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Syrian forced conversions to Islam. How long before we see this sort of thing happening in Birmingham, Bradford, Tower Hamlets, Leicester, Newham, Waltham Forest…..?

September 15, 2013


There are some horrifying stories coming out of Syria about forced conversions to Islam and attacks on non-Muslims.

Stories like this one featured in the Christian Post:

Ghastly attacks on Christians mocked as “Crusaders” in Syria continued unabated as Jihadists reportedly forced one man to convert to Islam at gunpoint and slit the throat of another Christian woman’s fiancé and then told her, “Jesus didn’t come to save him.”

Residents who fled from the ancient town of Maalula in Syria told AFP that jihadists ambushed the town last week and forced a man to convert to Islam at gunpoint.

“They arrived in our town at dawn… and shouted ‘We are from the Al-Nusra Front and have come to make lives miserable for the Crusaders,” said one woman identified as Marie in Damascus, where many people from Maalula fled after rebels first attacked that town on Sept. 4.”

The Christian Post added:

“I saw people wearing Al-Nusra headbands who started shooting at crosses,” the Christian senior told the AFP. One of the shooters, he said, “put a pistol to the head of my neighbor and forced him to convert to Islam by obliging him to repeat ‘there is no God but God’…Afterwards they joked, ‘he’s one of ours now’.”

This is Syria, a country in the grip of a violent Islamic nightmare. It has become a country where the concept of freedom of religion has disappeared completely. As in elsewhere in the Islamic Middle East, protests and public demands for economic freedom and more democratic and fair forms of government, were co-opted and corrupted by Islamists for their own ends.

This is Islam in action. Forced conversions, mass murder, intolerance, oppression. There is no peace in any meaningful sense of the word in Islam no matter what geographical area it resides in.

From Iraq to Indonesia, Malaysia to Mumbai, at all points of the compass, in every region, with the possible exception of Antarctica, wherever Islam goes, peace and freedom dies and often dies a horrible violent death.

How long will it be before Britain’s benighted Islamic enclaves such as those named in the title become as familiar with terror as these other places where the followers of Islam have embarked on an orgy of violence.

We are already seeing reports of acid attacks on presumably non-Muslim people in places like Oldham, an area heavily ‘enriched’ by Islam.

Will it soon become unsafe for a Vicar to walk through Birmingham or Leicester? Will the display of a cross in Waltham Forest elicit extreme violence? I certainly wouldn’t want to be a Rabbi in Rotherham either, it would be too bloody dangerous. It is now unsafe for a Jew to be visibly Jewish in areas of Tower Hamlets (an area that was ironically once a place of safety for Jews fleeing oppression in Eastern Europe) and I’ve had reports come to me that Sikhs are leaving Newham in East London, because of the fears of Islamic domination and the Islamic rape gangs that are targeting their daughters.

Compared to the Huguenots and the Jews who brought new industries and trading contacts to Britain, or the Hindus and Sikhs who came here with very little and have made a success of being British and who often built thriving businesses or contributed to public services. Islam on the other hand, has brought nothing but trouble.

Do not think that the violence of Islam is something confined to Syria or Sudan or any of the host of other places that Islam has ruined, it is everywhere where Islam goes. Violence and Islam have been locked together in a destructive embrace ever since ‘Mo the Paedo’ first picked up his sword in the 7th Century. Although individual Muslims can be peaceful, such Muslims are those who are Muslim in name only, they are the good people who arise in any society and they are good not because of Islam but because they have rejected the violence of the Islamic ideology.

Violence, intolerance and arrogance are the problems that Islam brings with it wherever it settles.

Islam is violence, Islam is hate, Islam is arrogance, Islam is submission to fear, Islam is racism Islam is misogyny, Islam is corruption. There is very little that is objectively positive to be found in Islam.

Sadly a madness has overtaken Britain. Politicians and public servants, who should have known much better, have allowed this hate filled cult to not only be tolerated in these islands but has encouraged it and punished those who speak out against it.

A misplaced sense of equality and fairness has been exploited by the promoters of Islam. Because of this we now have in the UK the completely mad situation where for example, the odious ideology of Islam is treated the same as those religions and cultures that are in no way a problem to Britain.

This is cultural relativism in action and it is killing my country.

Soon, if Islam is not countered, preferably by elected politicians growing some balls and clearing out the appeasers and cultural relativists from our councils, charities and other public services, the violence of Islam will be piling up, in Britain, the sort of death toll that we see in Syria.

Before long Islam will be cutting the throats of Vicars, Rabbis, Hindu priests and anyone from any walk of life who disagrees with Islam, on the streets of Bradford, Birmingham and elsewhere. We will see the forced conversions and oppression that characterises the ideology of Islam whenever and wherever it gains power and influence.

This is why Islam needs to be countered, this is why Islam needs to be protested, this is why the building of Mosques Terrorism and paedophile advocacy centres need to be stopped. Those people who truly believe in equality, who have a commitment to women’s rights, and who believe that being gay is not a sin deserving of death, should join with others in standing up to Islam. Appeasing the bully doesn’t make the bully go away, it just emboldens the bully.

If Islam is not fought today, then there will be no Britain to fight for tomorrow.


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