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Aaron Kiely, the lefty behind the Birmingham veil removal rule reversal, calls for dissenting opinions to be silenced.

October 4, 2013

Aaron Kiely.  He wants to decide what YOU read.

Recently a Birimingham Metropolitan College instituted a policy of ‘no face coverings’. This rule was not discriminatory as it affected ALL students and was not targeted at any particular group. Sadly this much needed rule was overturned by a combination of Left wing activists and thugs and whining Muslims who pressured the college into overturning the ban on face coverings.

One high profile member of this campaign to ‘Burkah-rise’ the college was someone called Aaron Kiely. He is one of the National Union of Students black and minority ethnic officers and a former Labour councillor in Essex.

Well Kiely has turned up again, and guess where? Yes, he’s turned up on the Twitter feed on the Tell Mama site. The Tell Mama Twitter feed is a cornucopia of naïve liberals, happy clappy unworldly Christians, foolish liberal Jews, Islamic dawa merchants, pretend Islamic moderates and the activists of the political Left. As you would expect, a combination of the malevolent and the misguided.

This time Kiely is not campaigning for the right for men to force women into the Black Cloak of Death, but instead is calling for there to be more restrictions on press freedom, this follows on from the Daily Mail revelations (that were not that deeply hidden I might add) that Milliband senior was a follower of an authoritarian variant of socialism. Ralph Milliband’s adherence to an ideology that killed millions was not as it turned out, a teenage flirtation with revolution, but was just the start of a lifetimes dedication to the Communist cause. It is perfectly justified of the Daily Mail to point this out.

However, it seems that the truth is something that offends Aaron Kiely and in a tweet posted on the Tell Mama site said:

Aaron Kiely @Aaron_Kiely

Clear that media regulations are needed when newspapers can print any old crap and smear anyone they want. #BBCQT

Retweeted by TellMAMAUK

Someone needs to give Kiely a lesson in the meaning of words. Something is not a smear if it is true. There is ample evidence in the public domain of Ralph Milliband’s loyalties, attitudes and politics and history has proven that the sort of socialism promoted by R Milliband was a failed ideology that devoured many millions of victims. Even after it became known just how bad life was for the individual citizen in the Soviet bloc, Milliband senior still kept banging the drum for socialism, continuing to demand one last push to bring about the ‘workers paradise.’ It is right to question the morality of Ralph Milliband because he must have known what was going on in countries ruled by the ideology he was promoting but this knowledge did very little to make him see that all types of state socialism end up as tyranny of one sort or another.

In the few words of Kiely’s tweet we have a glaring example of the authoritarian nature of socialism, also we see the common leftist trick of shutting down debate by silencing the critic.

I wonder if Kiely would be so keen on press controls if the boot was on the other foot and a future leader from the centre-right was revealed as being brought up in a house that sung the Horst Wessel Song around the Sunday dinner table? Knowing the Left as I do and knowing the sort of people who desire press regulation, I bet he would be the first to scream like a stuck pig if press regulations prevented the publication of that particular story.

This is the British Left, and it stinks like a week old dead sheep on a hot day.


The Tell Mama Islamic victim-hood promotion site

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