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Q is for Quisling

September 12, 2013

Q is for Quisling019


Quisling: Definition




a person who betrays his or her own country by aiding an invading enemy, often serving later in a puppet government; fifth columnist.

1940;  after Vidkun Quisling  (1887–1945), pro-Nazi Norwegian leader


 Unfortunately there are many people in Britain who behave in a Quisling-like way when it comes to Islam. These people are facilitating the building of mosques, helping to indoctrinate our children, turning a blind eye to the imposition of Shariah Law and excusing crimes committed by Muslims. Worst of all, such people are often sucking on the taxpayers’ teat, people like local councillors and council officers, senior police staff, diversity managers, teachers who impose Halal food menus on non-Muslim children and so on and so on.

Just like those who chose to aid the Nazis many years ago, such people pander to Islam for a variety of reasons. For some it can be a misplaced sense of morality, and a belief that the followers of Islam are oppressed and need assistance (in reality in much of the world Islam is the oppressor), for others it is a fear of the stigma of being called ‘racist’ (even though Islam is NOT a race) and thereby losing their jobs, and there are also those who selfishly choose to collaborate with Islam because they see it as a means of career advancement.

Others still, especially those on the extreme Left have the delusion that the violent thugs of Islam can be used as muscle to effect a socialist revolution. However, events in Iran in the late 1970’s and early 80’s showed that as soon as Islam gained the upper hand, the Islamists slaughtered wholesale the naïve socialists who thought they could ride the Islamist tiger to a workers paradise.

There is another category of people who assist Islam and that is those who do not understand the danger that we all face from this ideology, individuals who believe the propaganda that Islam is a ‘religion of peace’. In addition they make the grave mistake of judging Islam the ideology, by the individual Muslims that they know, who may be good humane people.

It is an unpleasant fact to face that Britain has an awful lot of Quislings and collaborators working, sometimes unknowingly, to assist Islam, an ideology that has NEVER wanted to live in peace with others and has always wanted to dominate and control. From the first days of Islam on the Arabian peninsular in the 7th Century CE, Islam has spread not by convincing people by intellectual argument of the rightness of their cause, but at the point a sword tipped with the poison of lies.

The time has come for people in Britain to speak up and tell these collaborators that they are wrong, to shame those who are appeasing Islam for selfish reasons and educate those who have believed the lies put out about the nature of Islam.

The Quislings and collaborators need to be told that many British people are not happy with what they are doing. Many of those who collaborate with Islam do so because they work in places which are bubbles of political correctness and it is now beyond time that these bubbles were punctured.

If you want to protest against Islam and Shariah Law but you don’t want to attend a demonstration, or counter the violence of the combined forces of Islam and the far Left with violence of your own, or make a public stand against this foul ideology, then you may be wondering what options you have?

One option is to let the hard Quislings, those ideologues who are often paid by the taxpayer, to act in a traitorous manner towards Islam, know that you know what they are up to, and attempt to educate those who are collaborating because they know no better way, or who are assisting the Islamo-nazis through fear or who those consider that there is nothing wrong in ‘only following orders’.

One way you can do this would be to share the flyer that is attached to this post in the forms of PDF and JPEG formats and give it, or send it, to those who collaborate. You can put it on a website, distribute it via social media or print it out and hand it to friends who make stupid untrue statements about Islam because of their ignorance. You could tie it to lampposts or trees, put it on noticeboards or doors, or post it by snail mail to those who are assisting Islam in some way.

You could send it to those councillors and public sector staff who suck up to Islam and who promote it and facilitate its expansion into the geographic and cultural areas where it is plainly not wanted.

Pointing out that treason against freedom is being committed is a much more effective, moral and legal way of expressing your displeasure at the vile ideology of Islam than burning down your local Mosque terrorism and paedophilia advocacy centre. Violent actions like this are counterproductive and allow Islamic groups to whine louder and paint themselves as victims. Also, as much as many of us would wish to wave goodbye to the poison of Islam, there must be no more Kristalnachts and no more ‘Final Solutions’. Islam must be fought, but there are ways of fighting that will not taint future generations with blood-guilt.

Let those who collaborate with Islamofascism know that you are unhappy with their behaviour, that they are helping an ideology that kills tens of thousands every year around the world and would do the same in Britain if they could.

Tell the collaborators that you’ve had enough of public servants morphing into the servants of Islam, tell them that you will not be silent and will not go gentle into a future Islamic dark age. Traitors need the shadows in which to hide and operate. Shine some light into these shadowed areas.

Tell them that they are traitors, inform them about what they are doing, tell them that they are wrong. Although ultimately there should be legislation passed to exclude Islam from politics and public life and to prevent it from exploiting laws brought in to ensure equal treatment of everyone, in the meantime it does no harm at all to let those who collude with those who would destroy us, know that you are displeased.

Remember ‘Q is for Quisling


Click the link below for the pdf version of the jpeg at the head of the page.

quisling 2

About Vidkun Quisling and how he gave the world another word for traitor

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