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September 11 Never forget. Never forgive.

September 10, 2013


On the 12th anniversary of the horrendous Islamic terror attacks on New York and Washington, we should remember all those who were murdered that day, and all those police, fire and ambulance crews who fought valiantly to rescue people from the scene of the attack. We should also remember all those who lost loved ones and those who are still traumatised by the memories and recollections of the attack. We must also recall with gratitude those brave people on United Airlines flight 93, who fought, with distinction, the Islamic murderers and by their actions prevented even more death and destruction.

We shall remember them.

We should also never, ever forget or forgive the ideology of Islam, an ideology that killed in that one day 3000+ people for no other reason than their victims were either not Muslim or ‘not proper Muslims’. They hate our freedoms and they kill to stop those freedoms.

Those of us in the free world were reminded that terrible day, of the history of the interactions between the civilised world and the Islamic world. We had wiped from our collective memories the knowledge of just how evil Islam can be. We had done this for reasons of political correctness and because of our own society’s laudable desire to see the good in all people, no matter what deity a person follows.

We had forgotten that for centuries the followers of Islam had fought tooth and nail to wipe out any trace of non-Muslim civilisations. We had forgotten the hundreds of thousands of Europeans and Africans snatched in Islamic slave raids, the Christians and Jews who were forced to live as second or third class citizens in areas controlled by Islam and the brigandage practised by Muslim gangs, that stifled trade, learning and development.

We must never forget those who were killed by Islam on the 11th September 2001, nor must we forget those who are still being killed by this bestial and vile ideology.

Never Forget. Never Forgive, Never Surrender, Never Again. May the souls of the innocents who died at the hands of Islamic scum rest in peace, and may the retribution by the civilised against the uncivilised be complete and total.

  1. Maurice Dancer permalink

    Well written, Fahrenheit. And yet there’s going to be a ‘Million Muslim March’ in NYC on 9/11.
    You mention ‘the brigandage practised by Muslim gangs, that stifled trade, learning and development’. How true, & yet TV historians like Bettany Hughes, eyes asparkle with islamophilia, love to tell us what the Arabs did for southern Spain, but neglect to tell us how they got there. The implication being they arrived in cruise ships dispensing love & largesse, yeah right. In fact, they butchered their way through North Africa and The Med.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Thank you for the compliment. You are indeed correct that the armies of Islam butchered their way across Nth Africa and the Med and you are certainly right about TV historians like Bettany Hughes. What annoys me about some of these islamophiliac popular historians is that although for relatively short historical period (when compared to the 1400 year lifespan of Islam) the Islamic government of Sepharad/Al Andalus/Spain was benign (it was safer for example to be a Jew or a non-catholic Christian in Sepharad then it was in England or France at that time**), this period ended when more fundamentalist Muslims came from North Africa and replaced the more benign rulers. I have no truck with all this rubbish that Islamophilliacs come out with when they talk about a ‘Golden Age’ of Islamic Spain as the govt of Sepharad/Al Andalus/Spain was much more soft than, for example, the Ottomans who ruled Greece*** for example.

      To take the example of Islamic Sepharad/Al Andalus/Spain and extrapolate it to be a representative of other Islamic governments of the time is highly disingenuous.

      **for Jews being a third class citizen under Islam was preferable to being killed by an illiterate lynch mob in Lincoln, Strasbourg, York, London, or any one of a multitude of places where pogroms occurred.

      *** I have read somewhere that the Ottomans hollowed out Greek society by horrific oppression and this is why Greece has never caught up technologically or economically with countries that were never invaded by Islam. A culture of learning was replaced by an agrarian society that survived on bribes and favours and this may be why the rule of the Ottomans may be the ultimate historical cause of Greeces problems today. I’m not sure how true that is I will have to check. what is true is that the Ottomans used the Parthenon as a powder store which subsequently exploded, which is why it is in the state it is in today.

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