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The tactics of the enemy. Lies, distortion, extortion, threats and occupation.

September 27, 2013

Bearded Savages preying in an intimidatory manner in an inappropriate place.

The Islam Versus Europe site has carried a chilling but instructive tale of how an Islamic group in Catalonia in Spain had been trying to intimidate the local authority into letting them have a mosque in a place of their choosing and not a site that was chosen by the local authority.

The story is chilling because it shows the complete disregard the Islamic group have for the laws and customs of the town of Mollet del Vallès. It is instructive because there is no reason to believe that the use of such practices to get mosques built is not happening elsewhere, including in Britain.

Islam Versus Europe said:

“We’ve seen Muslims use these tactics over and over again to get their way. They purchase territory, turn it into a mosque then seek planning permission retrospectively, using ostentatious public prayers as a means of extortion if there are any difficulties. In this case they were offered space in a industrial estate for their mosque but rejected it, saying it was too far away. They purchased the premises referred to in the article despite having been specifically warned in advance that it could not be used as a mosque. After the premises were sealed, the Muslims started praying 5 times a day in the public square (pictured). Now they have tried to occupy the premises by force.

The mayor of Mollet del Vallès, Josep Monràs, is not ready to give in to the demands of the Al Huda Muslim community to use as a mosque premises which do not fulfil the legal conditions and which were sealed to prevent their being used. In summer, during Ramadan, the Muslims protested by praying in the town square; on Friday, they burst into the sealed establishment using force.

The mayor has declared that “they will not succeed in modifying the established norms through imposition, which are obligatory for everyone” and added that “these attitudes do not help us resolve the conflict”. For that reasons the council has initiated the legal procedures to evict them from the premises on Sant Ramon street, which they wanted to use illegally as a mosque, given that “there has been an illegal occupation of sealed premises through the use of force.”

According to municipal sources, the members of the Muslim community initially gained access to the premises on the pretext that there was a light they had to switch off. In reality, they intended to deceive the police and municipal officials and fortify themselves in the interior. However, they did not achieve this thanks to police intervention. After the attempted deception, about 40 people of North African origin, burst into the premises by force.

The council had ordered the premises sealed after repeated warnings to the Muslim community that received no response, warning that the space they had acquired in Sant Ramon street could only obtain a commercial licence and that under no circumstances could it be used as a mosque because it did not fulfil the conditions.

Absolutely typical of the Bearded Savages. They were told that the building they had bought was not suitable for a place of worship and were refused planning permission. Instead of shrugging their shoulders, working within the system and taking the view that ‘the law of the land is the law’, the savages threatened and via lying, burglarised the property in question and occupied it.

The type of tactics used by the Muslims of Mollet del Vallès were based on lies and bad faith, it seems that the Islamic group had no intention of abiding by the laws that everyone else has to live by. The arrogant Muslim group decided that as they were Muslim and therefore ‘special’ they didn’t have to obey the law of the land.

Now the positive aspect of this story is that the mayor of Mollet del Vallès has dug his heels in and has decided that no surrender is the best option.

One thing that will jar with many British readers of this story is the difference in attitude between the mayor of the Spanish town, and the attitudes of British local authorities. Whereas the Spanish mayor quite rightly told the Savages to ‘bugger off’, British local councillors or council officers would be falling over themselves to see who could appease the Savages the most. I do wonder how many mosques in Britain have been built or approved because of threats of violence or disruption if the application was refused?

Judging by how enthusiastic our local authorities are for the religion of murder and rape, they are either behaving in a treasonable manner, or caving in to threats of violence in order to have a quieter life.

If only we in the UK could have local government planners who had the balls to say ‘no you are not having another f**king mosque, f**k off’

Comparing the Spanish mayor with some of our own council leaders makes me very, very ashamed.


Islam Versus Europe

  1. Paris Claims permalink

    I assume that picture was taken in the middle of the day, and possibly a Friday. If that is the case, then these “people” are most probably unemployed, or have skived off. This is an act of aggression, and I wish they’d tried it over here in the 70s, when football “firms” were at their height, and blanket CCTV was still a dream in the perverted minds of our political “class”.
    I am glad you read Islam Vs Europe, great blog. Did you also see the article about the Jewish students who had sprung to the defence of muslims’ right to wear face coverings?
    A while back you had a pop at me for a comment I made that Jews seem to be overrepresented in those who would inflict mass third world immigration upon us whilst ramming multiculturism down everyone’s throats? I think I might have linked to Barbara Lerner Spectre’s infamous video on youtube.
    Whilst I know that Jews are usually the first to suffer when an area becomes islamified, and there are plenty of non Jews singing from the same hymn sheet, but facts are facts.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Hi Paris, the Islam versus Europe blog is a good one. Re the issue of the Jewish Left (which is a separate entity from the Jewish community itself), I’m often gobsmacked by how the Jewish Left defends the undefendable.

      I can see where they are coming from both theologically ( the biblical commandment that ‘you shall not oppress the stranger because remember you were once strangers in the land of Egypt’) but I think the Jewish Left is making a misinterpretation of this commandment. Also defending islam and the signs, symbols and behaviour of that cult goes against an equally important commandment (there are 613 in Judaism) that a person ‘shall seek the peace of the city in which they dwell’ and supporting Islam in my mind is definitely NOT seeking the peace of the city.

      Supporting Islam is going against the very important commandment of being loyal to your king or the government in the area of which you live. Of course it is a right for Jewish people as with any other group to speak out against injustice but to ignore the injustices committed by the followers of the Islam cult is a big mistake.

      The ‘Learner’ video struck me as a little too much ‘Zionist plot’ for my liking, which is why Ihad a pop at it, as the make up of the more destructive part of the Left is very much and ecumenical thing and not solely made up of the Jewish Left (the Bolsheviks for example had a majority of non-Jews involved in it and those of Jewish heritiage who were involved were those who had abandoned Judaism, to say otherwise is a falsehood).

      It is very important to distinguish between those who follow the religion of Judaism from those on the Left who happen to come from secular Jewish socialist backgrounds. I have had a problem with the Jewish Left** for a long time as I believe that they are a danger to the Jewish community as a whole, because some non-Jews may see the loud, unrepresentative and idiotic Jewish Left backing the enemies of freedom and believe that ALL Jews think like that, which is not the case.

      In my experience I’ve found that Jews from Mizrachi backgrounds (Jews from Arab lands) often have a more realistic view of Islam than do socialist Jews from secular Ashkenazi (Eastern European) backgrounds (on YouTube is an interesting video of the late Rabbi Meir Kahane, showing how he was getting political support in Israel from the families of those Jews who had lived under Islamic oppression). It is natural that any oppressed group would try to prevent such oppression being done to others, but to back Islam, which is an oppressor, is a huge mistake, often made by people with limited knowledge of history, religion and politics. To give an example; standing up for mosque building is not standing up against oppression whereas encouraging women to leave Islam and live in freedom is genuinely acting agaisnt oppression.

      The misreading and misinterpreting of biblical commandments happens with Christians as well. Believing that ‘Blessed are the peacemakers’ is all well and good but only works when faced with an opponent who also desires peace. To follow this commandment slavishly and without reference to strategic realities is a suicidal action.

      The problem of Islamic appeasement and the disaster of multiculturalism is not down to Judaism or Christianity, it is socialism. Socialists perverted both Jewish and Christian ethics and commandments and as the book of Isaiah says “they call good evil and evil good’.

      BTW I’m currently working on a long-ish piece on how Socialism was a false Messiah (Moshiach in Hebrew) for both Jews and Christians. A false Messiah doesn’t have to be an individual like Shabbetai Zvi, it can also be movements like socialism that promises ‘heaven on earth’ or other forms of utopias. (more on Zvi here:

      ** At one point the Jewish left was a good thing when they were fighting for workers rights and agitating against fascists but in latter years they’ve gone a bit mental witness such actions as liberal Jews supporting the Citizens UK group which is closely aligned with the poisonous and anti-semitic East London Mosque. See this post from a friend of this blog that went up a while back:

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Paris, Just a quick aside to say how impressed I am with your comments on Harry’s Place. You along with DCook and others are giving the idiot Leftists a proper pasting and showing up the stupidity of the ‘give no offence’ fence-sitting positoin of people like Sarah AB.

      • Paris Claims permalink

        I have been banned several times from Harry’s place. Two or three years ago any truthful comment re the R of p would bring result in howls of indignation from the resident leftards there. Nowadays, the majority seem to accept that islam is as islam does.
        I probably spend too much time on the net, and quite a lot of time on nationalist sites. During the same time I have noticed a huge upsurge in anti Semitism, the Holocaust is dismissed as a work of fiction, Hitler is back in fashion, and everything wrong in the world is the fault of Israel, Zionists, and the Jews in general. Some times I have to check I haven’t drifted on to an Iranian site.
        But take the example of those French Jewish students. The muslims will be scratching their heads in disbelief and thanking allah for a fresh supply of useful idiots (and future victims)whilst the anti semites within the ranks of the white nationalists will have yet another big stick with which to beat the Jews. It really is a case of lemmings going for a cliff top walk.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Paris, I’ve noticed that on HP although there are still the Leftards, there are also a growing number of people on there who do recognise who do recognise that the religion of murder and donkey sex is a problem. I think that I’m still banned from HP because SAB quoted from this blog, I attempted to log in to answer but kept on getting chucked out.

  2. Bunny permalink

    Obviously an opportunity has been missed, they have barricaded themselves in there, fine, cut off power and water and barricade it from the outside, maybe a poster saying ‘enjoy the virgins chaps’.

    • Paris Claims permalink

      I noticed a reference a while back to your “bearded savages” (accurate) description. They’ve changed the format and I think banned ISPs have been lost in the change around. The same with Con Home too.

  3. Bunny permalink

    On a serious basis, it is mentioned that this is Friday afternoon prayers and that those present are either unemployed or skiving. One of the reasons Western Europe is a magnet is that we are making it a magnet for them, they can arrive colonise and the establishment pays them to do it at the same time. One method of stopping this movement of people is to make all benefits based on contribution, no contribution no benefit and make this applicable to anyone born in the UK too. There will obviously be exceptions for those physically incapable of work, but that would not only reduce the power of the state for social engineering but also its costs too. I do not know how it would be applied retrospectively, but perhaps a certain time limit on benefits without contributing first.

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