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A spoonful of bearded savages doesn’t help the medicine go down

October 6, 2013

The flu virus. The cause of a disease that killed more people than the black death according to Stanford University.


In recent years various lunatics and conspiracy theorists have created or fed scares about vaccines against killer diseases. Britain saw both the tragedies of the Wakefield case, and an earlier scare about the whooping cough vaccine. These scares meant that parents refused vaccination because of unfounded worries about the vaccination, and in some cases there were tragic consequences to that refusal.

In these previous scares, the scientists and health authorities didn’t give any credence to the lunatic wibblings of the deranged, but instead published all the data they had at the time on the safety and efficacy of the vaccines concerned. What they didn’t do was withdraw the vaccines because a group of the easily led and credulous, kicked up a fuss.

However, that is not the case when the lunatics are of the Bearded Savage variety. Unlike in previous ‘vaccine scares’ the medical profession has not popped up with safety data, or reassurances or information. When the Bearded Savages complain and whine, their idiotic worries are taken seriously.

Scotland, which has a growing Bearded Savage infestation, has halted a project to protect children against influenza because the Savages kicked off over the fact that the vaccine contains minute amounts of pork gelatin. Now other faiths have dietary restrictions, but unlike the Savages, they are unlikely to make the same sort of fuss as the Savages have done. Reasonable people would not demand that the whole immunisation project was stopped because of religious reasons, but would instead exempt their child from this particular vaccine and make their own arrangements for vaccination. This is yet another example of how the Savages are imposing their rules and their customs on everybody else.

According to the Scottish radio station Clyde 2, although the vaccine had been approved by both Muslim and Jewish groups, because the pork gelatin was deemed to have been sufficiently de-natured to not be a problem. Unfortunately that didn’t stop either a small group of Bearded Savages from kicking off about it, nor from the Scottish health authorities from caving into the Islamic headbangers about the pork gelatin.

Clyde 2 said:

Part of a programme to immunise children against flu has been delayed after some Muslim parents raised concerns that the vaccination contains pork gelatine.

Around 100,000 children from primary schools in Scotland are being offered the nasal spray Fluenz as part of a pilot scheme.

Vaccinations were due to start at 54 primary schools in Glasgow earlier this week as part of Scotland’s largest immunisation programme, recently launched by First Minister Alex Salmond.

NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde said the roll out had been postponed until Monday October 7 after a small number of parents raised concerns.

The Herald newspaper said some Muslim parents at Glendale Primary in the Pollokshields area of Glasgow had complained.

Parents will be able to request that their child receives the vaccination by injection rather than through the nasal spray.

A spokeswoman for the health board said: “These concerns relate to the nasal spray vaccine which contains a tiny amount of gelatine of pork origin used during the manufacturing process. Use of this substance in vaccines has been approved by representatives of the Muslim and also the Jewish communities.”

Dr Syed Ahmed, consultant in public medicine with NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde, said the health board had written to parents with children in the pilot schools to reassure them about the nasal vaccine.

He said: “We have highlighted that The World Health Organisation (WHO) offered guidance in 2001 following a meeting of more than 100 Muslim scholars in Kuwait.

The scholars agreed to issue advice to Muslims that gelatine of pork origin used in vaccines and other medicines is judicially permissible as the gelatine in the final product is a completely changed substance.”

It is disgusting that this project, using a vaccine that has been proved to be safe and acceptable to religious opinion, has been halted temporarily just because a few Savages made a fuss.

This is yet another example of those who should know better, pandering to the delusions of a few Savages. It just goes to show just how much appeasement of Islam is going on in our public sector. If a member of the Jehovah s Witnesses for example made such a demand do you think it would be listened to intently by the authorities, or would such people be told, ‘shut up, the law is the law’? Why are these Savages not told to put up and shut up? They certainly need to be told this and told this both strongly and often.

During the MMR scare caused by the false data put out by Andrew Wakefield, parents were given assurances that the vaccine was safe, safety data was released and senior members of the medical and public health professions appeared in the media to give reassurance. The authorities didn’t pander to the delusions of those who believed Wakefield, but they are pandering to those whose delusion happens to be based on Islam.

We should be telling such people to stop whining and the health authorities to stop listening to or acting on the complaints of a tiny number of people, just because they are followers of the religion of murder and mayhem.;

This case is an indication of how far appeasement of Islam has become the norm in Britain’s public services. It is also a sign that such appeasement needs to stop and stop now.



Clyde 2 story about Muslims kicking up a stink about vaccines

Same story from a news source in the United Arab Emirates

About the 1918 flu pandemic that killed tens of millions of people

About the Wakefield autism false data case

A background piece from Rational Wiki about vaccine denial and the lack of real evidence behind the views of those opposed to vaccines.

Hat Tip Religion of Peace


  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX Unfortunately that didn’t stop either a small group of Bearded Savages from kicking off about it, nor from the Scottish health authorities from caving into the Islamic headbangers about the pork gelatin.XX

    Whic is how I came to my conviction, that although they MAY (“Governemnt figures, soooo) only be 4 or 5% of the population, the fact that they are allowed to punch WAY beyond their weight, is EXACTLY what makes them dangerous as a rabid dog.

    And what do you do with a rabid dog?

    Vaccinate it with copper jacketed hollow points.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      To quote from an ancient episode of Steptoe and Son, the one where old man Steptoe was ill. Young Steptoe says to the doctor “He needs a shot of something, like a point 303”

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