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‘Palestinians’ Yet again showing what side they are on

October 20, 2013

Those of us who have studied the ‘Palestinian’ cause are familiar with the strong connections during the 1930’s and 1940’s between the Islamic leadership of British Mandate Palestine and the murderous Nazi regime of pre-war and wartime Germany.

As if to confirm that fact ‘Palestinians’ have been caught again flying a Nazi flag from a flagpole in an area that is controlled by the Palestinian Authority.

The Israeli news source Israel National News said:

For at least the second time in five months, Arab residents of Beit Umar in the Palestinian Authority (PA) have placed a Nazi flag over a major thoroughfare where Jews pass in their vehicles.

Beit Umar is located between Halhoul and the Etzion Bloc, not far from Hevron.

Soldiers from the Haruv battalion in Kfir Regiment tried to take down the flag Saturday, but encountered difficulty because it was placed very high up.

A similar event took place at Beit Umar in May, when hundreds of residents of Gush Etzion who drove down Highway 60 were astounded to see an oversized Nazi flag flying next to a mosque in the Arab town.

In a recent key seech, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu quoted numerous historical sources showing that the leader of the Palestinian Arabs in the first half of the 20th century, Mufti Hajj Amin Al-Husseini, was “one of the initiators of the Holocaust of the Jews of Europe,” and that he was constantly encouraging the Nazi leadership to annihilate the Jews, throughout the war. He cited evidence that the Mufti even visited the gas chambers at Auschwitz with Adolf Eichmann.

“The Mufti is still a greatly admired figure in the Palestinian national movement,” said Netanyahu. “These are the weeds that need to be uprooted,” he said. “The root of the conflict is the deep resistance among a hard core of Palestinians to the right of the Jewish people to its own state in Israel.”

Nazis and supporters of Nazis, that’s the Palestinians for you. A people who on the whole refuse to live in peace with their neighbours and whose hearts are twisted by hatred and as black as pitch.

These Islamo-nazis, because that is what they are, are the people that the Left say that Israel should make peace with? Why should Israel make peace with those who at the earliest opportunity will kill Jews, just as they did in 1834, 1920, 1921, 1924, 1929 and when the Arabs tried to strangle the new Jewish state at the time of its rebirth in 1948?

Why should Israelis make peace with violent thugs who fly Nazi flags? Many people would, quite rightly, not make peace with those as so thoroughly steeped in hatred as the Muslim Arabs. It has proved impossible to accept any Muslim Arab declaration of peace to be anything other than false. Although the Israelis wish to live in peace with their neighbours, it is plain to see that the Muslims do not.


Original story of Nazi flag flying from Israel National News

History of attacks by Arabs against Jews in the area now known as Israel.

1834 Safed Pogrom which occurred while the area now known as Israel was under the control of the Islamic Ottoman Empire.

Background to the other 20th century pogroms against Jews in British Mandate

The aggressive attempt to destroy Israel by Muslim nations in 1948

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