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A genuine Islamic innovation

September 22, 2013


Apologists for Islam often bang on about how Islamic cultures created great seats of learning and encouraged invention. This is a matter for dispute, to say the least. But there is one innovation that can definitely be claimed by the Muslim Arabs. An invention that spread outwards from the Islamic areas into Europe and is recognisable worldwide as a signifier that the wearer is to be treated as a second or third class citizen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, here is a genuine Muslim invention. The Yellow Star

Here is an interesting piece from someone from the Jewish community in Buffalo, New York, US. It is about one of Islam’s most infamous innovations, and other oppressions of the non-Muslims of Arab lands.. The writer Dr Gerhard Falk, tells a potted history of Islamic persecution of Jews and others, from the time of Mohammed until the present day.  This includes the story of how the followers of Mohammed forced Jews to wear a yellow badge. 

Dr Falk said:

   In 1948, after Israel had declared its independence, 850,000 Jews who had lived in the Arab world at once streamed into the new country. The reasons for this immense migration was centuries old subjugation, oppression, and anti-Jewish violence that made the lives of Jews in most of the Arab countries as miserable as it had been in Christian society. Although Jews and Arabs had gotten along well prior to the seventh century and the development of Islam, the teachings of Mohammed and his followers became catastrophic for the Jews living among them.

   While Mohammed at first hoped that the Jews among whom he lived would accept him and his new religion, he became as virulent a persecutor of Jews in his day as did Martin Luther nine centuries later.

    The fact is that the Muslim world’s second holiest city, Medina, a Hebrew word for community, was actually first settled by Jewish tribes. Because that Jewish city was successful and wealthy, it attracted numerous Arabs from surrounding areas until they outnumbered the Jews in their own town. Then, when the Arabs attained both superiority in numbers and unity through the new religion of Islam, they attacked the Jews and eliminated them entirely from Yathrib, which was another name for Medina.

   Persecution of Jews began during the lifetime of Mohammed.  His anger at the Jews was principally fueled by their refusal to recognize him as a prophet but was further enhanced by their economic superiority.  Moreover, the Jews would not accept the new religion preached by Mohammed because it included Jesus and Ishmael as messengers of God.

   Upon the death of Mohammed in 630 C.E., his successor, Omar, issued a charter consisting of 12 laws under which a non-Muslim or dhimmi was allowed to live among believers or Muslims.  This charter codified the conditions of life for Jews under Islam and specified that any Jew who broke these codes forfeited his life. Included in this charter was a prohibition forbidding Jews to touch the Koran. It also compelled Jews to wear distinctive clothes, usually dark blue or black, and further compelled them to wear a yellow piece of cloth as a badge (This yellow cloth became the inspiration for the yellow star which the Nazi government of Germany  forced upon Jews). Jews were also prohibited from performing their religious practices in public.  Jews were not allowed to own a horse nor to drink wine in public. The anti-Jewish laws went so far as to prohibit Jews from letting their grief be heard by Muslims during or after a Jewish burial.”

Read the rest at:

This is the real Islam, the Islam that would have murdered over three quarters of a million Jews had not the State of Israel been there to gather them in. As it was not everyone managed to escape and they were murdered by Muslims. Had not the State of Israel been there to take in those Jews fleeing from the Muslims and their naked long-polished hatred then who knows what may have happened.

Tell me again why we should ‘respect’ an ideology that invented the Yellow Star? To me it looks like an ideology that should be fought, not embraced. What Islam does to the Jews one day, it will do to the Christians and the Hindus and the atheists the day after. Islam hates life and those who live it.



Article by Dr Gehard Falk on the subject of the persecution of Jews in Arab lands

‘Point of No Return’ website with extensive information about the forced exodus of Jews from Arab lands

Mizrachi Jews from Arab lands were previously and scandalously discriminated against in Israel but are re-asserting themselves.

List of inventions falsely claimed by Muslim activists and those promoting Islam as coming from Islamic inventors.

  1. all the while muslims have used the same tactic for thousands of years..over populate an area with muslims and then take it over. Exactly what they did in kashmir when they killed and threatened all hindus and forced an kashmir is the only indian state which has a muslim population of 99% .

    scroll down to the part of the Exodus from Kashmir (1985–1995)

    this is what they are experts at.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thank you for that link Anando. Sadly it is not just in Kashmir that Islam has forced an exodus of non-Muslims nor killed and threatened. I’ve read some horrific accounts of the Islamic invasion of India.

      Islam drives out the good and replaces it by the bad, as happened in Pakistan. No nation is perfect but India is a much more functioning nation than Pakistan.

  2. Yes thats true and we will continue to function till we can keep a majority of other religions . THe day they over run us India will become another Pakistan. India was one of the most open societies before the islamic turk invaders. After all we wrote the kamasutra. It was after the muslims came in and started raping and plundering that the whole sexually open society of hindus went down the drain.

  3. PassingThru permalink

    You may also be interested in this long list of genuine Islamic achievements from WikiIslam:

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