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Another bloodthirsty Allah worshipper speaks his brains

October 7, 2013

Despite the promoters of Islam and the ideologies useful idiot non-Muslim apologists frequent declaration that Islam is a peaceful path that respects the views and beliefs of others, yet again the mask of reasonableness has slipped.  When the Islamic mask slips, the full horror and the naked hatred of Islam is revealed for the world to see.

The Israeli newspaper Arutz Sheva reports on a Saudi poets latest piece praising the murderous dictator Adolf Hitler.

Arutz Sheva said:

In a diatribe against the Russians for supporting Bashar al-Assad’s regime, Saudi cleric and poet Muhammad Al-Farraj praised Adolf Hitler for “barbecuing the Russians and the Jews through and through with gasoline.”

Last week on Arab satellite channel Shahada TV, al-Farrajrecited a poem “about the Russians who along with the tyrant (Assad) are responsible for every drop of blood spilled.” Assad is being helped not only by the Russians, but by “the Zoroastrians (Iran),”and without their help “that tyrant would not have survived a single moment. All those barrel bombs, Mig fighters, and Scud missiles, which destroy entire populated neighborhoods where did they come from? From those Russians,” he said.

“In their arrogance the Russians supported him, like an ally stands by his criminal ally,” al-Farraj said. “They did not fear the Arabs or the Sunni Muslims but feared reaching the hour of need.”

Al-Farraj praised the rebel groups in Afghanistan who fought against the Russians in Afghanistan and Chechny. “Our youth learned to fight using fresh Russian flesh,” he said.

“They shed rivers of their filthy blood in Hindu Kush and the mountaintops of the Caucasus. Our heroic commander was like a big knife piercing theirhearts, he was like a ghost,” Al-Farraj continued, apparently referring to Osama Bin-Laden.

To top it all off, Al-Farraj praise Hitler for his attack on Russia – and, of course, destruction of the Jews.

“Adolf Hitler had a blessed way of burning you, o rotting nation,” he said. “He would rain bombs on your land from planes and gas jets spreading a red mist over the frozen Volga River. How many times have I read, in delight and relief, what he did to you on those tremendous days, If I were allowed to pray for a non-Muslim I would have prayed for the soul of the Nazi leader who barbecued you and the Jews through and through withgasoline.”

This is the true Islam showing the naked hatred that lies beneath the smiles and the lies.


Original story from Arutz Sheva


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