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Tell Mama, still there and still addicted to deceit.

September 2, 2013

‘My name is Fiaz Mughal, and my organisation has a big dishonesty problem’

When a person has an addiction problem, whether that is to drink, drugs, gambling or sex, the first thing that the person needs to do, is to admit they have a problem. Once they have admitted they have a problem, then it is possible both to help the person and to encourage the person to help themselves.

Let me tell you about a group with an addiction problem. The Tell Mama group, an Islamic group that purports to campaign against anti-Islamic bigotry, has a big problem, a big problem with dishonesty. This is not a smear, this is a proven dishonesty that has been uncovered by others such as Andrew Gilligan, who uncovered dubious practice with regard to recording ‘attacks’ against Muslims and Islamic property. If you visit the Tell Mama site you will see examples of this and other dishonest statements such as those implying that Muslims in Britain are under siege.

If you go to their site, you will notice that one of their policies is trying to make out that genuine concerns expressed by patriot groups, their supporters and various individuals about Islamic Grooming Gangs are all lies. Tell Mama seem quite happy to retweet comments throwing doubt on the grooming gang epidemic and that sort of thing is really not helpful at all. It is not helpful to the debate on the issue, and it is certainly not helpful to those minority of Muslim individuals who are reform- oriented.

Surely if Tell Mama were serious about building bridges, they wouldn’t be retweeting stuff that was patently untrue.

How can it be lies when our courts are starting to fill up with various Islamic Grooming Gang members, who have often put vulnerable young women thorough despicable sexual and physical torture? This is not ‘lies cooked up by the EDL’ as tweeters on Tell Mama‘s site seems to think it is, it is fact, as anyone who checks the court records or the newspaper stories will be able to confirm.

See this from the Tell Mama twitter timeline

  1. 2hSam Malone @SamMaloneUK@TellMamaUK@junayed_#EDL like obsessing about rape and child abuse. See the #EDLRapeObsession tag.

    Retweeted by TellMAMAUK


  2. 27 AugJ. Ali @junayed_A few months ago @EDLTrobinson was caught lying about a child being raped in a school toilet. HE’S AT IT AGAIN!

    Retweeted by TellMAMAUK

We do have an Islamic Grooming Gang problem, the scale of which is at present unknown. It is likely to grow as more police officers start to look into areas that may previously have been forbidden to them. This phenomenon appears to have been scandalously ignored during the misrule of the uber-politically correct Labour government of 1997 – 2010. A desire by that government to ‘not upset the Muslims’ meant that hundreds, if not thousands, of young women may have been groomed and then sold to other Islamic abusers.

So many cases are now coming to light that it would be unusual if there were not some cases originally reported as Islamic Grooming offences that turn out not to be, which appears to be the background to the ‘toilet rape’ story. Denying that there is a problem, even by a retweet like this, does nothing to calm fears of Islamic rape gangs amongst the general population.

The tweeter Sam Malone, whom Tell Mama have seen fit to retweet, believes that patriot groups in general, and the EDL in particular, are obsessed with rape stories. Well if Islamic Grooming Gangs didn’t exist, there would be no real need to be worried about them would there?

We can all make a mistake and tweet something we shouldn’t have done but to retweet a communication that tries to say ‘Islamic Grooming, nothing to see, move along now’ is a serious error of judgement.

Equally worrying, although slightly off topic, Tell Mama appear to think that it acceptable to retweet comments by Mohammed Ansar, a man described by the respected centre Left website Harry’s Place as a ‘pseudo-moderate‘.

It is one level of moral problem to cast doubt on the mass rapes that go on, it is quite another to retweet someone who is alleged to have been quite cordial with Hizb ut Tahir, a group that is completely incompatible with concepts of democracy and freedom. Such nice people who Tell Mama appear to believe are suitable to retweet and thereby give their support to. 

It seems that despite the withdrawal of its Government funding and despite being caught out by Andrew Gilligan, Tell Mama are still addicted to dishonesty, just as surely as the singer Janis Joplin was addicted to drugs, or the footballer Paul Merson was addicted to gambling, or George Best who was addicted to alcohol.


Andrew Gilligan on how Tell Mama were economical with the actuality with regards to the levels and types of anti Islamic ‘hate crimes’

How Tell Mama have been covered previously on F211

Harry’s Place article on the ‘pseudo-moderation’ of Mo Ansar and his association with Hizb ut Tahrir a group dedicated to bringing back the Caliphate.

Why not contact Tell Mama and tell them politely what  YOU think of them and their disingenuous behaviour?

NOTE:  For an appropriate tune to accompany the reading of this article please ‘right click and open in new window’ this LINK

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