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Another example of the legal double standard that is damaging confidence in the justice system

September 29, 2013

Another member of the Islamic cult of death that Britain could well do without.

If a member of one of Britain’s more strict Christian sects, say for example the Plymouth Bretheren, committed an offence of violence and oppressed his wife by forcing her to wear particular clothing, you would expect them to be imprisoned for a considerable amount of time. Religious considerations if it was a Christian committing violence would not, and should not mean that the offender gets off lightly on the grounds that ‘God told me to do it’.

However, when it comes to our Bearded Savage guests, considerations of equality before the law fly out of the window.

The Daily Mail recently carried the story of a ‘devout Muslim’ who forced his wife into wearing The Black Cloak of Death, and became violent when she said that she wished to have an education.

The Daily Mail said:

“A devout Muslim who subjected his battered wife to a year of ‘hell’ after he terrorised her into wearing a veil has been jailed but may go free – in just eight weeks.

Jubel Miah, 21 – who in 2010 was sent to a young offenders institute for possessing heroin with intent to supply – had ordered his terrified spouse to wear a full niqab after she said she was going to college to study.

Initially he called her a ‘slag and b****’ for wanting to better her education, then sneered: ‘You are a married woman. You don’t do this.’

The unnamed wife only agreed to wear the full face veil, with just eye holes after thinking he would stop him making her life a misery.

But instead Miah began beating her – initially because she was not smiling during Eid celebrations with family.

During a catalogue of violent and controlling behaviour, Miah from Burnley, Lancashire, ripped her tongue, kicked and punched her, inflicted black eyes on her and battered her confidence.

He also tracked her movements using his mobile phone, tried to stop her going to college, accused her of cheating and falsely claiming there were ‘spies’ in their loft.

When the victim became pregnant she was found to have injuries to her body and eye when she went to hospital for a 16-week check-up.

And when she later went through a traumatic birth delivering a premature baby, Miah was so enraged that a male doctor was treating his wife afterwards, a female medic had to be brought. He was also very irate and threatening to people trying to help the family.

The wife finally escaped from his clutches after he subjected her to a sustained attack in which he stabbed her with scissors and hit her with a dumbell.”

Read the original source story here:

Eight weeks is a disgustingly meagre sentence for this savage. I can’t help feeling that if he had not been Muslim then the sentence would have been heavier. He has not only violently attack his wife, acted in an appallingly controlling way but he also kicked off with the medical staff who didn’t give sufficient respect to his Mohammedian delusion. He should have been sent to the Crown Court given at least three to four years for this offence. Eight weeks is a bloody insult. It is an insult to the victim, the justice system and the nation. It is cases like this that make more and more people believe that this scumbag and the misogynist death cult that he belongs to have no place on these islands, no place at all.

If he wants to live in this manner then let him take himself off to one of the many fly-blown Islamic shitholes that unfortunately exist on this planet and stay there. He is really not wanted here.


  1. Bunny permalink

    Right so this bloke is a ‘devout muslim’ but supplies heroin, somehow if I went to church every Sunday and said that I was a devout Catholic I might just be labelled a hypocrite if I was convicted of possessing heroin with an intention to supply.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I suppose in this muslims mind it’s not a problem provided it’s only kuffar who are being sold smack.

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