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I don’t blame the West Ham fans for getting upset at this blatant display of Islamic supremacism at the Boleyn Ground.

October 22, 2013

The disgusting sight of Islamic prayers at Upton Park.

The mainstream media, or at least the Daily Express, has gone into full ‘shock-horror’ mode over West Ham fans getting angry at the sight of Islamic prayers taking place, during a match at the Boleyn ground at Upton Park in East London.

The Express said:

THIS is the “disturbing” moment when West Ham fans turned on their own Muslim supporters as they prayed just before half-time at Saturday’s match against Manchester City.

The small group of Muslim supporters were kneeling eastwards and bowing their heads in the concourse of the Sir Trevor Brooking Stand at Upton Park, east London, when they were spotted by fellow fans.

They were conducting their Mahgrib prayers at about 6pm—the fourth of devout Muslims’ five prayers a day.

It was about 10 minutes before half-time and the concourse was relatively quiet.

The supporters, who are understood not to have made any complaint, had been invited to the club as part of a highly commended initiative to forger close links with local community groups.

As such the sight of fans praying would have been unusual.

They were met first by disbelief, then swearing and finally by increasingly loud chants of “Irons”, the club’s nickname, apparently intended to drown out the prayers.

The Muslim fans turned round anxiously to see they were being filmed and stared at, but then carried on with their ritual.”

Of course the Muslims carried on with their prayers to the Devil that is Allah, because they would be quite confident that the dhimmi police and stewards would take their side.

Personally I don’t blame the fans for getting upset at the sight of this. Newham, where the West Ham ground is situated, has been systematically ruined by the followers of Islam and fans of the club often travel long distances to the ground to see the team, from where the fans and their families have fled to to escape the depredations of Islam.

The sight of Muslims preying (yes that is the right spelling when it comes to Islam) under the hallowed Trevor Brooking Stand was an added insult following on from the scandal of £5 tickets being offered to the mostly Muslim residents of Newham, (the population of Newham is now only 16% white non-Muslim British) whilst other Hammers fans had to stump up £52 for their tickets.

Would any other group behave like this in a football ground? Would the Jewish West Ham fans demand facilities to pray their Maariv (evening) prayers? Would the Catholics demand a Mass during a game? Of course not. This sort of behaviour only comes from the followers of Islam and is yet another example of their unfettered arrogance.

If Muslims want to prey to the Devil Allah* and his Paedo ‘prophet’ Mohammed then sod off to an Islamic shithole country where such things are part and parcel of such places. It is not wanted, nor welcome in the United Kingdom.

On the subject of the reporting of this story, it is disgusting that the lazy journalists of the Express still give house-room to the charlatans which are Fiyaz Mughal and the Tell Mama organisation. Despite being shown up to be a bunch of Islamic whiners, with a far too close association with the Hamas fans of CAIR, Express journalists still allowed him to spout his rubbish in the paper.

The videos (see links below) are not ‘disturbing’ as Mountebank Mughal puts it, what is disturbing is that not only have Muslims been given an advantageous ticket price, almost ten times less than the normal fans pay, but they also manifested their foul and ugly ideology and imposed it where it wasn’t wanted, and definitely wasn’t needed.


Links etc

Original Daily Express story (the comments are nearly all anti-Islamic prayers at West Ham) Just in case the PC police get to the Express, I’ve copied the comments into a comment below the line here.

Alternative site for one of the videos from Facebook

A West Ham bulletin board describing the act of Islamic ‘arse-lifting’ quite rightly as ‘a liberty’

West Ham fans show their displeasure at Muslims preying at Upton Park

* Describing Allah as ‘The Devil’ is to my mind quite acceptable because how else would you describe a deity that completely inverts the ‘golden rule’ possessed by many other religions and treats evil as good and good as evil.

One Comment
  1. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    11:45am on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013
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    Football?. And there was me thinking these stone age turds got there sport out of stoning woman,, beheading people who think there stone age god is a load of cobbler. Are you sure they said football and not chopping peoples limbs off,, to these filth they sound the same..
    11:36am on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013
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    our societies were based on the principle that most people are honest and law abiding. That is also true in the example of the opening of our protective national borders, it was assumed that freedom of movement would be respected. Well, aliens have no respect for our borders or our laws. Laws can be enacted and enforced so that those that come uninvited can be forcefully ejected. The real problem (and the crime and the treachery) is that the “know better than us, do things for our own good” band of traitors in power have invited in or allowed to stay (with permanent citizenship) millions of what turn out to be undesirables. How do you get laws made to eject these?
    11:25am on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013
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    Why has religion now entered the hallowed football ground? Somebody is taking the p1ss out of British people aren’t they?
    11:18am on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013
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    Dont vote for this so called MP
    11:18am on Tuesday, 22nd October 2013
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    Dont vote for this so called MP
    11:18am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Dont vote for this so called MP
    11:16am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    I do not seek to insight violence towards the Muslims but equally I can empathize with those who may have felt there were sinister motives being that act of pray. My Christian faith has taught me so much about the power of prayer. I also know that it is a private commune with God. Never to be a public spectacle to suggest we are somehow a better group, more holly than the crowd. Muslims will be judged on how they behave towards mankind.
    Having said that I do feel very uneasy with any minority group who feel they must have their own parliament and promote a parallel society. I have shared the fact that my town has changed beyond all recognition to become an Islamic enclave. I don’t blame the Muslims but I do blame successive governments for destroying our culture and traditions. That is why I have vowed never again to vote for the main three parties. My trust firmly remains with UKIP from now on.
    11:15am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Unless you act to stop this rot it wont be too long before you are all sticking your backsides up in the air five times a day and ruled under Sharia law. This was done as a purposeful act as is demanding we all accept the full face burka. They are using our tolerance and goodwill as a weapon against us and we are all just letting them get away with it thanks to spineless and gutless politicians.
    It is time that we laid down some rules. They should be shown the same tolerance and respect as they show to other religions and traditions which at the present time is an absolute ZERO.
    Once they start to accept the British traditions and beliefs then they will be shown the same respect.
    Tolerance and respect are two way streets not one way.
    11:01am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    West Ham Fans should boycott the Ground for one month then see what happens.
    10:53am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Just like Islam There is no place for any other religion in football. Muslims murdering Egyptian Coptic Christians at a Wedding hardly raises a whimper but a few chants against praying Muslims brings the Labour hand wringers out in force .
    10:52am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Its not surprising many people in tje UK hate Islam because they know what it can do.Multicultualism only works when Islam is small and helpless.Its not like that now.They act like preprogrammed zombies
    10:49am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Even if the West Ham supporters went a little too far in their reaction to this, the real blame lays with the ‘worshippers’. They were indulging in a clearly planned provocation and were seeking to create tension and then claim that they were the victims. Who goes to a football match to pray? It just must have been a premeditated attempt to cause trouble. If anyone gets banned as a result of this incident, it should be the ‘worshippers’
    10:27am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    The Muslims are not happy! They’re not happy in Gaza. They’re not happy in Egypt.They’re not happy in Libya. They’re not happy in Morocco. They’re not happy in Iran.They’re not happy in Iraq.They’re not happy in Yemen.They’re not happy in Afghanistan.They’re not happy in Pakistan. They’re not happy in Syria.They’re not happy in Lebanon. So, where are they happy? They’re happy in Australia.They’re happy in England.They’re happy in France.They’re happy in Italy.They’re happy in Germany.They’re happy in Sweden.They’re happy in Norway. They’re happy in the USA.They’re happy in every country that is not Islamic! And who do they blame? Not Islam. Not their leadership. Not themselves. THEY BLAME THE COUNTRIES THEY ARE HAPPY IN AND THEY WANT TO CHANGE THEM TO BE LIKE THE COUNTRY THEY CAME FROM, WHERE THEY WERE SO UNHAPPY.
    10:27am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Even if the West Ham supporters did go too far with their reaction, the worshippers were engaged in a clearly calculated act of provocation. Who goes to a football match to pray? They were seeking to cause a reaction and then claim to be the victim. If anyone gets banned becuase of this incident, it should be the worshippers.
    9:55am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    What are these people bringing their religion into a football ground for ? This is a place for people to share their love of football, not a church or a mosque.
    What next ? Are we going to have a Catholic prayer meeting at the other end of the stand ? an evangelist one on the other side ?
    Keep religion out of football !!
    9:43am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    I have never yet spoken with any white Christian who said they liked Muslims or that they wanted them to live in our country . Every single one of the people I meet in cafe’s -or concerts or -in pubs reject wholeheartedly the Muslim immigrant population living and working here in Britain . Old pensioners are so angry that their efforts to build Britain have been turned into a gift of freebee’s and benefits to unwanted unloved and unneeded Muslim hostile invaders . The vile Treachery and deceit that our governments have imposed upon we white Christian Britons is the work of Foreign Inspired “Traitors” –No good decent Briton would stab their own people in the back for monetary gain–Only those in power with ancestral roots that do not belong to Britain ! These Muslims have been “TOLD” to demonstrate their religion in any place or forum they desire–to show their rejection and opposition to our Christian ways . They even walk up and down the street deliberately wearing the Burkha
    9:39am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    its a joke their place of worship is a mosque the fans where correct.
    9:31am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Well it won’t be too long now before the kick off, and I don’t mean football! Old ENOCH the prophet was SO right in his rivers of blood speech. This country as with America is going to implode followed by other countries that have mass immigration forced on them. Time to stock up and batten down the hatches…it’s going to get a bit s**tty out there for a while!
    9:16am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    I recall a country when on Sunday (our holy day) professional football was not played out of respect for the Christian Church.Shops weren’t allowed to open either and the Sunday Trading Laws had to be obeyed.
    When groups of Christians protested about relaxing these laws they were virtually told to shut up and that they should live in the modern world.
    Yet a group of Muslims are told “prayer rooms” will be built for them and other concessions will be introduced shortly like toilets facing Mecca.
    Why do we bend over backwards to placate them ? Probably because they’ll riot if we don’t whereas Christians turn the other cheek.
    9:12am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    disgusting turnout……………would the skinheads of the 1970s have stood for this filthy carry on?????????????????i think a few well placed steel toecap dr martens would have put a stop to it……………..unfortunatly people these days are just soft spineless whimps……….
    9:07am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    I hope nobody got paid for writing this rubbish! I know the truth gets in the way of a good story but, its important to address the balance
    – West Ham fans are sick of being priced out of football with the £50 + tickets, the club released thousands of £5 tickets to people with no interest in West Ham United, when those tickets could have gone to long forgotten fans, the armed forces or people much more worthy
    -West Ham do NOT draw on locals for support that is lazy journalism at its best. You can spot the locals around West Ham on a match day, they will be the ones wearing Man United, Chelsea or Liverpool Shirts. The club is on their door step and they CHOOSE not to go
    – On Saturday the crowd of locals brought in cheered for Manchester City (the team we were playing) and used the opportunity to go to a match as a platform to show off their religion. Organised religion has NO place in football. Fans should only be united by their colours
    – Jim Fitzpatrick is NO West Ham fan
    8:50am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Who on earth got paid for writing this factually incorrect rubbish. I know “The Truth” usually ruins a good story but as a balance lets try and address it now
    – West Ham United supporters rightly took it to heart that THEY pay £50 + for a ticket and have seen their friends and family priced out of going to the game, then the club pops up and offers £5 tickets to people with NO interest in West Ham United, what a fantastic scheme this is from West Ham alienate your traditional supporters to reach out to people that have never supported West Ham (or football)
    – We draw little to NO support from local people, as with the people the “scheme” helped out on saturday that turned up to cheer for Manchester City (the team we were playing) its easy to spot the locals in and around Upton Park and East Ham on a matchday, they will be the ones wearing Man United, Chelsea and Liverpool shirts
    – Organised religion has NO place in football at all
    – Jim Fitzpatrick is No West Ham Fan
    8:50am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Mosques are the places where Muslims should pray, not football grounds or in the street. When in Rome!
    7:34am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Labour imported muslims as voting fodder. Very soon they’ll mostly be voting for muslim parties, so that brilliant idea will turn to dust. The idiot conservatives thought they’d make good low paid workers, and drag wages down and that would help their pals in big business. As most of them are on the dole that was an epic fail.
    What they’ve done is imported millions of fast breeding welfare dependent colonisers. The result is crime ridden ghettos, sharia courts, rape gangs and we all know the rest.
    When will our politicians own up to this catastrophic mistake, and put things right?
    I’m voting UKIP, even though I don’t think Farage will grasp the nettle for fear of being branded “raysiss”.
    7:31am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Kick them all out of the club.
    The Muslims that is not the true football fans
    2:35am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    Some people are under the misapprehension that muslim immigration was some kind of accident and LIBLABCON politicians now fail to correct the situation out of political correctness or weakness. Wrong. Our crooked establishment parties, all three of them have planned and delivered this invasion as a very deliberate strategy – knowing full well what the inevitable consequences will be – and those consequences are also part of the plan. Following civil strife the government will announce martial law as a necessary measure to ‘protect’ the populace. As powerful as the establishment is – it still dreams of total power – martial law and/or a police state.
    12:03am on Tue, 22nd October 2013
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    I don’t understand the responses by these fickle people. These people praying didn’t do wrong. They went down during the match in a quiet corner with stewards permission’ for a 3minute prayer – going down early avoiding inconveniencing anyone. They didn’t disrupt the match, start prayers-chants on terraces or anything like tht which may have fathomed some of these responses.
    Responses of go back to Saudi Arabia, terrorist etc? Had demba ba stayed and been scoring (with his trademark celebration of prostration) would the fickle fans have been saying the same? Definitely not.
    Apparently people were cheering the city goal? An odd few may stupidly have done so I can’t say. But logically if not hammers these fans woulda been utd, Chelsea, Liverpool, arsenal fans – ie all supporting hammers on the day at the least.
    The £5 tickets were an applaudable scheme to win new fans, expand the club with the upcoming new stadium, and really win the community, instead racism has shown its head.
    11:46pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Tell Mama have been discredited after receiving £280k from the taxpayer and, basically making stories up. Nice to see that being caught out isn’t enough to shut them down!
    11:40pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Tell Mama has already been discredited and received £280k of taxpayers money for basically making things up. Nice to see being caught wasn’t enough to shut them down!
    11:38pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Governments of this country have been told in no uncertain terms over many years that multiculturalism is not and never will be the way of Great Britain. This country was founded on Christian principles. Moreover, muslims have become despised in the west because of their behaviour towards and action against the citizens of this country. They are taking more and more space and demanding more and more recognition. Very soon our streets will erupt in anger because of our treatment, at the hands of these backward hordes. And it will all be the fault of governments who were told, but did not listen. People who wish to practice islam in this way should be living in a muslim country, and not seek to blight our green and pleasant land with their habits.
    11:26pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    i would be more impress if a prominent muslim like fughal would speak as loudly in support of the poor muslim girl shot in the head by the taliban in condemning them! in fact how about if he stood up and be counted in condemning the muslim hate preachers and to the muslims who want sharia law! the fact of the matter is i understand why prominent muslims would never do this, is because they are afraid of the reactions from their muslim brothers! it makes people wonder why people want to be a muslim anyway?! it also makes me wonder why so many muslims want to come to a CHRISTIAN country instead of going to wealthy muslim countries like qatar or saudia arabia?
    these freeloaders should realise that what they are doing in a christian country is rude!
    11:15pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    why have you chosen to use a photo taken at a West Ham v Millwall match? To sensationalise the story that’s why. This wasn’t taken at Saturday’s game and there certainly was NOT the stewards presence as you have depicted. I know this because I was at the game. Your reporter on the other hand, clearly wasn’t.
    11:12pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Why have you chosen to use a picture of a West Ham V Millwall game? The first photo is NOT from Saturday’s game V Man City. This clearly misleads the reader into believing there was more to this. There was NOT heavy stewards presence as you have lead readers to believe. I was at the ground and was unaware that any of this took place. Clearly your reporter wasn’t.
    11:09pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    This whole Islam prayer thing is an act. These young muslims drink alcohol, take drugs, and watch porn, BUT… they have to keep the act going to maintain their SPECIAL status. Demonstrating ones religion in a public place should be banned, and so should mosques, muslim committees, the black police federation, faith schools and anything else that upsets proper English people.
    10:55pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Islam the excuse used by the few to try to control the majority, at least in the Briton of today.
    10:40pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Can I suggest that your journalists actually report the facts!! These people were not West Ham supporters and as witten previously these people were offered tickets for £5 and should have the decency to respect the majority of people who spend their hard earned cash to watch their team – there are mosques around the East Ham ares and their religion is so important they should have left the ground to pray there.
    These freeloaders were cheering Man City – if that was a full paying opposition supporter in the West Ham area they would have been ejected – I suppose as ever the muslim people expect special treatment – If they want to practice their religion freely perhaps they should move to Saudi Arabia – Oh I forgot, no free housing or benefits there!!!
    10:32pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    More bending over backwards to please muslims. £5 a ticket when everyone else pays high prices and allowing them to treat stadia like mosques. Proper British people condemned for objecting. Multiculturalism means lots of different people giving in to Islam because they are the only group that routinely gets away with threats of violence if their demands aren’t met, anyone else would be arrested. Mps like this guy are letting this country down. Islam is not a race, it’s a cult. I say it’s a cult because religions follow a figure that is the son of God or some other divinity, a Cult follows one who claims only to be in contact with God, which is what Mohammad claimed. Europe is heading for a major clash between these primitive nutters and decent people who won’t stand for any more of this garbage. It has to happen or we’re finished.
    10:29pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    There is a time and place for everything, but a football stadium is definitely NOT a place to demonstrate one’s religion – particularly a religion that is hated as much as Islam is hated in this country.
    10:26pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Yes, it’s starting to look like Muslims will have to be kept separate from the rest of us for their own safety. Now I wonder what it was that has brought that situation about? The future of multi-cultism does not look very promising I know that much.
    Islam is a religion and not a race btw Daily Express.
    10:22pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Sooner or later this whole Muslim business is going to kick-off big style. Multi-culti doesn’t work, better start deporting them now and save trouble later.
    10:18pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    I have no time for people who wear their religion on their sleeve
    10:14pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    The politicians now except that we will be come an Islamic state for the yr 2030 and are doing nothing to stop it. The UK is a ship without sales or oars drifting like a Ghostship with no captain taking it to safty.
    10:11pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Unless we petition in the millions to ban Islam and tell them to go home if they do not like it. Nothing will get done we should all go on strike from jobs stop the country in its tracks and demand an end to us become an Islamic state. Why should we have to watch them praying everywhere if it makes us feel uncomfortable. Is it their country and culture or is it ours the politicians lib lab tory think it is their and bow them all the time. WHY BECAUSE THEY ARE SCARED OF THEM PUTTING DEATH THREATS ON THEM OR ACID ATTACKING THEM. Look at Geert Wilders from Holland he has a million death treats on his head for trying to warn the west. SO the cowards in Westminster will keep on appeasing until we are living in an Islamic hell hole.
    10:04pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    check this link out you will be shocked by the extent that the UK is covered with Mosques already and I do not think this is up to date.
    This is to make their presense felt everywhere forcing Islam down our throats they are taking us over every town and city they are filling with has many Mosques has they can they are changing us into an Islamic state on the link above you will see for your selves and still the majority do nothing and the powers that be force us in to submission to allow there mission which will soon be complete.
    10:01pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Total bullshit one sided article!
    The main point here is hard working regular fans who pay a huge chunk of their annual salaries to support and follow their team are totally shat on with this cheap publicity stunt by the club and now the media bandwagon!
    Regular fans had to pay between £52-£65 for standard tickets while this lot get tickets for £5 and unbelievably some of them cheered the oppositions goals,the club is lucky it didnt escalate to a massive public disorder.
    This is a football stadium a place where normal working class everyday Brits go to forget their weekly woes of stress from work / life not to have religion stuffed in their faces.
    It s a total disgrace and that MP is no West Ham fan if he reckons we should have prayer rooms!
    If they want to pray go to a mosque not a football stadium it does what it says on the tin “Football Stadium”
    If the club contuinue down this road they will have trouble filling Upton Park let alone the Olympic Stadium WHTID COYI
    9:55pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    maybe the west ham fans didn’t want to be associated with the lee rigby killers and child groomers…i wouldn’t
    9:27pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    A disgusting and incorrect report by the Express. These muslim people are not true supporters of West Ham they were given cheap £5 tickets as a community gesture by the club. Some of them then chose to abuse that hospitality by cheering the oppositions goals and mass praying under the stands in front of genuine football suporters. Praying in Football stadiums – no way. You want to pray do it in the appropriate places.
    Thank you Mr Fitzpatrick but your out of order here!
    9:27pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Why is hate monger Fiyaz Mughal, fiddler of figures and well known exaggerator given a platform for him to spew his dawah from to the Express readers???? Is it grant funding time again or something so he peddles his ‘Muslims are the poor victims’ ???? £750,000 grants in 5 years for sitting behind his keyboard trolling twitter for online name calling. Oh and he listed the 100 least sexist mosques in his mosque directory for women.
    9:22pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    What your not saying in your one sided report is that these Muslims were offered £5 tickets for this game whilst life long fans like myself can’t afford to go to games anymore, and it is total rubbish to say the club draws on the significant support of the Muslim community , it’s the loyal fan base that support the club week in week out that keeps it going , this is political correctness gone mad and the fans won’t stand for it
    9:20pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    These muslims were not supporters they were allowed cheap £5 tickets from the club. A complete and stupid idea to promote community inclusion. They then proceeded to cheer the opposition and carry out a mass praying exercise at a football match. Crazy, antagonistic or what.
    9:20pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    having read that christians are again being murdered in Pakistan and Eygpt just for attending church,
    muslims in this country should be thankful we don’t share their religious tolerence or lack of it.
    9:19pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
    Report This Comment
    ” had been invited to the club as part of a highly commended initiative to forger close links with local community groups”
    Don’t Muslim community groups in East London get enough already(especially IFE related ones) without free tickets?? Surely they would of been better inviting people who would actually watch the match not spend the time praying under the stand.
    Its well known most Muslims aren’t into football as it means integrating with infidels for a couple of hours
    9:17pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
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    Having recently read that Christians are routinely murdered yet again in Eygpt and Pakistan merely for attending church, muslims in Britain should be thankful we don’t sink to their level of religious tolerence or lack of it.
    8:31pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
    Report This Comment
    THEY didn’t complain, so what is the problem. As for having “prayer rooms”, you are having a laugh aren’t you? For Gawd’s sake it’s a football stadium not a mosque. If the “local” people want to be integrated they need to learn to sing “I’m Forever Blowing Bubbles”, not pray five times a day. Although as an Arsenal supporter I have to say West Ham probably don’t have a prayer…..!
    8:29pm on Mon, 21st October 2013
    Report This Comment
    It’s pretty disturbing that people who should come to watch football made praying religion in a sports place ..,and Newcastle is another **** place stadium open moschea room poor idea!
    We must close moschee NOT open as Lib lab want !

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