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Now That’s Why Pakistan is a S**thole Volume 20 – Hatred of Christians edition

October 20, 2013

A Pakistani toilet

Being a Christian (or a Sikh or a Hindu or an Ahmadi Muslim for that matter) in the Islamic nightmare that is Pakistan has never been easy, but things do appear to be getting worse there.

The Italian Catholic news service, AsiaNews, reports how Islam inspired hatred is deeply embedded in the Pakistani education system.

AsiaNews said:

The text-books of Pakistani schools pose the killing of Christians as “goal to be sought” that would help the same members of the minority to seek martyrdom for the faith. This is shown by a report published in late September by the Middle East Media Research ( MEMRI ) .

According to research, the texts are common in most public primary schools and even Pakistani Christians and members of other minorities are forced to read and study them. The authors of the books led by the religious leaders have changed the meaning of the term “minority”, which is now perceived with negative meaning .

The problem of education in Pakistan emerged strongly in 2011, the year that the government dedicated to the promotion of this issue. In one year, several studies were published which showed that thousands of non-Muslim students are “forced” to study Islam and elements of the Muslim religion, for fear of discrimination. In 2012 the Catholic Church National Commission for Justice and Peace published a report denouncing the law passed by the Punjab Parliament that makes study of the Koran mandatory.

In an interview published by AsiaNews in 2011, Msgr . Lawrence John Saldanha , archbishop emeritus of Lahore ( Punjab ) , said that Pakistan has become a state for “only Muslims.” Non-Muslims do not enjoy equal rights.”

Compare the situation in Pakistan with the situation in its neighbour India, where the Christian minority are not subject to the same sort of oppression as their co-religionists in Pakistan. Provided that the Christians do not do things that are hateful to the majority, such as slaughtering cows in the street, Christians can live their lives relatively unmolested by the Hindus and Sikhs of India.

Pakistan truly is a shithole especially when it comes to matters of religious freedom. This story begs the question, if a Christian school in the United Kingdom taught that killing or wiping out Islam was a long term goal, how long would it be before either the police and justice system got involved or the school was attacked by Islamic thugs? Not long I would imagine, but in Islamic Pakistan, calling for the extermination of religious minorities is something that is done with the connivance and support of the Pakistani state.

This is typical of both Islamic governments and many of the followers of Islam who reside in non-Muslim countries. They want all the advantages of free and open societies, the right to foist Islamic rules on those who object to them, but scream loudly if their own supremacist ideology is challenged. For example, those who disagree with such things as the widespread halal-ification of the meat supply, or those who are concerned about the idea of shutting women up into mobile canvas prisons are immediately demonised as ‘Islamophobes’. Islam is monumentally two-faced, it denies freedom for non-Muslims whilst whining whenever an aspect of Islam is criticised. Islam dishes out hatred like a sailor on shore-leave splashes case in a bar, but complains whenever that hate is returned.

Islam has turned the regions of the Indian sub-continent that became Pakistan into a complete and utter cess-pit and it is about time that people woke up to that fact.




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  1. why does the police in the uk cover up pakistani paedo crimes and refuse to prosecute them and ignore the childrens and parents plea’s for help.
    by doing so they are condoning peadophile gangs in this country !

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