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Why do we allow scum like this to cost us this much?

October 4, 2013


Another day another Islamic sex criminal

Over the years both Labour and Conservative parties have allowed to grow up, a legal system that has quite frankly lost its marbles.

Laws that are bad in themselves coupled with badly drafted laws have damaged the concept of justice and has given too many chances to the wrongdoer and the more disreputable of the huge numbers of non-citizens that both governments imported.

We now have a situation where those genuinely seeking justice are pushed down and pushed away often for no other reason that than they are English or British.  For those whose presence here is beyond unwanted it is a different story.  These diseased souls play the system in anyway they and cost the country money and tie up facilities that could be used by other more deserving individuals.

The Daily Mail carries the story of an asylum seeker who has shown no gratitude for Britain giving him a safe haven, but instead did the Islamic thing and committed a sexual assault.

The Daily Mail said:

“An asylum seeker who groped a tourist and delayed his court case in a bid to stay in the UK has finally been sentenced and will deported once he has served time in prison.

Mohammadullah Khan, 20, who came to Britain from Afghanistan, assaulted a 26-year-old French woman as she got off a night bus in Maida Vale, west London, in July last year.

Khan’s case cost the taxpayer tens of thousands of pounds after the case had to be adjourned six times as the defendant tried to change his plea and refused to co-operate with either the probation service or his own legal team.

Southwark Crown Court heard that Khan tried to grab the victim’s bottom and kiss her and claimed his hand over her mouth to muffle her screams.

He only let his victim go when a resident on the street heard a noise and shouted at Khan.

Khan originally pleaded guilty, but initially held up the first court hearing when he tried to retract that plea.

He then told the court that he needed a psychiatric report because life in prison had ‘driven him mad’.

The case was delayed on a third occasion when Khan refused to co-operate with the probation service because he was apparently convinced that they were immigration officers.

In April, Khan’s lawyer decided she could no longer act for him, creating further problems.

He still refuses to co-operate fully with his legal team and his barrister could offer no mitigation for him.

Read the rest at: 

Why do we as a nation allow ourselves to be ripped off by scum like this?  We gave this bastard a home in a nation which wasn’t full of donkey faeces, unlike Afghanistan and look how he pays us back, with sexual assaults on a random woman.

He should not have been allowed to game the court proceedings by disruptive behavior and delaying tactics.  He should have been indicted, tried, sentenced and deported without him being able to cynically manipulate the situation.

It is beyond parody that this man, someone so obviously not conducive to the public good, was allowed to act in such a way that precious resources were wasted like this.


  1. Bunny permalink

    It is because the legal system, like the NHS, the BBC and the civil service is unaccountable and does whatever it likes because it is funded by the tax payer and does not care where the money comes from. Make the judiciary accountable and you will make a start to counter the problem. It is going to be a long slog to get an accountable system we all can rely on.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I’ve worked in the public sector and let me tell you that the last thing on managers minds is where the money is coming from.

      • Bunny permalink

        Personally I get the feeling they think we are just a bunch of plebs to fund their parasitical existence, they tend to justify their own existence and think that as they are doing something for the general good budget and accountability don’t matter. Sort of a modern version of the ends justify the means.

  2. JohnS permalink


    “Palestinian village beer festival forced to relocate to Ramallah hotel”:

    A whole herd of elephants being ignored.

    What are the nature of the “conservatives”. the people who don’t like the visiting westerners, the alcohol, the fun? Who are the new village council, “made up of representatives of prominent local families, […] appointed by the Palestinian Authority”.

    Who might the people who shot at the organiser be?

    All things we won’t read in this thoroughly disingenuous piece.

  3. Paris Claims permalink

    Taken from Snouts in the Trough blog (a great read)
    If anything, David has under cooked the figures, as they are bases on 3 kids per family, and he doesn’t include the security and legal costs, translation costs etc etc.

    How much does each immigrant family actually cost us? At least £25,000 a year
    By David Craig, on September 4th, 2013
    We’ve had reports from the OECD, the EU and the (IMHO) grovelingly, sycophantic, self-serving Robert Chote’s ludicrously misnamed Office of Budget Responsibility telling us that immigration is good for the British economy and that immigrants contribute more to the country than they take in public services.

    Of course, these reports are total garbage designed to cover up the fact that our governments have handed over control of our borders and our benefits system to a corrupt Communist (Barroso) from completely bankrupt paedophile paradise Portugal.

    So let me try to work out how much a immigrant family “contributes”.

    I’ll take a family with 3 children. Let’s assume the man takes a low-paid job earning £15,000 a year in a supermarket or warehouse. He’ll be paying around £1,500 a year in tax and NI. That’s the family’s total contribution.

    Now let’s see what they get for their £1,500 a year:

    First there’s Child Benefit. You get £20.30 a week for the oldest one and £13.40 a week for the other two. That’s £47.10 a week – £2,449.20 per year. So, this family is already costing almost twice what it contributes.

    Then there’s schooling for the children. At around £3,300 per child, that’s another £9,900 a year.

    There’s healthcare. The NHS costs us about £105bn a year which works out at around £1,600 for each person in Britain. For this family of 5, there’s another £8,000 a year. Most immigrants come from countries with pretty dreadful or even non-existent health services. They think they’re in healthcare paradise when they reach Britain and tend to make greater use of the NHS than British citizens. So, the real cost will probably be well above the £8,000 a year.

    For a contribution of a mere £1,500 a year, this family is getting at least £20,349 in hand-outs and services.

    Because the man is only earning £15,000 a year, I believe he will also get all kinds of tax credits and help to pay for a home and other benefits. But I haven’t got the exact figures for these yet. And there are other services like policing, social services, free schools meals and much more.

    So, the idea that an immigrant family with one, two or even three children actually contributes to our economy is laughable. They cost us money – an awful lot of money. And they are overloading our services such as the NHS and schools.

    But should the immigrant family decide not to work – like most of Britain’s Somalis and at least 400,000 EU citizens – well, here are all the benefits to which they’re entitled:

    Attendance Allowance
    Child Benefit
    Council Tax Benefit
    Disability Living Allowance
    Guardian’s Allowance
    Housing Benefit
    Income Support
    Income-based Jobseeker’s Allowance
    Industrial Injuries Disablement Benefit
    Carer’s allowance
    Reduced Earnings Allowance
    Severe Disablement Allowance
    Statutory Sick Pay
    I did a quick, back-of-a-fag-packet calculation and reckon that we’re paying at least £20bn a year in benefits to unemployed immigrants.

    So, have five million immigrants been good for Britain? Ummm – not really, whatever our lying leaders claim.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Paris thanks for that. Have you read David Craig’s book Squandered, published at the height of the Labour period of misrule. Although it doesn’t go into immigration it shows up the appalling levels of waste and fiscal and political idiocy during that time.

      In the past immigration has been useful but the five million who came in over the last decade or so, have not been good for the nation. In Newham in East London for example it has been so ‘beneficial’ that there are now only 16% of white British people left there.

      Scum like the ‘asylum seeker’ in the above the line article are really not wanted, not contributing and not compatible with British society. Why on earth are they here at all?

      • Bunny permalink

        Simple Mr Fahrenheit, they are here so people who feel bad because we had an Empire can feel good about themselves, the fact that most people who are indigenous to the UK did not really benefit from it has tended to escape them. It is down to there self hatred which is actually misplaced that people like the above gallows bait is here.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Also those who have caused this problem do not have to live with the consequences. Those middle class lefties who felt a bit guilty about Empire and decided to import the third world, don’t live in Nelson, or Bradford, or Newham or Tower Hamlets, they live well away from the problems that they have caused. It is Britain’s working classes, both indigenous and the scions of those who have peacefully settled here who have to tolerate the stress on public services and the degradation of their towns that massive and unnecessary immigration has brought. Some immigration is always necessary but what we have recently is not necessary.

      • Paris Claims permalink

        I’ve got three of his books, and visit his blog every day. it’s a shame he doesn’t stand for UKIP.

  4. MTG permalink

    We ask the wrong questions, F. The insatiable tapeworm of ‘lawyer-dominated public services’ will make further excursions into our vitiated Nation’s gut. What prospects once existed for enacting ‘the first thing we do, let’s kill all the lawyers’ will be neutralised…and oppression will extend to requiring a State licence for any steel kept in domestic cutlery drawers.

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