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When a court imposes a derisory sentence like this, it does not serve the interests of justice

October 14, 2013

A figure representing equitable justice, something seen less and less in Norwegian courts

Many people will be familiar with the biased way Western justice systems are behaving especially with regards to Islam. Too many people who work in justice systems have bought into the lie that Muslims are ‘oppressed’ and need ‘special treatment’ by the courts even when Muslims are brought before the courts having been convicted of appalling crimes.

The Kingdom of Norway, a place that once distinguished itself by producing brave resistance fighters against the Nazis, is now showing just how deeply it collaborates with the modern Nazis of Islam.

The Tundra Tabloids site is carrying the appalling story of gang of Muslim rapists who were released from court with only a 15 day community service order. An offence that should have brought effective punishment down onto the heads of the offenders has not been properly punished but instead further such crimes have been encouraged. If a Muslim rapist knows that they will walk if they abuse a non-Muslim child, then that will only make other Muslim rapists much bolder.

Tundra Tabloids quoting said:

A 12 year old girl from Namsos, Norway was gang raped twice by four Muslim immigrants aged 15 to 18. All four perpetrator confessed, and argued that the twelve year old victim consented. The victim was gang raped on an elementary school playground.

The thugs were convicted of aggravated rape, but prosecutor Kaja Strandjord only asked the court for community service for the perpetrators!

The four monsters were collectively ordered to pay a fine. Three of the perps were also given community service.

One of the perpetrators was also convicted of raping another thirteen year old victim. He was only ordered to pay a fine for that rape. 

The lawyer for the victim argued that the perps will likely be repeat offenders.”

Fines? Community service? For rape? It beggars belief that a justice system could be so riddled with collaborators and the promoters of moral relativism as to let perpetrators like this walk free on the grounds that they were a combination of young, and Muslim.

This sort of thing will not keep Norwegians safe from attack by Islamic criminals but it will only further reduce people’s trust in the police and justice system. Norwegians may well view the result of this case and start to think whether it is actually worth getting the police involved if they are attacked by a Muslim. This pro-Muslim bias will go a long way to encouraging people not to go to the police with Islamic violence and sex problems, but will instead encourage aggrieved Norwegians to band together and sort the problem out for themselves. Cases like this are fuel to those who believe that vigilante-ism is the answer, which will further undermine the justice system. After all why go to the state legal system with a Muslim violence problem if all that is going to happen is the Islamic criminals will be allowed to go free without punishment, on the partial grounds that the offender is a Muslim.

Vigilante behaviour is not something that anyone should welcome because it can too often turn into a gyre of mindless hatred that consumes both the innocent and the guilty alike, but an increase in such behaviour is highly likely if such pandering to Islam continues.

Put yourself, for a moment, into the shoes of the victim and the victims family. How must they feel about the imposition of such a derisory sentence? Would you not feel that meting out a good kicking to either the offender themselves, or the other members of the offenders tribe who too often turn a blind eye to such crimes, is a better form of justice than a community service order?  If you do fee that way then it is an indication of how unjust European justice systems have become.  Vigilante behaviour is not a sign of strength or success, its existence is a sign of social, national and legal failure.

It could be said that the greater of the offenders in this case, are not the rapists themselves, but the judiciary and legal system of Norway, which has enthusiastically sold itself to the Islamic Savages.

Two tier justice is no justice at all and it is a situation that more and more Europeans are getting angry about. European taxpayers pay handsomely for our legal systems, maybe it is time they started to practise justice, instead of monstrous injustices like this.


Original story from Tundra Tabloids

Same story from Top Conservative News

Background to the Norwegian resistance to the Nazis

More on the Norwegian experience of Islam and specifically the terrible toll of rapes committed by Islamic immigrants at the links below

Women’s right to safety being sacrificed at the altar of the false god of multiculturalism

Front Page Magazine on how the number of rapes, gay bashings and other offences have risen in proportion to the number of Muslims moving into an area. Also this article shows how the leftist political elite have lied about the negative affects Islam has had on Norway.

Hat Tip RoP


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