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China hits back at Islamic militants

October 10, 2013

The Xinjiang region of China

No democratically minded or freedom-loving person would want to live under the sort of government that the Chinese people are forced to live under, but on this occasion it seems that the government in Beijing has got at least one thing right.

Channel News Asia has reported that over a hundred Muslims have been arrested in an area of China that has long been afflicted by Islam, for fomenting Jihad or distributing documentation that encourages Islamic radicalisation.

Channel News Asia said:

 China has arrested 139 people in Xinjiang for allegedly spreading jihad, state-run media said Wednesday, as it warns of growing extremism in the far western region home to Uighurs.

Beijing has pointed to violent incidents to indicate a rising militant threat among the ethnic minority, but information in the vast region is tightly controlled and Uighur organisations complain of cultural and religious repression.

Police in Xinjiang have “handled an increasing number of cases in which individuals have posted or searched for religious extremist content on the Internet”, the China Daily said, citing an unnamed source in the Xinjiang Daily.

In the two months to the end of August, 139 people were arrested for “spreading religious extremism including jihad”, it said.

Also citing the Xinjiang Daily, the Global Times said a farmer in Hotan was detained after he uploaded 2GB of e-books about secessionism which were read 30,000 times.

Dilshat Rexit, a spokesman for the overseas-based World Uyghur Congress, which Beijing calls a separatist group, said the claims were a “total distortion of the truth” aimed at blocking Uighurs from going online.

Those detained had “expressed discontent with Chinese rule and systematic repression in the area”, he said.

China’s goal “is to suppress Uighurs’ use of the Internet to obtain information and express different points of view”, he added.

China’s state-run media have previously reported that Uighurs have fought in Syria’s civil war against the regime, then returned home to put their militant experience into practice.

Members of a gang behind what China called a “terrorist attack” in Lukqun in June that left 35 people dead watched extremist videos beforehand, the China Daily said, citing police.”

There are many things that the Chinese Communist government can be criticised for, the repression of peaceful dissent, corruption, lack of democracy, the lack of debate about the crimes of Mao, the lack of freedom and so much more. However, the Chinese government’s robust attitude to Islamic jihadists should be commended. If only Britain had a fraction of the realistic attitude towards Islam that the Chinese government has, we would probably be in less of a mess now than we are.

The Chinese do not put up with whining Muslims demanding, not asking mind you, but demanding that Halal food is imposed on all, even those who have moral and other objections to it. Neither do the Chinese suffer the encouragement of terror and the blatant racism and supremacy of the ideology of Islam. It is a sad fact that someone like Anjem Chowdhury, that rabble rouser who encourages his followers to hate Britain and to bleed our welfare system dry, is tolerated in the UK, whereas in other places, like China, he would end up, after a criminal trial, with a well deserved bullet in the back of the head.

Like many of my readers, I would not want to live in China, nor live under the Chinese system of government, for the reasons I gave earlier, but China is to be commended for taking a much more tough attitude to Islam than other nations have done.

We cannot recover our nation and recover the freedoms that we in Britain have lost, until the spectre of Islamic cultural violence, both physical and political, is exorcised from these islands. No sensible nation would put up with what we in Britain put up with when it comes to Islam. No other religious or cultural group has been pandered to by the Leftist Establishment like Islam has, but then no other group shows such a propensity for violence and hatred.


Original story on the arrest of Chinese jihadists from Channel News Asia

Pamela Geller’s coverage of the story


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