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How do you know that an Islamic preacher is lying? Answer: His lips move.

October 7, 2013

Imam Misbahi, yet another of Britain’s lying paedo-tolerant Islamic clerics.

Proving yet again that the words of Muslim clerics and the promoters of Islam are not worth the breath they are spoken with comes this story from the Sunday Times (scan below) of 6th October 2013.

The newspaper reported that undercover reporters from the British ITV channel’s ‘Exposure’ programme posing as the mother and brother of a 14 year old girl, approached 56 British mosques about marrying the child off to an older man. Eighteen of these 56 mosques agreed that they would carry out the wedding, illegal under British law, called a Nikah.

Worryingly telling about Islamic attitudes to British law was the comments from one Imam, Shams Ul-Huda Khan Misbahi of Heckmondwike , West Yorkshire who agreed to illegally marry the teenager despite making previous public statements, which should now be regarded as untrue, about how forced marriage is ‘totally unacceptable’ in Islam.

Are you surprised to see a Muslim cleric being caught out in an outright lie like this, sadly I am not. There are too many Muslim clerics who will say any old rubbish to the media if it detracts attention from the violence, terror, rape and paedophilia that accompanies Islam where ever it settles or expands into.

In a laughable but frightening example of how political correctness as allowed liars like Misbahi to gain power and influence, the Sunday Times and ITV revealed that Misbahi had worked with West Yorkshire police in a ‘community cohesion’ role. The question that this revelation raises is if Misbahi lies to promote Islamic child-marriage, has he lied to promote Islam within West Yorkshire Police circles and does the presence of Islamic dissemblers like Misbahi have any bearing other issues such as why the phenomenon of Islamic Grooming Gangs was left for too long un-tackled and offenders left unpunished.

This case shows why any statement by Muslim about Islam should never be taken on trust, never be accepted without checking and should always be taken if not with a pinch of salt, but with a bucket load. The representatives of Islam are quite capable and quite willing to lie their heads off, if such lies as this one advance the cause of Islam.

Unfortunately as the article shows, it is not only in West Yorkshire that the phenomenon of Islamic child marriage is a problem. The Sunday Times said that in Birmingham, Mohammed Shahid Akhtar an Imam of Birmingham Central Mosque blatantly set aside British law in favour of Shariah by saying:

“She’s 14. By Shariah, grace of god, she’s legal to get married. Obviously Islam has made it easy for us.’

These are not the words of some illiterate imported imam in some back room illegal mosque in Bradford or somewhere, this is an Imam in a large and high profile mosque in Britain’s second city. If such actions are being encouraged in Birmingham Central Mosque, it makes one wonder just what sort of anti-British, pro-paedophiliac views are being aired in some of Britain’s more backward mosques?  It is not Islam that has made it easy for this Imam to marry off children, but the politicians who allowed themselves to believe the lie that Islam is compatible with free and open societies.

One must feel for the thousands of young women and teenagers mostly from Islamic backgrounds who may have been forced into illegal marriages to older male perverts by those who have no loyalty to British law or British customs.

Why are we tolerating those who not only break the law by encouraging child-marriage but who also blatantly lie about it?

pervert imam scan sunday times 3024

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