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What is the relation between some religious festivals and extreme violence?

October 3, 2013


The story below of the Muslim celebrating the Islamic festival of Eid using his car as a weapon should make anyone concerned about Islam wake up. It now seems that Ramadan and Eid related violence has come to the UK and is not confined to the fly-blown third world hell holes that Islam has created in places like Sudan or Pakistan or other Islamic states.

The Manchester Evening News said:

A motorist who ploughed into a group of revellers and left a blind man brain damaged is facing a lengthy stretch in prison after being found guilty of four charges of attempted murder.

Aqab Hussain used his Vauxhall Corsa as a ‘lethal weapon’ after his night out celebrating the Muslim festival of Eid took a violent turn.

CCTV captured the 21-year-old driving the wrong way down Princess Street in Manchester city centre before striking partially-sighted Michael Ward and two of his friends, Paul Hulme and Martin Harris, at the junction of John Dalton Street.

Mr Ward, then 28, from Bolton, was scooped up on the bonnet before being ‘deposited’ at the side of the road by the veering car. He was injured so severely that he was in intensive care for twenty days and spent around four months in a high dependency unit.

Meanwhile, Mr Hulme suffered fractures to his right leg after being ‘flipped into the air’, while Mr Harris suffered only minor injuries. A fourth member of Mr Ward’s group, Thomas Mallanphy, narrowly escaped injury after stepping back from the road, Mr Hussain’s Manchester Crown Court trial heard.

Hussain, of Gateshead Close, Rusholme, denied four charges of attempted murder in the trial but was found guilty by a unanimous jury after three-and-a-half hours of deliberation.

The victims were targeted after being the ‘aggressors’ in a brief street fight with Mr Hussain’s group in Albert Square in the early hours of August 21 last year.

Earlier that evening, both groups of men had been enjoying a night out at Silk’s Gentlemen’s Club at Lloyd Street. But after leaving the lapdancing venue, a member of Hussain’s group was punched in a scuffle with someone from Mr Ward’s group.”

Typical Islamic over-reaction. A small street scuffle, the like of which are not uncommon in British towns on a Saturday night, elicits extreme violence from a Muslim. As usual a smallish slight causes a massively over-violent reaction from a member of the ‘special needs’ religion of Islam. Unlike quite a few other cultures, members of the death cult of Islam often reach for the tool of ultra-violence before and instead of sorting things out in other ways. With most other confrontations of this type, the result would be punches and kicks and not attempted murder using a car. Islam is not a religion of peace and neither are many of its followers very peaceful either, as this case has shown.


Manchester Evening News

For those who don’t believe that Ramadan and its associated festivals doesn’t have a violent aspect, just take a look at the death toll for Ramadan 2013. Islam clocked up over 1,600 deaths during the period of Ramadan 2013 in terrorist attacks, inter-communal violence and other killings.

Link to Answering Muslims page on Ramadan death toll


  1. Bunny permalink

    Right let me get this one straight, this is a devout muslim who was celebrating Ramadan with his friends by getting pissed, going to a lap dancing club and then attempting to kill four people after getting into a skirmish with a car. So this is a religion that abstains from alcohol and promotes female modesty, what next Quakers attacking Methodists on a lads outing to Hamburg?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Yeah, I noticed that. Funny place for members of an ideology that supposedly venerates female modesty, to celebrate a festival. It is as incongruous as a Yom Kippur cook book, or sacrificing a goat at a Christening.

      • Bunny permalink

        Also under Christianity is Halal meat considered sacrificial?

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        It would certainly class as ‘food sacrificed to an Idol’ and therefore forbidden in the Levitical Biblical sense. Basically Muslims can eat halal and Kosher but Jews are not allowed to eat Halal, because it is from an animal sacrificed to a different deity. Division of the deity as Islam and Chrisitanity do is forbidden in Judaism. However, as Idol worship is also forbidden in Christianity it would be logical for Halal meat to be classified as food sacrificed to an Idol and therefore forbidden to Christians as well. I know that many Christian sources cite Peters Dream to be an instruction that all animals should be considered as ‘pure’, but that did not remove the Levitical instructions for Christians to try to be Holy therefore Levitical rules on food could still apply.

  2. James Strong permalink

    What do you mean by ‘division of the deity’ ?
    I ask because I think you might be mistaken on this point.
    Christians believe in one god. The Trinity is a mystery; personally I find it incredible, but Christians will tell you that god is not divided by having 3 persons in one.I have visited cathedrals dedicated to the Holy and Indivisible Trinity.
    Mohammedans regard the Trinity as a blasphemy. In fact they get very angry at anyone who associates partners with god.

    So neither Christianity nor mohammedanism believe in a divided deity.
    But if someone does believe in a divided god he doesn’t risk being murdered by a Christian. But he does risk being murdered by a mohammedan.

    • Bunny permalink

      It is arguable that arguments about Christianity in the Orthodox middle east gave Islam its big chance, while the Byzantines were massacring each other over iconoclasm Islam moved into the power vacuum. Utter utter stupidity on the part of the Eastern Empire to lose its grip to Islam over wars about theology.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        It was also tragic that the different Christian and Jewish and Pagan tribes on the pre-Islamic Arabian peninsular didn’t fight together against the Mohammed gang instead of allowing themselves to be picked off separately, one by one. It is indeed possible (although the Byzantines is not an area of great knowledge for me) that various intra-Christian theological arguments weakened the Christian world and made it more vulnerable to attack from the Bearded Savages.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Although Christians believe in one god, it could be argued that the trinity although still involving the worship of a deity who is a singular creator, departs from pure monotheisim. The idea of the Trinity is as you say, a mystery and is to Christians indivisible. Completely agree with you about how the Mohammedans view the Trinity as ‘shirk’. You’ve hit the nail on the head with your last comment, although a Christian may disagree that in Christianity God is divided, it is highly unlikely that a modern Christian would want to decapitate me for saying so.

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