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Religious tolerance Islamic style – Israel edition.

September 13, 2013

Muslims destroying Joseph’s Tomb, as they have done periodically throughout history.

The promoters and excusers of Islam often use the lie that Islam is tolerant and quote the abrogated Koranic verse that ‘there shall be no compulsion in matters of religion’. I call this verse false and those who use it liars because all too often we can see for ourselves how ‘tolerant’ the followers of Islam are.

From forced conversions to Islam, to murders for being either non-Muslim or the wrong type of Muslim, we can all see that if Islam is tolerant then it certainly demonstrates that virtue in an very odd way.

The latest example of the sort of Islamic ‘tolerance’ that any nation could well do without comes from Israel, or to be more specific an area of the West Bank that according the Oslo Accords is one administered by the so-called ‘Palestinians’.

The Israeli news site Arutz Sheva reports that although the accords allow Jews to worship and pray at Jewish holy sites that are in ‘Palestinian’ administered areas, exercising this right is difficult and dangerous.

Arutz Sheva said:

A large contingent of worshippers who visited the Tomb of Joseph (Kever Yosef) in Shechem Wednesday night were attacked by gangs of Arabs, who threw rocks and bricks at them.

The worshippers were accompanied by a large number of IDF soldiers. The Arabs attacked the soldiers with rocks as well. Troops used anti-riot techniques to quell the mob.

At one point, one of the attackers opened fire at soldiers with an automatic weapon. Troops and civilians took cover, and soldiers fired back in the direction of the gunfire, hitting the terrorist who had opened fire on them and injuring him seriously. He was taken to a hospital in an Israeli city for treatment.

“Overnight, gunshots were fired at security personnel escorting Israeli civilians who were praying in Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus (Shechem),” a military statement said. Soldiers, it added, “returned fire towards the suspected shooter in self-defence.”

After the shootout, soldiers were able to break up the riot, and worshippers were able to reach the tomb and hold services.

Four other rioters were injured during the clashes.

According to the Oslo Accords, signed by Israel and the Palestinian Authority, Shechem was assigned to Area A, and is under PA civilian and security control. The PA committed to allowing Jews to visit and pray at Joseph’s Tomb, and are supposed to ensure security for visiting worshippers. However, the PA has rarely if ever lived up to its commitment, and attacks by rioting Arabs against Jews at the site are common.”

Read the rest at:

So there you have it, Islamic ‘tolerance’ in action. If this is tolerance Islamic style then that is really the sort of ‘tolerance’ any nation could do without. If this sort of behaviour by the Arabs was a one off, or only limited to places that are in political turmoil, then it may be possible to explain it as due to particular circumstances Unfortunately such intolerant behaviour happens wherever Islam is, and especially where the Islamic ideology dominates. Note also how the ‘Palestinian’ Authority promised that there would be freedom of access to Jewish holy places but reneged on this deal almost before the ink was dry on the agreement. Islam is false and behaves falsely all the time.

The tomb of Joseph was a Jewish holy site for thousands of years before the Islamic ‘prophet’ Mohammed was even a diseased sperm in his father’s testicle. This place has no connection at all to Islam apart from the deranged claim of Islamic literature that Joseph is one of the spiritual forefathers of the Muslims as well as the Jews and the Christians.

Do not think that these sort of Islamic rioters who disturb the peace of those who only wish to be left alone to pray peacefully are only a phenomenon of the turbulent Middle East. In nearly every place in the world where Islam dominates, from the killing ground that is Syria, to the Islamic enclaves that we have allowed to be created in the UK, wherever Islam goes, freedom and especially freedom of religion, dies.

It is becoming starkly obvious that throughout the world, Islam is the unwanted house guest that continually defecates on the floor of the house, even when it has specifically agreed not to do so. 



Original story from Arutz Sheva


PS: If you want to know the difference between the civilised and the uncivilised check out the action of the Israeli Defence Forces. Despite being fired upon and having to return fire, the IDF still made sure that the Islamic terrorist received medical treatment for his wounds. If the roles were reversed the shooter would probably have had his heart eaten by an Islamic savage as recently happened in Syria. The IDF is a civilised force whereas the Islamic fighters are anything but civilised.

PPS. As an aside from this doom and gloom and Islamic terror, because it is the eve of Yom Kippur, the Jewish Day of Atonement, I would like to wish all my Jewish readers well over the coming 25 hour fast. May the coming year be one of life, peace, security, prosperity and blessing not just for all Jews but for all the rest of humanity as well.  


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