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Bearded Savage of the Day number 76 – Dodgy Islamic teacher edition

October 17, 2013

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There are two Bearded Savage of the Day stories for the price of one today, one from India and one from the United Kingdom. These show that Islamic paedophilia is not an isolated occurrence perpetrated by sick individuals governed by their own internal issues, but instead are a product of an Islamic conditioning that sees sex with people whom society has on the whole deemed not able to consent to sex, such as children, as something permitted by Islam. What is interesting about these two cases is that both of them although separated by continents involved the grooming of children for sex either by bribery or blackmail.

Firstly is a horrific case of a 9 year old boy raped in a mosque in India. The Islamo-nonce in this case was luring children in with sweets and cash before abusing them.

The Times of India said:

A nine-year-old boy was sodomized at a mosque at Mangalwari Bazaar in Sadar on October 5. The accused, Mohd Ashfaque Sheikh Nazir, is a volunteer worker at the mosque, and was thrashed by the boy’s father and other local residents leading to his hospitalization.

Ashfaque had lured Asif (name changed) with a Rs 10 note. Asif is a student of Class V. Police said Ashfaque had joined the mosque as a volunteer one-and-a-half months ago for cleaning work after being released from jail, where he was lodged for a serious offence.

Nearby residents claimed Ashfaque had been offering lozenges, toffees and money frequently to local boys in the narrow lane behind the mosque. “We thought he was a reformed soul now, despite his shady past. We thought offering goodies to the local boys was just a friendly gesture. We had no idea that he would turn out to be such a villain,” said a woman. She added that local boys were friendly with him, “Now, we realize that it was the culprit’s ploy.”

One of Asif’s friends spotted him going up to the storeroom in the mosque with Ashfaque and suspected something was amiss. On Wednesday, the friend spilled the beans before Asif’s father. The father quizzed Asif but he remained silent, though, he finally broke down before his mother. “I was surprised how a grown up man could think of brutalizing a small boy,” said the shocked mother.

Asif’s father, who owns a small business, thrashed Ashfaque after his son narrated the incident. He hit Ashfaque with a stick, leading to an injury on the head, even as others too joined him in the thrashing.

An injured Ashfaque rushed to Sadar police station to lodge a complaint. While a bleeding Ashfaque was taken to Mayo hospital, an offence of assault was registered against Asif’s father and others. The cops were told about the sodomization after they rounded up Asif’s father and the others who had beaten up Ashfaque.

Ashfaque too was then charged with unnatural sex after Asif’s medical report suggested ‘possibility’ of forceful penetration. Ashfaque would be arrested once he is discharged from hospital.”

At least in this case some form of justice was done because the offender got a well deserved kicking, it remains to be seen whether the Islamo-nonce in the next case will be punished by the British courts in an appropriate way, or whether the ‘social enquiry reports’ will get the Islamo-nonce a reduced sentence.

A Muslim physics teacher who blackmailed children and young people throughout Britain has been told by a judge that he will face a ‘substantial prison term’ (yeah right where have we heard that one before) when he comes up for sentence at Exeter Crown Court on November 14th 2013.

The Daily Mail said:

A married physics teacher blackmailed schoolgirls and young women into sending him sexually explicit photos of themselves, a court heard.

Father-of-two Zahid Akram, 37, would persuade his victims to send him pictures in their underwear and then threaten to forward them on to their family if they did not send more.

Detectives believe Akram may have contacted hundreds of youngsters on Badoo while posing as a schoolboy.

The teacher was warned he faces a long spell behind bars by a judge at Exeter Crown Court after he admitted four charges of blackmail and one of causing or inciting a child aged 13-17 to prostitution or pornography.

Police believe there are victims in Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and in England – but none south of Bristol because Akram was employed as a science teacher at Woodroffe School in Lyme Regis, Dorset.

Officers said his demands were about ’empowerment rather than sexual gratification’. Akram had a dozen different profiles on Badoo he used to coerce his victims into handing over pictures.

Judge Francis Gilbert QC refused Akram, of Redditch, Worcestershire, bail and said: ‘He knew perfectly well what he was doing. What he was doing was extremely nasty.”

‘He persuaded a number of young girls to take off their clothes and show themselves wearing their underwear, bra and knickers.’

The judge said in one case he told a schoolgirl he knew the Christian names of her parents and would show them the pictures unless she sent more sexualised images.

‘It put appalling pressure on her. It is a vile offence,’ the judge said. ‘He is an intelligent man, a teacher, he must have known what he was doing. It was appalling behaviour.’

Detective Constable Steve Harris, of Devon and Cornwall Police who investigated the case, said Akram blackmailed vulnerable girls and young women aged between 13 and 30.”

This one Islamo-nonce has clocked up hundreds of victims to be chalked up alongside the potentially thousands of other British victims of the Islamic Grooming Gang phenomenon. Can anybody, apart from the fans of multiculturalism that is, deny that there is a link between following the path of Islam and sexual abuse of children? It cannot be denied because an acceptance and approval of child-sex goes right back to the Islamic prophet Mohammed, and as Islam has never had a reformation like Christianity or Judaism have had this acceptance of child-sex is still there. Because there has been no clear-out of the more troubling bits of Mohammed’s commands from Islamic theology, and no re-imagining of Islam within the Ummah to make it civilised, Islam will continue to be a danger to children whether they be in the UK or in India or elsewhere.

It was interesting to see that this Islamo-nonce comes from Redditch in Worcestershire which is another town where there have been rumours of on street grooming going on although this has been denied by the local police (well they would say that wouldn’t they). If there is one Islamo-nonce in Redditch could there not be more who have not been caught yet? Coupled with the rumours about Islamic grooming gangs operating in Redditch this story of the pervy Muslim physics teacher it makes myself and others wonder whether or not this is just the tip of a very dirty iceberg and that Redditch may have a sub-culture of Islamic sex offenders who are being sheltered by both the Muslim community of Redditch and those elements of the state, such as the police, the local authority and the local media who are more concerned about ‘community cohesion’ rather than public safety.


Times of India story on rapist mosque worker

Daily Mail article on pervert Islamic physics teacher

Alleged revenge attack on mosque in Redditch and the allegations that Islamic grooming is going on in that Worcestershire town.

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