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More words now illegal in the UK. Apparently the phrase ‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’ is now ‘verboten’.

October 14, 2013

Now applies outside John Lewis’s in Oxford Street as well as in Whitechapel

Apparently it is now illegal in the UK to utter the words ‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’ or allude to the existence of Islamic terror in a public place or a public environment.

The Jewish Defence League Facebook site has a video of a pro-Israel activist having a go at a bunch of left wingers protesting against Israel, outside the John Lewis shop in London’s West End.

Access video via this link

If you view the video you will notice that all through the pro-Israel speech by the lone protester, the police hold back. There is no violence nor incitement to violence offence being committed by the pro-Israel protester. Quite rightly, as it didn’t look as if the anti-Israelis would kick off, the police let him have his say. After all in a democracy you should be allowed to peacefully challenge the views of people protesting about this that or the other.

It was only when the pro-Israel protester used the jokey phrase ‘Allah Akbar – Boom !’, and said exactly which ideology is encouraging terror and violence, that the police stepped in. It appeared more important to stop this man offending Islam than anything else. They left him alone UNTIL he said something that one of Britain’s Islamic savages may have been ‘offended’ by.

That should tell those viewing the video and those reading this piece that the Metropolitan Police are indeed part of a two tier system of justice where Muslims and those sympathetic to Islamic causes, are allowed to say what they wish with impunity. Whereas those who wish to peacefully challenge the often hate filled venom of Muslims and their fellow-travellers are often criminalised and silenced.

If it is a criminal offence to say ‘Allah akbar – Boom!’ in a funny way, or otherwise make fun of an ideology that many people fear for good reason, then that is a ‘crime’ that I and many others are guilty of. Lets’ show some support for someone who, on a London shopping street, took on the shills for Islam, and because of that, got arrested by members of a police force that so obviously no longer serves the ordinary British person with impartiality. The more people who say things like ‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’ and make fun of Islam the better.

‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’

‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’

‘Allah Akbar -Boom!’

Does saying that three times make me three times as guilty as the man outside John Lewis’s? If it does then it shows just what a sad state Britain’s police and justice systems are in.


Jewish Defence League facebook page


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