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The Islamic Double Standard

September 17, 2013

Can you imagine how upset the followers of Islam would be if others expressed such vile and violent sentiments such as those pictured above about them? Why in that case do we put up with them doing it to us?

Unless you have been sleepwalking through life, or worse, take no interest in the world around you, you cannot have noticed the double standard that the ideology of Islam has when it comes to religions and philosophical paths other than Islam.

In countries and regions where Islam is in a minority, Muslims and Islamic groups are very vociferous about shouting out loud when they percieive that their ‘rights’ to practise their religion are being infringed. In Birmingham recently where a college, quite reasonably in my view, banned all face covering garments. Sadly in the face of petitions, demonstrations and the implied threat of disturbance from groups such as Muslimah Pride* and a coterie of far left activists the college surrendered to Islamic fascism and made an exception to the ban for Islamic cultural apparel.

However, when the boot is on the other foot, and Islam is the dominant religion, ideology and culture, things are very diferent. In places like Bangladesh, where the majority, 89% are Muslim, Islam is not the victim of oppression, Islam is the oppressor.

It is disingenuous for Islamic groups to propagate the view that Muslims are victims of an unjust racist society, when it is plain to see that Islam has no respect for members of other faiths. Oh their activists and promoters may mouth platitudes about the brotherhood of humanity with naieve interfaith representatives, or try to pass off the Koran as being the same as the Tanakh/Old Testament/New Testament, but their words are empty of integrity and are spoken with a forked tongue.

The position of religious and cultural minorities in Islamic lands, and as we are starting to find out, in the areas of Europe that Islam has colonised, shows up the emptiness of the fine words used by the Islam promoters. For religious minorities, life is lived on a constant knife edge of persecution. Their rights in law are circumscribed, they can often be violently attacked and have no legal redress, and they cannot choose to worship their gods or reject all gods, they are very much second class citizens. Their position could be compared to the position of Jews in pre-Enlightenment Europe, they are tolerated, barely, and excluded from society, often.

What bad faith hidden behind good words has Britain had from the leadership and activists of Britain’s Muslim community. They have told us lies. They told us that Islam is peaceful when it is plainly not, civilised when it is plainly not, and capable of living in a pluralistic society which is shown to be a lie when we look at Bangladesh for example.

The Christian Post news site has reported a case in that country of a group of atheists who are being prosecuted for insulting the Islamic ‘prophet’.

They said:

“Four atheist bloggers in Bangladesh are facing up to 14 years in prison for defaming Islam and the Prophet Mohammed, including one who was stabbed viciously by fundamentalist attackers earlier this year.

“They have been indicted with defaming Islam, Prophet Mohammed and other religions through their Internet writings. They spread malice against all religions,” senior public prosecutor Shah Alam Talukdar told AFP.

The four accused are 24-year old Subrata Adhikari Shuvo, 36-year old Russel Parvez, 42-year old Mashiur Rahman Biplob, and 29-year old Asif Mohiuddin. The bloggers were arrested earlier this year after nationwide protests by Muslims targeting atheists who were critical of Islam in online posts.

Mohiuddin was stabbed repeatedly in January by suspected Islamist fundamentalists, who attacked him after leaving work one night in Dhaka. He survived after spending time in critical condition in a hospital, and in August shared with The Friendly Atheist blog that he had 53 stitches all over his body bearing witness to the attack.”

This is what Islam has done to he concept of freedom of speech in Bangladesh, just like it is doing to freedom of speech wherever Islam establishes itself. The right to profess any peaceful religion or even to have no religion at all, something that in places like Britain took years to achieve, is anathama to Islam. Because Islam is so intellectually and theologically fragile, it cannot compete in the marketplace of ideas and instead has to be imposed, often with extreme violence or the fear of threatened violence.

Think for a moment about all those Britons who know Islam, and because they know it, hate it with a righteous passion, are they silent when they should be loud because they don’t want to ‘give offence’, or are they nervous of the violence that comes from the followers of Islam and their idiot handmaidens on the political Left? I know that when I write I have to be circumspect about some subjects because I have vulnerable relatives and friends who unfortunately find that they have to live in Britain’s worst Islamic shitholes. If this is my attitude, and I’m someone who believes that the evil that is Islam should be named, spoken about and fought, how much more must be the terror of those who just want a quiet life? Even greater must be the fear felt by those who disagree with Islam but who live in countries governed by this foul and vile ideology, countries such as Bangladesh.

The Christian post continued:

“The (Bangladeshi) government has said that its actions are aimed at ensuring communal harmony in a country where nearly 89.5 percent of the population is Muslim, and another 9.6 percent are Hindu – with all other beliefs making up barely 0.9 percent.

The Associated Press noted that the trial is set for Nov. 6. The accused are currently out on bail after spending nearly three months in jail, but could be sentenced to as much as 14 years in prison if found guilty.

Bangladesh’s blasphemy laws prohibit criticizing religion, and target those with “deliberate” or “malicious” intention of hurting religious sentiments.

“The relative strictness of these laws implies the existence of several limitations on the discussion of some religious questions in the public sphere, given that there is a criminal sentence for the rather ambiguous crime of ‘hurting religious sentiments,'” notes the UCLA Asia Institute.

Mohiuddin told The Friendly Atheist blog that despite the attack and the looming trial, he is not giving up his fight for freedom of speech.

“But I’ll fight till the end for my freedom of speech, my freedom of believing and not believing and criticizing religious dogmas and fundamentalism. Even if I die, some other will take my place and he will keep fighting,” Mohiuddin said.”

Mr Mohiuddin is correct in stating that he will not give up his fight for freedom of speech and neither should we in the United Kingdom give up that which was bought with an immense cost in blood and treasure.

Every concession by the British state and its agencies to Islam, every whine and whinge from Muslims that is taken seriously, every Islamic liar that is believed, every appeasement of Islamic ideology and culure, brings Britain closer to a Bangladesh situation. That is not something that no British person, no matter what colour of skin or deity we worship should allow to happen.


Main article from the Christian Post

* I find the idea of Muslimah Pride utterly laughable. How can anyone, be they male, or female in this case, celebrate or be proud of their subjection and oppression? Muslimah Pride can ‘f**k right off’. My opinion of Islam is very much like the comedian Spike Milligan’s opinion of Jam which was ‘I don’t like Jam, and I don’t want it anywhere near where I am’.


  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX….you cannot have noticed the double standard…XX

    Can not have failed to notice, surely?

  2. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    XX My opinion of Islam is very much like the comedian Spike Milligan’s opinion of Jam…XX

    It was also Spike Milligan who said something like “I knew a muslim once. A RIGHT little Shi’ite!”

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