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Islam in action – Afghan woman stoned to death

October 22, 2013

WARNING: The film clip linked contains graphic scenes of Islamic violence.

Thanks to the Twitter user @claireandrea16 for this one.

I don’t normally go in for gratuitous gore films or pictures on this site due to the danger of readers becoming desensitised to such images of violence, but this deserves to be shown because it shows Shariah Law in action.

When I see films like the one below I have to work hard to take control of my anger. I can see why there are those who think that those who follow or show fealty to such a vile death cult that should, like the Nazi and Communist systems be wiped off of the face of the Earth.

But that is not the answer because the perpetrators of this appalling crime and others like it, are also brainwashed victims of an ideology that does nothing, creates nothing, and is a destructive and retrograde force, that the world could well do without.  The true villain in this story is the ideology of Islam, a cultural and political path that sucks the humanity out of people and commands them to do acts like this.  Like the Nazis they are ‘only following orders’, but they are following the orders of their long dead Fuhrer Mohammed.

The men in this film have been corrupted by Islam and turned into worthless meatsacks truly deserving of a word that I do not use lightly because of its history, and that word is ‘Untermenschen’, or sub-humans.

Not one of the men there appeared to raise an objection to this murder, not one of them did anything that I could see that showed that they disagreed with what was happening, not one of them showed that they possessed one iota of humanity.  Nobody even appeared to turn away in disgust as many normal people would do if confronted by such a spectacle. Instead like good soldiers of Fuhrer Mohammed they took part in the murder.  If there is anything in our modern world that summed up what Hannah Arendt called ‘The Banality of Evil’, then this must be it.

What sort of retarded stone age cult puts a women in a canvas bag, sticks her in a hole in the ground and has screaming nutters kill her by stoning?  The answer is Islam.

This is Islam, this is Shariah Law in its purest form in action.  If I had my way I’d strap people like David Cameron down and make him watch this film on a loop over and over again, until he promised never again to say that this sort of violence is ‘nothing to do with Islam’ or that Islam is a religion of peace.

When you see things like this you realise that Islam is not a religion, but is instead a crime against humanity.

Islam must be confronted for the sake of women like this one, confronted for the sake of justice, confronted for the sake of humanity.  To turn a blind eye to things like this is a sin, a sin against justice and as the Bible says in Deuteronomy 16:20 ‘Justice, justice is all that you shall pursue, so that you may live’

The souls and voices of all good people should cry out to God in lamentation and anger that the horrendous enemy that is Islam is warping and destroying so many human members of His creation. The Children of Ishmael are truly the wild donkey’s of men at odds with, and showing emnity to, all their brothers and sisters in humanity.

May the soul of this woman, and all those whose precious lives are cut short by Islam, be bound up with the Eternal and may true justice prevail.

I cannot write anymore on this, it is far too upsetting.


  1. john warren permalink

    You’re right about Cameron of course but wrong about men who commit murder in this way. Those murderers could be living somewhere in England within six months. Next door to you perhaps. When they arrive they’ll be bringing their baggage with them – in all its manifestations. Do you want to risk any one of them walking English pavements alongside the women in your life?

    A religious belief is no excuse at all for murder; no matter what crime the victim was alleged to have committed or where the murder takes place. Do these people not have sisters and mothers? Do they not think. or have even a basic sense of wrong from right?

    Many millions of people the world over suffer from religious persecution in one way or another but do not cold-bloodedly kill wretchedly defenceless human-beings in such a shameful way.

    Murdering brutes throughout history have too often got away with their foul deeds. It really shouldn’t be happening in this century. Those doing the stoning in the video you posted should be rounded up, put on trial and obliged to forfeit their own life if found guilty.

    I can think of no excuse which would allow me to forgive them. I despise them to hell. They are an insult to human existence. Years ago I would never have believed that any human being could be less kind to another human being than a raging animal might. How wrong I was.

    Your sympathy on this occasion is mis-placed I fear. I think you have been shocked by the sight of it more than you know.

  2. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Yeah I agree that there is a danger that this sort of scum and their ‘cultural’ baggage could be in the UK. But I don’t feel I said the wrong thing in feeling anger at an ideology that warps humanity and turns them into murderers like this. ‘No man is an island complete unto himself’, these mens lives could, if they had grown up in a decent culture, been different. The murderers are guilty but the greater guilt needs to be placed on Islam, because it is Islam which has corrupted innocent children and turned them into murdering morality free adults.

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