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You hear the words, hatred, violence, guns and arrests and you just know it will involve Bearded Savages.

October 15, 2013

The areas of London where the latest arrests of violent Bearded Savages occured

More evidence that Britain has a serious problem with Bearded Savages, beyond the current ones of rape, welfare dependency and whining was provided by a recent series of arrests in London.

A terrorist plot, said to be of a ‘jihadi nature’, that could have involved shooting up a crowded public area in a similar manner to the Westgate atrocity in Kenya, has been foiled by police.

The Sydney Morning Herald reports that arrests of Jihadists occurred in West London and also on the edges of the heavily Islamised area of Tower Hamlets.

The Sydney Morning Herald said:

British law enforcement agencies say they have averted a plot to orchestrate a large-scale terror attack similar to the assault on Kenya’s Westgate mall.

Police are questioning four men in their 20s on suspicion of terrorism after they were detained on Sunday in pre-planned, intelligence-led raids.

A British security official says the men were planning a shooting spree akin to the Westgate attack in Nairobi, in which at least 67 people died.”

When you realise just how many big shopping centres there are in and around London you get some idea of the scale of killing these savages were planning to be involved in. Can you imagine the carnage that could be caused by this gang in shopping centres like Lakeside or Bluewater or Westfield, or Romford or Brent Cross? Even if the desired target for these savages was not a shopping centre they could cause immense loss of life by attacking one of London’s main line railway stations.

These, and other plots, some successful like 7/7 and the murder of Drummer Lee Rigby and some thwarted like the liquid bomb plot, are our reward for seeing Muslims as ‘oppressed’, giving them a home and pandering to their every need and want.

This is the Islam that our governments have imported and continue to import. It is not enough for government officials to use the phrase ‘a tiny minority of extremists’ because the amount of terror that Britain gets from these Mohammedan ingrates is much greater than could come from any community that was truly cursed with a ‘tiny minority of extremists’. The acceptance of violence against non-Muslims is much more mainstream in the Islamic world than was the acceptance of violence by members of the Catholic church during the days of the Northern Irish Troubles. This violence, this hatred, this desire to kill and maim people purely because they are non-Muslim is not a perversion of Islam, it IS Islam.

In the modern world, in Christianity Judaism, Sikhism, Hinduism, Buddhism violent behaviour by its followers is either of a self-defensive nature or is truly an aberration which is not sanctioned by the spiritual path concerned. Not so with Islam. In Islam, the violence and hatred is not on the periphery but is part of Islam’s core beliefs. The hatred of the non-Muslim, the oppression of women, the lies and the expansionism are not by-products of Islam, the ARE Islam.

The Sydney Morning Herald added:

Metropolitan Police did not identify the suspects or say what, if any, charges, they may face. But in a series of statements, the force said the men were all British nationals between the ages of 25 and 29, with roots in Turkey, Pakistan, Algeria and Azerbaijan.”

Yup as could have been guessed from the first few words of the story these foreign sired terrorist wannabes, filled to the brim with Islamic hatred, were Islamic Bearded Savages. These people, and those like them, are not British, they are potentially murderous Islamic scum who have unfortunately either been given a British passport themselves or the offspring of those who have managed to obtain one. How can you call scum like this ‘British’ and still keep a straight face?

Cases like this show just how incompatible Islam is with democratic and open societies and is yet another reason, to add to the many others, why organised orthodox Islam has no place in Britain. Islam is the only world ‘religion’ where adherence to the words and precepts in their ‘holy’ book causes more violence and not less. An extremist Jain or Jew is either going not not go out of the house for fear of accidentally killing something, in the case of the Jains, or will agitate for the Islamic infestation to be removed from places like Hevron in Israel, in the case of Jews. Neither of these paths go in for the mass killings and torture and oppression that accompanies the death cult of Islam. The best Muslims are the ones who look at the Koran and the Hadith and the Shariah and go ‘what a load of old bollocks’. It is the observant Muslims that need to be controlled, the observant Muslims who lie to us and the observant Muslims who kill us.

As Britain’s Islamic population has grown, both by immigration and by births by Muslims, so have the problems that Islam brings to our society become more noticeable. Britain did not have the sort of Bearded Savage problems we have now, in the 1970’s, 80’s and 90’s, therefore it cannot be sensibly denied that an increase in religiously inspired hatred is anything but connected to the number of Muslims in the UK and the ideology which they follow.

Those Muslims who ask the question ‘why do they hate us?’ should look to the Koran for answers on that, because it is in the Koran and the Hadiths where the core fire of Islamic hatred for ‘the other’ is to be found. People often hate Muslims, not because of faults in the individual Muslim, but the because non-Muslims have grown to hate and despise the foul ideology that Muslims follow. The more people know about the true Islam, not the sanitised version doled out by the BBC and the Guardian or in Britain’s schools and colleges, the more the ideology of Islam is despised.

We who know Islam hate it, and the number of those who are learning the truth about this vile death cult of Islam, and therefore to despise it, is growing every day.


Sydney Morning Herald

Hat tip for link

Religion of Peace


  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX A British security official says the men were planning a shooting spree akin to the Westgate attack in Nairobi,XX


    The Government banned guns!!

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Aha! But the Government only made it illegal for law abiding people to own firearms. They have no control at all over the thousands of firearms in the hands of criminals, gangsters or bearded savages. There must be firearms related stuff being smuggled in to the UK all the time because there is stuff being used in gangland killings, such as machine pistols, which would have been restricted under Section 5 of the Firearms Act even prior to the Dunblane moral panic which saw private firearms banned. What is circulating firearms-wise among the criminal and terrorist fraternity is most likely not the residue of firearms that were already in circulation prior to the banning of handguns, it has got to be newer and imported stuff.

  2. lojolondon permalink

    Yes, you are correct – guns are outlawed, so only the outlaws have guns!

  3. Cheers for link!

    Th first eyewitness accounts of these arrests (mostly anonymous) were curiously complimentary of police tactics and competence. I did wonder if the MSM were interviewing planted eyewitnesses…

  4. Paris Claims permalink

    Even if muslims didn’t create no-go areas, get involved with drug importation, insurance fraud, rape and violence, and generally stink the whole place out their presence here is still hugely detrimental to the general good due to their parasitical nature which manifests itself in welfare dependency.

    • Furor Teutonicus permalink

      Not just that, but the unbalanced “democratic” power that our dictatorships afford them.

      Any other groups that formed “onlly” 4 to 10% of the population would be told to fuck off in quick style, if they demanded what the rag heads demand.

      Not ONLY demand, the Dhimmi bastards in Parliament GIVE IN to their demands!

      What have they to fear?

      Nun, except for a few billions worth of canceled weapons contracts from Saudi, that is.

  5. Bunny permalink

    You mean you do not feel enriched by their presence?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      The area I grew up in has been so enriched by Islam that it has made me righteously angry.

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