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Worrying rumours

September 3, 2013


This blog tries not to pass on rumours where there is either not substantiation or where the information comes from a non-trustworthy source. Neither do I engage with the various lunatic conspiracy theorists that are out there, because there are enough problems in the world without getting side tracked by ‘new world order’ or ‘HAARP’ rubbish.

However, there is an interesting and worrying post over at the Casuals United site, which is not normally an abode of ‘conspiraloons’ and which although I cannot confirm the veracity of the story probably needs to be re-posted. If anyone knows about this subject then contact me and either confirm or deny the story. I will, to the best of my ability, keep your confidence on this issue.

Casuals United is alleging that retired police officers with firearms training are being quietly called up to act as ‘police reserves”. Also traffic wardens and PCSO’s are being given primed for being given powers of arrest at some time in the future. This looks like the authorities are getting worried that Britain’s Islamic nutters may start to suffer from ‘sudden jihad syndrome’, which would quite plainly stretch the resources of the regular police.

Casuals United said:

My mate the retired copper says that all retired police officers who are firearms trained have had letters asking if they are willing to participate in a “reserve force” if needed. Large numbers of these new “community officers” are being recruited and traffic wardens have been given PACE cards (for power of arrest) and told to put them in their lockers for now and they will be briefed in future.

Due to this countries continued involvement in aggressive, unnecessary wars against Muslim countries, they are expecting widespread disorder from the millions of already aggrieved foreigners they have allowed into our land. These community coppers and traffic wardens would have to take over mundane day to day policing tasks while the main force dealt with protests and riots all over the place when we go one invasion too far and a global conflict kicks off.

Seeing as how there’s over a million illegals here from places like Afghanistan, Iraq etc the “reserve force” caper obviously means that they are expecting an upsurge in terrorist activity as well, which is not rocket salad (science) either.

I see a bad moon rising. Tell me I’m wrong?

No to another pointless war over oil



Story source

I must state that I do not agree with the comment that wars against Muslim countries are ‘unnecessary’ because these countries are the mother lode of Islamic hatred and backwardness that is afflicting the world. I also don’t agree that intervening in Muslim countries are ‘pointless wars over oil’. Like or not oil is an essential part of the modern economy and if the free countries don’t fight for it then the unfree countries will grab it and have the economic upper hand. That is not something that we in Britain should relish. Resource wars are as old as the hills but the addition of Islam into the mix makes these wars much more dangerous because then these wars become religious ones and not resource ones. .

I certainly concur that the influx into the UK of those who follow Islam has made the likelihood of jihad on British soil much more likely, and we have too often seen Muslims behaving in a blatantly disloyal way towards the UK.

This story from Casuals may be nothing, it may be just an ex-copper stroking his ego, but on the other hand there may be something in this story that needs to be kept an eye on.

  1. I wonder if that’s why the Met are also encouraging/training members of the public to look for cached weapons in public areas, as outlined in the ‘Evening Standard’ a few days ago?

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      Mmm! Not being a resident of Londonistan anymore I didn’t see that story. It may not be connected to this rumour instead it may be an ‘Operation Trident’ thing. A cache of arms in a public area is going to be less traceable than a gun in someones home. Maybe this may be a sign that Trident is starting to be effective. It is also less risky to keep an illegal weapon outside the home than in it. The radio pirates do something similar with studios kept completely separate from the transmitter boxes and antenna with the studio feed tight beamed via microwave or UHF.

  2. James Strong permalink

    Wars against muslim countries are largely unnecessary.
    We could just leave them in their backward hell-holes, but after telling them that if there are any more attacks on the West in the name of Allah then we will annihilate Mecca and Medina, Insh’Allah. Then do it.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      If the boot was on the other foot, I don’t think that Islamic armies would hesitate to destroy Christian or Jewish holy places. There is a passage in The Italian Job that comes to mind here, when the British gang are confronted by the Mafia, Michael Caine’s character says ‘there are thousands of Italians in the UK, if you kill us then every ice cream parlour, every cafe, every drinking den will be trashed’ Maybe that is how to deal with aggressive Islam? Not that I’m advocating vigilante action of course, officer. I’d much rather see the State pull its finger out and do such things.

  3. During the cold war, traffic wardens and the like were earmarked for police powers if civil defense ever became necessary in the event of a nuclear war.

    I don’t know if that scheme was ever scrapped but this sounds like something similar, although to be invoked for a much smaller scale ’emergency’.

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