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An appeasement too far

September 16, 2013

Yup, the Cylons have arrived at British courts Image courtesy of Quiet Man

The abilities of the aggressive supremacists and exceptionalists of Islam unfortunately been advanced by an appalling, appeasing decision from a Judge. Thowing aside completely that idea that justice should be seen as well as done, a Judge has capitulated to Shariab Law by basically saying that the Islamic full face veil, that uniform of fascistic totalitarian Islam, can be worn in a British court.

Sky news reports:

“A Muslim woman will be allowed to stand trial wearing a full-face veil – but must remove it while giving evidence, a judge has ruled.

Lawyers for the woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, had argued it would breach her human rights and be counter to Britain’s tolerance of Islamic dress to remove her niqab against her wishes.”

So would it be equally ok for some fraggle to dress up as one of Oswald Mosley’s mob, because with Islam that is about the level of authoritarian ideology we are dealing with here. Much Islamic dress, especially that which is culturally inappropriate for the UK, in that it covers the face, is not for modesty, it is to intimidate. Niqabs, burkhas and all the other face obscuring clothing that the savages of Islam often like to force their women to wear are a giant ‘f**k off’, to all of us. These garments say, we are not like you, they are garments of exterme separation. They have an air of menace which has no place in British society. We quite rightly ban political groups marching round in uniforms, which must make us ask the question; ‘what do the savages have that the Mosleyites and other lunatics do not have?’ The answer is they have the ears of that compliant appeasing Establishment, created by Labour councils and Labour governments and unfortunately continued by what is left of he Conservative party.

The Sky piece continued:

“But Judge Peter Murphy, sitting at London’s Blackfriars Crown Court, said: “In general, the defendant is free to wear the niqab during trial.

“If the defendant gives evidence she must remove the niqab throughout her evidence. The court may use its inherent powers to do what it can to alleviate any discomfort, for example by allowing the use of screens or allowing her to give evidence by live link.”

Look on how Judge Murphy has pandered to this savage. A woman who is to be on trial for serious offences, is given the sort of protection by the court, with video links and other stuff to ‘allieviate her discomfort’, that would be given to a witness in a child abuse case. It is utterly disgusting to see such a terrible judgement which has set a worrying precedent for the sort of two tier justice systems that we see anywhere that Islam gains the upper hand. Yet again the honest and reasonable people, who follow all gods or none, are being treated differently to this unwanted ideology and those who follow its precepts.
The Sky piece added:

“The issue of whether women should be forced to remove their veil in public has been subject to recent political discussion.

Home Office Minister Jeremy Browne has called for a national debate on whether the state should step in to prevent young women having the veil imposed upon them.

Mr Browne’s intervention came after a row erupted over the decision by Birmingham Metropolitan College to drop a ban on the wearing of full-face veils amid public protests.

The minister said he was “instinctively uneasy” about restricting religious freedoms, but said there may be a case to act to protect girls who were too young to decide for themselves whether they wished to wear the veil or not.”

The presence of Islamic hate-garb for that is what it is, is more than an intellectual discsussion only within political circles it is for all of us to debate.  This really is a question of ‘who governs Britan’, is it the people via Parliament or is it a combination of the savages their useful idiot allies and thoroughly debased and overextended human rights law. It is a historical irony that would make a person die with laughter if it was not that they died of shame first, to see a human rights convention, designed to protect people from oppressors and oppression, being used to protect those who oppression of others is visible for all the world to see. If it is illegal to parade up and down in an SS uniform, or a Blackshirt, why should not Islamic hate-wear such as the niqab and he burkha be treated the same?

Judge Murphy has made his judgement in this case, but I belive that there will be many people who will not only disagree with it but who will look at this decision and wail at the sheer treason to the concept of open justice and that this precedent setting case, is truly an appeasement too far.

  1. Furor Teutonicus permalink

    The photo at the top…. I just can not help thinking “a Dalek with dissabilitys”, or “A differently abled Dalek.”

    Seeme to be a Dalek with an eating disorder to me, but…. hay hum, all to their own.

  2. Bunny permalink

    When I get back to the UK I will root out a book I have about the collapse of the Roman Empire and the Goths moving in and dominating society, in reality creating modern day France, Germany and to an extent England. One of the main things was the tolerance of the elite to the Goths and their appeasement of the Gothic invaders. The post war consensus was that it should be sold to the public as an accommodation with the Goths, when in fact it was Gothic (read German) aggression which ensured their colonisation of the Romano-Celtic world. It seems that there are parallels with out elite pandering to the bearded savages. What really appals me is that we haven’t had a major societal collapse, and yet the bearded savages are gaining traction due a pathetic, weak self appointed elite.

    I know several people from a Christian background in Lebanon and they are gearing up to stand and fight again, as they see the threats from the Syria. Does it have to get that bad before we are allowed a say?

    • Furor Teutonicus permalink

      XX in fact it was Gothic (read German)XX

      No. Lets get our facts straight and NOT read “German” shall we?

      XX The Goths originally migrated from Scandinavia and from there migrated south into Europe and east into southern Russia (some of their descendants still live in the Crimean area). The reason for this migration are unclear, but the standard, default interpretation is that they were pressured by overpopulation. They may also have been flooded out—in the centuries before the Gothic migrations, the Baltic Sea, where the Goths originated, was not a sea at all, but a lake. Geological events and erosions eventually joined the Baltic with the North Sea—the coastal areas of the Baltic subsequently suffered devestating floods as the geological process slowly took place……

      Goths: see Duerinck’s Goths Tribe . See “The Goths” by Peter Heather (1996) who read Hachmann’s earlier work. Disputing Jordanes, the Goth/Gepid culture originated from northern Continental Europe rather than from southern Sweden (Heather 1996, page 14). Archaeological evidence demonstrates that the Goths did migrate from northeastern Europe to Scythia [Source: Heather] –the “Gotones” tribe of the Vistula were related to the Goths. Archaeologically, the Wielbark culture moved from the Vistula area to the Black Sea, supporting a close connection between Gotones and Goths. In the beginning of the 3rd century the Goths migrated from the Vistula area in Poland to north of the Black Sea. The most famous ruler of this group was Ermanaric. This kingdom was destroyed by the Huns between 370 and 380 A.D. Some Goths migrated west to form kingdoms in Italy and Spain. Others remained in the East, forming another kingdom after the fall of the Huns. The Varangians and the Kolbjazi were the foremost representatives of this kingdom. The Slavic peoples called the Goths “Rus” (meaning the Red-Blond-People). [Source: O.Pritsak, _The Origin of Rus – Vol.1 – Old Scandinavian Sources other than the Sagas_ (1981)]
      Future research: Vesi, Tervingi, Greutungi, Ostrogoths, and perhaps Taifali. XX

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        AND, just to add, GERMANY did not even EXIST then!!

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        If I recall correctly, Germany didn’t coalese into something like its present form until Bismark in the late 19th century.

      • Furor Teutonicus permalink

        1254 “Heiliges Römisches Reich”. (Sacurom Römanium Imperium). “Deutscher Nation” (Nationis Germaicae) was added in the 15th C.

        It was “Abolished” in 1806 by Napoleon I.

        1871 the 38 states were united under Preußen, and became the official titel Deutsches Kaiserreich, or Deutschland for short.

      • Bunny permalink

        There is no disagreement that Germany did not exist, my comment related to the re-writing of history to state that the Roman Empire did not collapse due to the Gothic invasions but it in large places reached accommodation with the Goths. This was done for political purposes in part of an attempt to reach some sort of consensus with the Germans in the wake of two world wars. The historical consensus at the time was the Goths were Germanic tribes.

  3. Fahrenheit211 permalink

    Bunny, that is a good comment. There will be a future post on the subject of ‘how bad will it get’ and islamic lack of reciprocity with regards rights.

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