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How can you make peace with those who fire at a nine year old girl at close range?

October 6, 2013


The answer is you cannot and you should not. To treat the representatives of the people who are brainwashed to do this as ‘honest brokers’ is nothing short of suicide. To pursue peace, needs more than one side to have a peaceful intent. Making peace with those who continue to attack you, isn’t sensible and is only handing your opponent an unjust advantage.

What must be the state of the warped consciences of those who demand ‘peace at any price’, of those who do not or will not, see the violence being committed by those whom we are all told are ‘peace partners’? Do they even have a conscience, they cannot have one, if they read the story below and still mistakenly believe that the followers of Islam are peaceful.

The Jerusalem Post reports how a nine year old girl, playing in her garden was confronted by a Muslim Arab who fired at her at close range. At first it was thought that she had been hit by a sniper bullet but later it transpired that the Muslim shooter was much closer than that. There is no way he could have not known that he was shooting at an innocent child. He saw and assumed the child was Jewish and then shot her. This is raw Islamic hatred in action.

The Jerusalem Post said:

A nine-year-old girl was injured in the attack over Saturday night and she was rushed to the Sha’are Zedek Medical Center for treatment.

The weapon used was apparently a makeshift weapon, and the IDF also found the hole in the fence which the IDF believes the perpetrator used to escape the settlement following the attack.

Israel Glick, father of the girl who was injured in the attack, described the harrowing event in his own words during an interview with Army Radio.

“We went outside and found Noam standing and she told me ‘father there’s an Arab here.’ I realized that this was a security incident and a nightmare, this is the scariest thing that could happen to a family, that a terrorist wants to break inside our home, then I pulled Noam into the house. Noam surprised the terrorist and actually scared him so that instead of entering our house – he shot her. “

After the attack was reported, the IDF’s Binyamin Division entered the area with large forces to search for the suspect.

West Bank police said the girl was playing in the yard of her house when she was hit by a shot to the upper body. The girl was rushed from the scene to the hospital in Jerusalem. She was lightly wounded, hospital officials said.

Magen David Adom spokesman Zaki Heller said that paramedics from the Jerusalem district received a report at 9:23 p.m. of an injured minor.

Shlomo Petroburg, who heads Magen David Adom’s Jerusalem District, lives in Psagot and arrived together with an ambulance at the scene of the shooting.

Petroberg said he realized his neighbor had been shot, and scrambled out of his home with medial equipment, finding the girl in her living room.

“I sat her down and began providing her with medical attention. She was fully conscious and I could communicate with her. Within a short period of time a Magen David Adom ambulance crew arrived and evacuated her,” Petroberg said.

A second paramedic on the scene, Yoni Hacohen, said the girl was frightened and in pain. “She spoke to us on the way the whole time. She was a real hero and we told her so,” he said.

The spokesman for Psagot, David Tzviel, said later on Saturday night that it is known for a fact that the shooter infiltrated the settlement, and that the girl was not shot by a sniper. He said he based this on the testimony of the girl, who told rescue personnel that she saw the man who shot her enter her yard, come up onto the balcony and shoot her.

He added that the settlement was still on lockdown, and that residents have not been told they can leave their houses yet.

Tzviel said that an emergency siren was sounded in the settlement to alert residents of the danger, and that at the moment IDF troops and the settlement emergency response team are still searching for the shooter.”

This is the end result of the pure hatred of ‘the other’ that is taught by Islam. A man whose mind has been warped by the hate filled ideology he has been fed from birth, saw nothing wrong in pointing and discharging firearm at a child. This is not a tragic accidental loss of civilians that can happen on any battlefield in for example Afghanistan, where the civilian is not the intended target, this is the deliberate attempt to kill someone purely because she came from one of the groups that Islam told him to hate.

This hatred is not only limited to areas where there is conflict or where there is an ongoing political problem, this hatred is found wherever Islam is found. It is found in Lebanon where a significant Christian majority has been turned into a minority by being forced out by Islamic fighters, it is found in the bombing and burning of churches in Pakistan and it is starting to be found here in the UK with the advent of Shariah Zones and Muslim men attacking teenagers at bus stops in places like Ashton under Lyne.

There should be no surprise that a violent ideology, that is often imparted to children via violence, should carry out, and too often approve of, violence such as this.


Original story from the Jerusalem Post

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