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Why do you whisper, green grass?

September 19, 2013

That was the situation then and it is the situation now.

Why do you whisper, green grass
Why tell the trees what ain’t so
Whispering grass, the trees don’t have to know, no, no

Why tell them all your secrets
Who kissed there long ago
Whispering grass, the trees don’t need to know

Don’t you tell it to the trees
She will tell the birds and bees
And everyone will know
Because you told the blabbering trees
Yes, you told them once before
It’s no secret anymore

It seems that the rise in counterjihad activity, increased attendance at demos, huge rises in viewing figures for counterjihad websites and social media pages and a growing willingness to say ‘enough Islam’ has started to attract the attention of both the plod and, more than likely, the spooky-type bits of Government.

The counterjihad blog Casuals United has put up a warning that police organisations are trying to recruit grasses to undermine groups opposed to the ideology of Islam and the violence it brings to nearly every society that it takes root in.

Casuals United said:

“Interpol (of all agencies) are continuing to harass and pester people, girls especially who are low level players in our movement. They are offering money and are saying that they are expecting wide scale disorder and targeted shootings etc and they want someone to tell them whats happening so they can head it off. Seriously fellas, you are looking at the wrong people. If there’s wide scale disorder and killings it wont be us doing it, itll be the thousands and thousands of immigrants you have allowed into our land, whose countries you are bombing and attacking. We are peacefully protesting (except when we get attacked and we defend ourselves). We’ve already had the 7/7 attacks, Glasgow airport, Lockerbie, The Lee Rigby murder, hundreds of white people murdered by immigrants, got people calling for new 9/11 on British shores yet you are targeting us?

Get your priorities in order. When this trouble comes, it wont be us doing it, as well you know. You keep bothering our girl and we will start making official complaint and your photo is going out online mate.”

The Casuals writer is indeed correct, at least in the assessment of where violence comes from and will come from in the future. In the main the counterjihad movement does peacefully protest against evil and in all the videos I’ve seen and accounts I’ve read of such events, it is the Muslims and their Left wing allies who instigate violence. If any group is behaving in an unethical way it is the Left. The members of Antifa, various Black Blocs of the Anarchist Left variety, the Trotskyists, the front groups of the Socialist Workers Party, they, and the violent Islam that they encourage and fight with, are the violent ones. They are the people that kick off because someone has a different opinion to them, they are the ones who are fighting for the enemy.

There is indeed trouble coming and it is not the patriots or the sensible nationalists or those who speak out against Islam who have lit the fuse to this powderkeg, it is those who have shamefully turned against freedom and turned towards Islam.

I must commend Casuals for this exemplary ‘F**k off’ to the police on this occasion. It is an example that others should follow.

It is vital that we stand firm, do not grass up either by deliberate act or thoughtless utterance, and in this way hinder those who are peacefully fighting back.

As the Casuals piece shows, the police will say any old rubbish, like ‘we are trying to head off counterjihadist violence’ to get a person to co-operate. The police will also threaten those who do not understand the law and misrepresent the power and authority that they have. We are living through a mad time where a politically corrupted police force has turned its attention, not to those Islamofascists who genuinely do threaten this country, but instead goes for those oppose this authoritarian ideology.


Do not grass or inform the police about counter-jihad activity

Do not talk carelessly on social media about plans for demos, people’s names etc

Be careful who else listening when you are chatting in the pub about counter-jihad stuff

Do not co-operate with police enquiries into certain offences for example: so-called ‘hate speech’ offences, the only beneficiaries of such prosecutions are the Muslims who want to do away with freedom of speech.

Realise that any mates you have on the Left may not be altogether to be trusted and may be passing your details to groups like the Socialist Workers Party, or worse some murderous Islamic nutter.

Don’t let the police bamboozle you into co-operating with them. Be staunch, know the law and if picked up say nothing until a lawyer of your choice is in attendance.

Don’t be a Judas to your nation, don’t take any money proferred by the police for grassing. Such money is truly tainted money.

Always keep in your mind that careless talk will cost not only lives but will cost us our nation.

It is sad that we have had to come to this. The law has allowed itself to be corrupted, and its officers now side with the enemy. This is another example of how the law enforcement and legal systems have ceased to be things that should be respected, and that is a tragedy for British society. Instead of ‘defending the children of the poor and punishing the wrongdoer’, the law is promoting the wrongdoer and hammering down on the British poor who are often the first victims of Islamic horrors.


Casuals United site

From elsewhere on Fahrenheit211, an article about Quislings

A cracking film from the 1940’s called The Silver Fleet showing the Dutch fighting the Quislings and hitting the enemy. Maybe we need to start thinking more like those brave people did and suss out who the quislings are and denounce them?

  1. john warren permalink

    Casuals United and yourself have certainly tuned-in to what has happened to this country over the past 30 or 40 years. It’s not just the police who we must defend against however. There’s substantial support for foreign invading cultures and religions from teachers, hospital workers, local councils, un-free press, employers, the BBC and, of course, support from the latest daily inflow of immigrants themselves… both legal and illegal. Soon they’ll be joined by unknown thousands from Romania and Bulgaria. They’ll all vote left-wing where they can.

    The police stopped logging crime many years ago. The station crime log was dumped because it was so accurate it became an embarrassment. It was replaced by station note pads and then computers which can be very easily tampered with in order to gain the ‘correct’ figures if a new government policy of some sort was in the offing. No one knows precisely how much crime takes place in the UK. Exactly the same situation exists with migration and immigration.

    Probably the biggest fear, for those of us who hold England and its traditions dear that is, comes from the EU. They have their own police/army and it’s a force that does what it’s told by EU fascists. We all must remember that they are with us in our living rooms. They can listen-up every time we write something they don’t like. They can switch off our servers when they want. Encrypt individuals messages or even the entire pc. Everyone seriously engaged in the fight against our anti-British government, should always expect a knock on the door.

    For family and personal safely reasons therefore, everyone involved with the growing struggle for the freedom to live and think the way our fathers’ did, should devise a way of communicating privately should it come to it.

    It was the carrier pigeon in the 1st WW and it sounds funny I know but we might have to return to that. (A pity chickens can’t fly – we’d get eggs from time to time if they did)

    They say that the British soldier has a sense of humour stronger than any other. That’s something else we’re going to badly need.

    Anyway, good luck and an interesting post.

  2. Bunny permalink

    As I commented over at Ambush Predator a bit ago, I think that the Left infests the Establishment or more accurately they are the Establishment, who have taken over since the 1960’s. That is our problem, that they prefer anything to working classes, these people do not mix and do not know the effects their policies and beliefs are having. With any luck there is a sea change in effect, it will not engulf these idiots as they will be pensioned off and never really understand the impact they have had.

    All the best and keep up the good work.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thank you for the encouragement.

      There is a sea change coming, which is why the multikulti promoters and those who financially doing well out of the current system are starting to get worried, hence the subject of this particular post. The debate this week over the Black Cloak of Death is a case in point. The fact that this is being debated in the MSM sphere at all is a step forward.

      The great and awful tragedy of multiculuralism is Britain was heading towards being a colour blind society but the multikultis colonised proper grass roots organisations that were originally made up of people who GENUINELY said ‘Am I not a man and a brother’ and fought for equal value for equal people. As MLK said ‘ it’s not the colour of a person’s skin that should be judged, it is the content of their character’. Multikulti does not do this, it promotes different rules and standards for different people. A case in point is Bradford. Many years ago there were in Bradford Asian organisations but they comprised Muslim, Sikh, Hindu and Christians Asians. They were proper attempts to help people who were being hurt because of things that they could not change, ie skin colour. The multikultis came along and a few years later there was a Sikh association, a Hindu one anda Muslim one, all encouraged by the doctrine of multiculturalism. Where there was unity the multikulties smashed it.

      I personally think it is wrong to adversely or advantageously discriminate over those things thata person cannot change but the multikultis extended that very proper feeling of solidarity between equals into areas and policies where such feelings of solidarity could not and should nto go and, would not be reciprocated. They made ideology equal to race and that was utterly wrong.

      Sorry about the rant above and below but what the multikulties have done really boils my piss big time. I marched in anti racist demos in the 1980’s so that my black mate Clyde and my Asian mate Sunil were not called a black bastard and kicked around by the old bill or or stabbed by one of the few remaining trogloditic scions of the 1950’s version of Mosely’s mob.

      I did NOT march to see misogynistic, racist. discriminatory, violent , hate filled ideologies like Islam being feted by those who really should know better and being allowed to use legislation that was meant to prevent things like the Trade Union inspired colour bar on Bristol Buses from happening again. It is wrong to discriminate on colour because your colour, like your gender is something that you cannot change, whereas your allegence to ideologies that are not compatible with the country that you live in is someting that is changable. The multikultis have taken a moral fight for equal treatment and perverted it so that it now protects that which wishes to destroy us.

      I sometimes wonder if multikulti or something similar unrealistic political rubbish was around in the 20’s and 30’s whether or not they would have seen Adolf as a representative of a defeated crushed people trying to save and promote their own culture? Maybe that is not so far fetched as the multikulties seem awfully keen on fellating Islam, which is an ideology that could quite accurately be described as ‘Nazism in a Burkha’.

      • Bunny permalink

        I tend to agree with you and there were probably people supporting the NAZIs as a defeated people trying to save their own culture. In the case of the Bradford Asian grouping the Multikults probably thought of divide and rule, but got divide and really get it wrong.

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