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Slavery, being brought back to Britain by stinking Islamic trash.

October 17, 2013

 The Qu’ran – The book that sanctions and approves of slavery.


There are a couple of things that Britain can be very proud of, firstly banning the slave trade and secondly using the Royal Navy to interdict the Muslim slavers of Zanzibar. These actions prevented millions of human beings from being enslaved and abused.

Sadly, because the Left and others have allowed Islam to set up shop here in the UK, the bestial spectre of Islamic slavery is here on our shores today, when it is something that should have been consigned to the history books, or to those backward, intellectually and culturally retarded nations where Islam unfortunately rules.

The recent case of the deaf Pakistani girl who was kept as a slave by a Muslim family in Salford, Greater Manchester illustrates the sort of bestial slave owning culture that Britain has imported. Even the bald facts of this case appear to be like something from some historical horror story, with a 10 year old girl, trafficked across the continents, imprisoned in a house, raped, sexually abused and used to defraud the welfare system.

Sky News said:

A pensioner who trafficked a deaf and mute girl into the UK, using her to milk the benefits system, has been found guilty of repeatedly raping her.

Ilyas Ashar, 84, sexually abused his vulnerable victim again and again, Manchester Minshull Street Crown Court heard.

Two female jurors wept as guilty verdicts were delivered on 13 counts of rape.

The girl, from Pakistan, who is profoundly deaf and cannot speak, was beaten and slapped and forced to work for Ashar and his family as a domestic servant.

While Ashar used his victim to satisfy his sexual desires, the girl was also used to steal more than £30,000 in benefits.

The youngster was even taught enough sign language by the family so she could agree to the benefit money being handed over to the Ashars.

She was first brought into the UK in June 2000 when aged around 10, though her exact age is not known.

For almost a decade the girl had to work and sleep in the cellar at the family’s substantial home in Cromwell Road in the Eccles area of Salford.

Ashar had been convicted at an earlier trial of two counts of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation, two counts of furnishing false information to obtain a benefit and one of permitting furnishing of false information to obtain a benefit.

His wife, Tallat Ashar, 68, was found guilty of two counts of trafficking a person into the UK for exploitation and four counts of furnishing false information to obtain a benefit.

His daughter, Faaiza Ashar, 46, was found guilty at an earlier trial of two counts of furnishing false information to obtain a benefit and one count of permitting furnishing of false information to obtain a benefit.

All three were convicted at the earlier trial, where the jury was unable to reach verdicts on the allegations of rape, so Ashar was re-tried.

Reporting on the second trial was banned until the verdicts on the rape charges were in.

Jurors were not told about the guilty verdicts at the earlier trial, where the court heard the girl was made to cook, clean, do the washing and ironing for the Ashars, and clean the houses and cars of their family and friends.

She also spent her days in the cellar packing football shirts, clothes and mobile phone covers.

The girl had no family or friends in the UK and had never been to school in Pakistan or Britain.”

There is no other appropriate words to describe these individuals other then ‘scum’. Yet we are repeatedly told by the Leftist Establishment that we should treat those whose Islamic ideology approves of slavery as equals. We should not treat those whose ideology permits slavery as anything other than criminals.

In this particular case the Islamic beasts, all from one particular family, have been convicted of a whole range of offences ranging from rape, people trafficking for the purposes of exploitation, and making false statements in order to claim benefits. However, these offences didn’t suddenly spring out of the blue or as the result of a random madman, which can occur in all societies, but were inspired and approved by the ideology of Islam. Islam permits slave owning, both as working slaves and sex slaves. Slavery is not a thing of the past with Islam, it is something that is happening in the here and now.

By importing Islam, the idiot politicians who saw Islam as no different from other religious paths, have also imported slavery, mass rape, endemic welfare parasitism, and violence and murder in the name of religion. Many of these negative behaviours had been almost eradicated from British society over the course of several centuries by both reforming politicians and by a growing moral sense that these activities are wrong, but by importing Islam we have brought these horrors back.

Knowing Islam and the backward way it behaves, it is highly unlikely that this particular case is a one-off. There may be many other slaves in other Islamic families and groups operating throughout Britain. It is quite possible that in every Islamic enclave in Britain there are slaves being treated in this manner, deprived of their liberty, raped and abused at will, and all done with the approval of an Islamic ideological path that contains no humanity and no justice. We need a national policy to root out such offences, ‘with extreme prejudice’ as they say, even though the professional victim-hood mongers of the Islamic community will whine about it.

It is shameful that the country that gave the world William Wilberforce and his fight against slavery is being infested with those who see nothing wrong with slavery.

Maybe it is time to dust off Wilberforce’s idea of a moral crusade, not only against the practise of slavery per se, but against the Islamic ideology that accepts slavery, approves of slavery and encourages slavery. The word ‘Crusade’ should no longer be the dirty word that the political Left have made it out to be. The time for a crusade against the barbarism we have imported is now, not next week or next year but NOW.

If a significant minority of Muslims world wide see no wrong in enslaving their own and abusing the vulnerable members of other Muslim families, does anyone think that they would not enslave others if they had the chance or the power to do so? As the words to the old song by the Manic Street Preachers goes, ‘if you tolerate this, then your children will be next.‘ We must no longer tolerate that which is plainly intolerable. Yet again we are being presented with evidence to show just why Islam is incompatible with democratic societies made up of citizens of equal worth, if ever there was one case that presented incontrovertible proof that Islam is not a religion, but a mental and spiritual sickness, then it is this one.



Original story about the Islamic slave-owning beasts of Salford from Sky News

Background to the subject of Islamic slavery from Answering Islam

WikiIslam on slavery in the modern Islamic world including horrifying statistics about the numbers and types of slaves in places like Saudi Arabia and Yemen.

Video about the subject of Islamic slavery in Sudan




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