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An easy question to answer: Why are Islamic countries such awful S**tholes?

September 20, 2013

Warning: Sweary post

There is a feature in this blogs software that allows me to see what search terms people use to find this blog. Sometimes it comes up with something that appears to be a question that can quite easily be answered.

Someone has found this site by typing in the words:

‘Why are Islamic countries such awful shitholes?’

Well that is a very easy query to answer, the clue to the answer is in the question. The reason why Pakistan, Bangladesh and a whole host of other Islamic countries are shitholes, is because of Islam.

Countries that are dominated by Islam are maimed countries. Maimed by Islam. Although they may appear to have a lot of clout because of oil money, essentially many Islamic countries are pretty backward. They are backward economically, educationally, spiritually, are mired in misogyny, and are often desperately ‘unfree’.

Islam has created all these wrongs in every society that it has governed or controlled. If you look at the Islamic world you will find that the more Islam a society has, the less developed or educated it is. Countries that have in the past sidelined Islam such as Turkey have developed industries and education but those like Pakistan and Sudan where Islam is the Law really are hellish shitholes.

So unless an Islamic country’s wealth pours out of the ground in the form of oil or minerals, the societal retardation that Islam brings shows itself in their piss poor economic, education and other figures. Islam effects societies like excessive alcohol affects a foetus, it damages them and inhibits physical and intellectual growth. If Islam was a chemical that had such dire effects on humanity as it does,then it would be banned or strictly controlled. Like Mercury metal in the soil, Islam poisons, deforms and eventually kills the body politic.

Islam creates shitholes, that is why reasonable people who don’t want to live in oppressive shitholes can’t stand it. It is an ideology that destroys those individuals brought up in it, and still hungry,ravenously lusts after controlling and destroying other cultures.

This is not a recent thing, Islam has been creating shitholes for 1400 years and it will go on creating shitholes.

Organised Islamic orthodoxy has no place in civilised societies, if it is to exist at all then maybe it should be confined to a managable area of the planet where it’s more mentalist adherents can harm none but themselves. Maybe there should be a ‘Savage Reservation‘, like that in Brave New World, where people can see Islam in action and learn not to follow the ravings of violent paedophillic madmen passing themselves off as holy men. There we can laugh at them, just like sensible people laugh at those in the Stalin Society who wish to wipe that tyrant’s bloodstained hands clean.

There are quite a few people brought up in Islam who have recognised that it is an ideology from hell, and have said so. However there are many others who when they find that their ideology is hated and despised by anyone who cares about free societies blame anyone and everything but the ideology of Islam. Too many Muslims cannot comphrend that an ideology that approves of lies, theft, rape, murder, and the oppression and mutilation of women isn’t going to be very popular with people. After all with a track record like that what’s good about it?

I hate the ideology of Islam, but feel great sympathy for those trapped within it, or who are damaged by it. No humane person could fail to be moved at the waste of precious humanity of those suffering under Islam. The every growing heap of wasted, truncated and circumscribed lives of those who live under Islam is a testament to the ‘values’ of this twisted and evil ideology. Islam needs to be stopped from damaging or imprisoning any more people or turning any more countries into shitholes.

People should be freed from the slavery of Islam, but the slavemaster, the ideology of Islam itself needs to be dealt with ‘with extreme prejudice’.

Maybe one day either God, or reason, or education, or something that at present we know not, will cause the individual Muslims to collectively wake up, throw off their shackles and say ‘free at last, free at last.’

All the Abrahamic religions have bits of their history that are violent, parts of their heritage that do not feel right in a post-enlightenment world. Two of these religions have re-interpreted and examined their holy books to make their religions in the main compatible with growing knowledge both secular and theological. Only Islam has not done this. Only Islam is in effect static with no different interpretations allowed other than those previously approved centuries ago. It is this stasis that throttles growth in Islamic societies and imprisons souls which should be free to grow.

  1. Woman on a Raft permalink

    Many of the inhabitants agree with you, which is perhaps why they are desperate to get in to Europe. To this end they took part in a scam.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Why am I not surprised to see that this immigration scam gang was based in Rotherham? I would bet that some of those coming in by this route are not free thinkers desperate to escape the shackles of an Islamic society but are instead more of the same practising Muslims that we do not need in Britain.

      As an aside, you’ve got to feel sorry for those bright questioning people who come here as genuine refugees from Islam, looking for a free nation and a better chance for their future, only to find that the same retarded Islamic ideology they are running from, is being pandered to by the authorities here in the UK. Must seem like they’ve landed in the middle of a sick joke for people like that.

      • Woman on a Raft permalink

        There is a poignant film set in ‘a northern city’ on exactly that subject. Hanif Kureishi’s screen play of My Son the Fanatic captures the despair of a very ordinary man with some faults, whose son judges his compromises with the West very harshly. Yet the bloke was only trying to make a living as a taxi driver and build a more comfortable life for all of them.

        It also shows in fictional form why ordinary Muslims who regard their religion as a private matter might find it impossible to challenge a virulent doctrine.

        Highly recommended.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        Thanks I’ll checkout thatfilm. I agree that those muslims who want to disregard the more hatefilled bits of Islam are crushed by the ideology.

  2. Paris Claims permalink

    An article on Bare Naked islam features some imam claiming the Jews invented the mobile phone purely to stop muslims praying 5 times a day. They blame everyone apart from themselves.

  3. Oswald Thake permalink

    Islam – ‘the history of a savage tribe and a primitive superstition.’

  4. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Paris, yeah I saw that. I’ve heard some pretty mad ‘Zionist/Jewish plot’ stories but that one takes the biscuit.

    Blaming others and conspiracy theories like that cripple Islamic societies like Pakistan. It is one of the things that holds Islamic societies back. Because Islam has failed to progress like other societies, some reason has to be found for this failure. Therefore conspiracy theories such as ‘the Jews did it’, ‘the British did it’, ‘the Americans did it’ are popular. To look at any alternative explanation for their nations crapness, would mean having to look deeply and with a questioning mind, the politico-theological underpinnings of Pakistani society. This warping of the individual person is partly why I keep coming back to the idea that Islam is a shocking waste of humanity.

    To get a bit theological; If we humans are, as Christians, Jews and many others believe, created in the image of God, what torture must it be to be a human being, imprisoned and diminished by Islam. Islam is an ideology that has created its own Jehannum on Earth. We should all feel pity for people who live in such a physical, spiritual, cultural and mental space.

  5. DerekP permalink

    ” We should all feel pity for people who live in such a physical, spiritual, cultural and mental space.”

    But our pity should not cause us to ruin our civilisation by allowing them to bring and spread their appalling ideology here.

    If Muslims supposedly come to this country to escape the barbarism that goes with their religion then why remain Muslim when they get here?

    The answer is that they are not ‘escaping’ barbarism, they are simply bringing it with them:
    – corruption of our public institutions, such as postal-voting, police ‘services’, and CPS and courts (how long before the jury system is unworkable?);
    – imposition of Sharia areas by violence and threats of violence;
    – intimidation of politicians and MSM by threats of violence and riots (and so they promptly go along with it, making the RoP pre-eminent while trying to make out they are ‘good mates’ so as not to be seen displaying physical and moral cowardice);
    – organised and widespread insurance fraud;
    – organised and widespread sex crimes against vulnerable non-muslims;
    – a widespread base of willing accomplice-customers for the prostitution of their young victims;
    – etc.
    (so much there that will appeal to the Left, of course)

    And support from the Muslim community for everything that goes against this country,
    either by silence about truly vile crimes (FGM and rape of children),
    participating in crimes, or supporting organised mass Muslim action to change rules and laws and make them not apply to Muslims so what they do is not actionable as an offence.

    I wonder how many ‘community cohesion’ police officers guided ‘tolerant’ ‘diverse’ ‘multicultural’ decisions not to take police action, and/or warned the criminals about methods/tactics to help avoid official recognition of their barbaric activities.

    Given the, now obvious, incredible and manipulative 1984-ish self-censorship of the MSM, whenever I hear of a plane that almost crashed because someone left some cowling-bolts undone, or a bus collided into a train when it didn’t brake, or some gunman running amoke for no reason…
    well, I always wonder if the MSM are leaving out any link to Islam.

    Such is the Stalin-esque level of MSM news reporting – we know the real story is much, much worse than we are being told.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Derek, I agree with you that by importing Islam we have imported barbarism. I certainly concur that from one human to another we should feel pity for those trapped within Islam, but successive governments have not helped the heretics of Islam as the maybe should have done, they have instead brought to this country, in their millions, the torturers and oppressors of said heretics. When it comes to the Islamic world UK governments denied access and succor to the cream but ladled in the dross, with malevolent abandon.

      There are far too many so called ‘peaceful Muslims’ who do say nothing when horrific things happen. By their silence they show that they are frightened of the psychos in their own communities, and insufficiently motivated to show loyalty to the UK or worse are silent because they approve of bad things happening to kuffar?

      There has most almost certainly been a cover up of crimes committed by individual followers of Islam, how the BBC covers Islamic issues is just one example of this. I can certainly understand the motives of some who wish peace between peoples and do not wish to see individual members of the Islamic community physically attacked, for no reason than they were unfortunately burdened with being Muslim. However this laudable desire for peace, should not have mutated into the desire for peace at any price, which is what we have at the moment. The censoring or playing down of stories such as that of the 60 young non-Muslim girls who were abused by Muslim men in Blackpool does nothing for ‘community cohesion’. Non-Muslim people notice the disconnect between what is being reported, and what is happening in their own areas and their own communities. Just because the Guardian and the BBC do not report that mass rapes are happening doesn’t mean that they are not.

      There are many communities suffering from the adverse effects of Islamic orthodoxy and not speaking about it is more likely to store up trouble for the future than speaking about it. I’m afraid that the Muslims are just going to have to get used to being ‘offended’. If they cannot, then maybe they should consider leaving the UK? Other groups have become British, and have served this country with loyalty and distinction, why is it so hard for Islam to do this, what is ‘special’ about it?

      I also reckon that police and social services and officers in Labour areas that have become Islamiclly corrupt, did not take actions that their duty under the law should have compelled them to do.

      People go on about Jimmy Savile but slowly emerging from a fog of ignorance are tales of horrific rape cults predominantly made up of Muslim men. Why on earth should be put up with that? People forget that the Islamic ‘Prophet’ Mohammed was the sort of bloke who definitely would not pass a CRB check for working with children. Such an ideology should never have been imported.

      Re the violence. Yup, whenever I hear of a violent atrocity, my thirst thought is ‘it’s the Bearded Savages’, and sadly I’m often right.

      Islam, don’t it make you nauseous? I certainly makes me want to go to the toilet and hurl.

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