lot of people from death or serious injury. 

No one was injured by any of the explosions.

Lapshyn has been described as a “lone actor” with no apparent affiliation to any extreme right wing groups.

The self-radicalised racist believed that a series of explosions would spread more panic and fear. 

In police interviews he said: “I would like to increase racial conflict … because they are not white and I am white.”

Sky News continued:

“He is a man with hatred of non-white people, coupled together with his skills in relation to creating bombs and actually being in the country for five days and to murder someone.

“From his premises he had other devices, other components of devices. He could have carried on with his campaign. If it wasn’t for that intervention at the time he was arrested, this could have been much worse.”

Speaking outside court, Mr Saleem’s daughter Shazia Khan said it was “a relief not to have to sit through a long and tedious trial and listen to horrific details of this violent crime”.

“Our dad was a lovely, kind man who left prayers for the last time that night. He did not do anything to deserve this horrific killing other than being a Muslim.

“He was targeted simply because of his faith. His beard and his clothing represented who he was. Pavlo chose to kill him that night with only that intention in mind.

“Hopefully he will get the sentence that he deserves and he will never be able to commit crimes like this again.”

I heartily agree with Ms Khan, this man should do the time deserved for such a horrible random murder. At this point, for the sake of clarity, I must take the opportunity to re-iterate my position which is that although I hate the ideology of Islam with a passion, I do not hate individual Muslims, who are, after all, often the first victims of Islam and of Shariah Law.

What is pertinent about this case is how Tell Mama have been spouting complete rubbish for months about how the EDL and others are behind the various alleged mosque attacks and yet the biggest genuine attack turned out to be carried out by a deranged racist murdering foreigner.

What the actualite challenged Tell Mama group have failed to see is that despite horrendous provocation by the followers of Islam, the rapes, the grooming gangs, the butchery of a British soldier in a London street, the bombings of tube trains and a bus, there has been very little retaliatory violence aimed at the Islamic community.

Some commentators state that only 1 in every 100,000 Muslims are the victims of attacks, which when compared to the amount of hatred and bile spewed by Islamic clerics and the growing number of attacks on Britons, of all colours and creeds, is very small beer or non-alcoholic beverage of your choice indeed.

The Daily Telegraph trawled police and medical records and could not find a single Muslim who had been subject to any attack that would have required medical treatment. Whilst I or any other reasonable person would not approve of either the murder of the innocent Muslim pensioner, nor the bomb blast at the mosque in Tipton, for which Lapshyn has pleaded guilty, there is something distasteful about Tell Mama desperately using both a tragic loss of life and an act of terrorism, to shore up their flagging credibility.

It seems that the only people who ‘love the smell of burning mosque in the morning’ are those like Tell Mama who have a vested interest in promoting the lie of Islamic victim-hood. If anyone is engaging in extreme violence against their opponents then it is the followers of Islam and their allies in far left groups like the wholly misnamed Unite Against Fascism. This killing and this mosque attack are one of few where the blame can actually be put on a genuine, self-confessed racist head-case. Many of the other so-called attacks on Muslims or property owned by Islamic groups are either very low level vandalism or angry words or non-violent expressions of distaste towards an ideology that is daily showing why it is unpopular with the British people.

There should be no physical attacks on Muslims, no attacks on mosques but that doesn’t mean that we should not speak the truth both about Islam and those organisations like Tell Mama or Faith Matters, which have a vested financial and political interest in talking up the idea of Islamic victim-hood.

Shame on Tell Mama and everybody connected with this and similar organisations who have used the murder of a harmless old man and the setting off of an explosive device to advance their cause. Compare how Tell Mama have behaved with the dignified, quiet way that many British people protested the death of a British soldier on the streets of London.

My condolences go out to the family of Mr Saleem but my utter contempt is reserved for Tell Mama and all associated with it and those, whether they be Muslim or non-Muslim who support it.



Original story from Sky News

The truth about the ‘wave of attacks’ on Muslims

Telegraph investigation into alleged anti Muslim attacks


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