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Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water along comes a bigger and more ravenous shark

September 18, 2013

The famous tagline from the film Jaws 2, which the title of this piece is based on, could equally apply, with amendments of course, to the misogyny at the centre of the ideology of Islam. With Islam whatever woman hating abuse you could think of, a Muslim will probably have thought of something else to oppress women with.

Just when you think that the misogyny of Islam could not get any worse, with organised mass rapes of non-Muslim women, Muslim women being imprisoned in the black sacks of doom, stonings for adultery or because the crops have failed in an Afghan village, something comes along to prove a person wrong. There is always something worse for women when it comes to Islam.

Like the Carcharodon predator in the eponymous film, the prey of the Islamic predator, those women who live in Islamic culure, seem to be forced into ever more ways in which they can be trapped, confined, manipulated and abused.

The blogger Up Pompei (who’s site appears to be down at present) recently carried a storyabout the abuse of Islamic women that seemed so nasty as to be almost unbelievable. This is the practise of what the ideology of the savages calls Halala Marriage. This story has also been featured in a Pakistani news outlet called the Pakistan International News. Please note that the Pakistan International News is and outlet based in a Muslim country, and certain Taqqiya-like rubbish in the article such as the comment “ all prominent clerics condemn exploitation of women” will have to be disregarded.

The Pakistan International News said:

LONDON: The issue of divorce among Muslim women has taken a dangerous turn because clerics are out to exploit them in the name of Halala. When a man divorces a woman three times, she goes to a cleric who tells them that the couple can be reunited after Halala, which means after the woman contracts another marriage, at least for one night. Hence, these one-night brides lose their dignity in their houses and often fall prey to psychological diseases.

The clerics have set up the Halala centres in London, Birmingham and other cities where divorced women are exploited. But real Ulema oppose this trend. Though all prominent clerics condemn exploitation of women, they do not highlight this issue because it could lead to disrepute of the Muslim community. The community is already facing a tough time due to child sex grooming and other such cases.

In some cases, men divorce women three times in one go due to anger but later they realize that they have made a wrong decision. When they go to clerics to seek a way out of this problem so that they can be reunited, the clerics tell them that their wives have to contract a second marriage before they can be reunited in a marital bond again.

The women are then hoodwinked into marrying the clerics and spend at least one night with them. The clerics agree to let them go to their former husbands in the morning but later they change their mind and demand huge sums of money to honour their agreement. They sometime keep the perturbed women in their houses for many days to quench their lust. “

What the situation we have here is women who have been divorced Islamic style by their husbands, and who are either desperate or being pressured into a reconciliation with their husbands, are being abused by Islamic clerics and their perverted friends, purely to satisfy the requirements of Shariah Law. Because a temporary marriage has to be contracted by the divorced woman before she can be re-united with her ex-husband and because the Imams are the guardians of Shariah Law, this puts these women in very vulnerable positions.

They need the sanction of the Imam in order to return to the marriage, which gives the Imam even more power over the woman than Islam gives already.

No other religion behaves like this. Although in other religions there are problems and controversies over the issue of divorce and subsequent re-marriage (Catholic re-marriage prohibition and the Aganot issue in Judaism), such problems are nothing like this. Catholic Priests and Jewish Rabbi’s do not have a carte blanche to abuse women like the Islamic clerics are doing.

What fresh hell have we imported along with these Savages? What depravity do we now live alongside? The fruit of centuries of fighting for gender equality are being gleefully thrown on the bonfire of multiculturalism by idiots who turn a blind eye and who appease these Bearded Savages who call themselves ‘clerics’. All religions have bad or immoral religious officers, but only Islam codifies this abuse and calls it ‘Law’. The Muslim women who are the subject of this story are indeed being ‘robbed of their dignity’. However we in the non-Muslim community, are also being robbed of our dignity and our communities because it is we, not the middle class leftist appeasers, who have to put up with these appalling savages and their disgusting retarded practises.

If in a natural population of humans where roughly 50% are likely to be female, then this puts Islamic misogyny in an even worse light. It means that half of the Muslim population is being oppressed, abused or enslaved by the other half (Islam is certainly NOT a religion of peace for women). Unfortunately Islam doesn’t only want to oppress its own female adherents, it desires to control all women, worldwide. This it does by conversion of women by force or trickery or by creating a situation where the rape of Non-Muslim women and violence against them become endemic and socially acceptable.
Those who say that Islamic hatred of women, Halala marriage problem and the issue of grooming gangs are an abberation are sadly very much mistaken. As we can see in this case, gyno-hatreds like this are as much rooted at the heart of Islamic ideology as are the prescribed times for prayers and fasting and the reverence given to the ‘prophet’ Mohammed.

  1. Bunny permalink

    How many of the oppressed think that they are being oppressed? My money would be on not many of them, they believe that they blessed and lucky because they are followers of Islam and that is one of the problems you will have to overcome. The only comparison I can think of in Christianity is the selling of ‘graces’ to enable people to enter heaven, but this did not involve the cleric sleeping with somebody’s wife and then backmailing them.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Agreed there are many who believe that they are not oppressed, but I bet there are also manyothers who have glimpsed or learned about freedom and desire it. There is a world of difference from a person making a defined choice to follow a strict religous path, for example becoming a Christian nun or following the path of Haredi Judaism, because if someone leaves either of these two paths, although they may be socially ostracised, they willnot risk death unlike those who question Islam. Death is the penalty for both leaving Islam or trying to reform it.

      You are correct that there is a parallel in the seling of graces and indulgences by pre-Lutharian Catholic church, but what these pervert Imams are doing is way, way beyond that. Early Christian monks prior to the Reformation were consumers of whores and whoremongers, but activities similar to those undertaken by these savage imams were not condoned nor encouraged by the Church.

      I’m with Pat Condell in that freeing women from the prison of Islam is as great a human moral undertaking as ending the slave trade.

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