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Opposing tyranny, former US Senator Allen West

September 24, 2013


‘When you are taking the flak, then you know you are right over the target’ goes the old saying. Currently taking the flak from the Hamas supporting Council of American Islamic Relations is former US Senator, Allen West.

Mr West has done what too many politicians have not done and told the truth. He told the truth about the Islamic fifth column that has been allowed to establish itself in the United States. He told the truth about the Islamic ideology’s cruelty, and smashed through the ‘religion of peace’ bullshit and called Islam ‘vile and vicious’ and a ‘totalitarian’ ideology.

For his comments the Islamic group CAIR has given Mr West an ‘Islamophobe of the Year’ award. Now rather than apologise or do some penitent act as too many prominent people may feel they ought to do, if they make statements that annoys Islamic sensibilities, Mr West chose to do the very opposite. Not for him the public apology for offending the religion of murder and donkey sex. Mr West continued to tell the truth. In fact thanked CAIR for the honour of the award.

The Washington Times said:

Recently the Council for American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) bestowed upon me a great honor, they listed me in the top ten of individuals and organizations they fear,” he wrote. “CAIR is an unindicted co-conspirator in the largest terrorism financing case in America, the Holy Land Foundation trial.”

I have yet to hear or see CAIR on any TV, radio, or newspaper op-ed pages explaining the recent vicious attacks by Muslims against Christians in Pakistan and against innocent shoppers in Nairobi,” the former congressman continued. “To be forced to recite a koranic verse or die is simply barbaric. To conduct a targeted attack against Christians departing from church services is savage, not just in Pakistan, but in Nigeria, Egypt, Syria, and all across countries with Muslim governance (or lack of it).”

The fact that CAIR have gone after Mr West shows that he is annoying them. CAIR are making a lot of noise because what Mr West is saying is true. Islam is a vicious ideology, its followers are disproportionately represented in the demographic of those committing terrorist outrages.

Mr West has also been criticised by CAIR for his speech to a group in Florida where he said:

“‘fifth column’ Muslims who it said are pulling the strings of mainstream Muslim organizations and trying to take over the United States,”

He then added:

““If saying so makes me an ‘Islamophobe’ so be it,” he said. “It just confirms that CAIR, and their ilk, fear those who will relentlessly confront them with the truth. Lastly, to those who have the ‘COEXIST’ bumper stickers on their vehicles, read Solomon’s Proverb 17:28…you may may want to scrape it off.*”

These are refreshing words from a politician. So used have we become to be ruled over by Dhimmi politicians or by those who misguidedly think that you can govern without giving offence, that they look revolutionary. Contrast Mr West’s words and his honesty and compare that to the creature that governs us, David Cameron. His weasel-like sentiments about the Nairobi atrocity not being about Islam would seem like rubbish to anyone who was familiar with Islam. How far has politics fallen when honesty, because we are so unfamiliar with it, starts to look like novelty?

It is good to see someone so high profile tell the truth about the ideology of Islam, it is something we need to see a whole lot more of.

He is right in seeing the badge of Islamophobe as one that should be worn with honour, because to be called an Islamophobe means that you are taking the flak for telling the truth. Like some who have reclaimed the word ‘Infidel’ and now use it as a symbol of pride, so must we reclaim the word ‘Islamophobe’, because to be called an Islamophobe means that you oppose tyranny, and opposing tyranny is a fight worth fighting.

Link to main story

Original Washington Post story

Hat Tip Religion of Peace

PS To save you having to look it up here is the verse from Proverbs 17:28 quoted by Allen West

Even fools are thought wise if they keep silent, and discerning if they hold their tongues.

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