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More intolerable rubbish being tolerated

October 3, 2013

THIS is Islam and don’t anybody tell you any different.

A Christian couple who objected to two gay men sharing a bed in their hotel were pilloried by the politically correct, dragged through the courts and ultimately financially ruined.

That is what happens to Christians who discriminate against gay people.

However, when it is Bearded Savages turning up the hatred to levels that were not seen in the Christian hoteliers case, it becomes a different matter. The Savages seem to be being allowed to peddle their hatred for others with complete impunity.

According to Gaystar news, Edmonton Islamic Centre is going to hold on October the 6th a ‘Beloved to Allah’ conference, which is going to be attended by a whole gamut of gay hating Islamic nutjobs.  Can we expect the police to be in attendance to nick those who say gays should be ‘thrown off of mountains’ or will they be allowed to peddle their vile hatred unmolested?  Knowing how much the Metropolitan Police kow tows to the Bearded Savages I wouldn’t put money on any action being taken against the Islamofash who are running this event.

Gaystar News said:

An iman who says gays should be thrown off mountains and stabbed in the gums by Muslim dentists is to be a lead speaker at a conference in London.

He is among several homophobic Muslim preachers who will be speaking at the Beloved to Allah event at Edmonton Islamic Centre in north London on Sunday (6 October).

Though the event itself is based around a more general Islam theme, some of the speakers hold extremist views.

Among them are Abu Usamah At-Thahabi who has been banned from several universities in the UK and has previously referred to gay people as ‘perverted, dirty, filthy dogs who should be murdered’.

He was filmed in Channel 4’s Undercover Mosque documentary saying: ‘Take that homosexual man and throw him off the mountain.

‘They have given them [homosexuals] unprecedented rights, so that your child can be exposed and introduced to lesbians. Now they say “if you discriminate against that, you’re going to jail”. We’ll discriminate, but we’ll discriminate in a way where we don’t get in trouble. The Muslim is a dentist, one of those people come, you want to take a big, big needle and stick it in his gums.’

He defended his statements in a video reply.

Brunel University had come under fire for allowing the homophobic Muslim preacher to speak at an event  but at the last minute the event was cancelled because of fears of violent protests.

Abdul Hakeem Quick who has also endorsed the death penalty for homosexuals is also a guest speaker.

Quick in an interview for Voice of Islam broadcast on New Zealand television in 2003, told viewers that AIDS was caused by the ‘filthy practices’ of homosexuals; homosexuals were dying from AIDS and ‘they want to take us all down with them’ and that the Islamic position on homosexuality is ‘death’.”

What lovely people successive governments have allowed to infest our society.  Can anybody think of anything positive that the sort of scum who speak at and attend such events as ‘Beloved to Allah’ have contributed to Britain?  I can’t, I can only think of negatives.

Why should we keep on tolerating the intolerable scum of Islam?


Original story from Gaystar News

  1. Bunny permalink

    Interestingly enough I was watching a programme on BBC ‘Entertainment’ as I am an expat and the subject matter was the Ugandan treatment of homosexuals, which also includes the death sentence for repeated offences. So the Radio 1 presenter who has never suffered homophobic abuse trots off to Uganda to chat with said people. I noticed they didn’t put him on a plane to Teheran for some reason, can’t think why. Can you imagine the end of the piece, with said Radio 1 DJ being hung from a bus/lamppost confection, while I would never dream of saying a man or woman should be hung for their sexual preferences I may not share the same view for someone being hung for being a Radio 1 DJ. Tim Westwood?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Yeah that is typical of the BBC. They concentrate on Christians doing things wrong but have a complete blindspot when it comes to the Bearded Savages.

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