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Compare and contrast.

September 1, 2013


Compare and contrast these two offenders and the ultimate outcome of them.

Firstly, lets look at the case of David Camp from Cambridge who threatened to burn down Mosques during an online rant about the evils of Islam. This offender has been made subject to a quite draconian Anti Social Behaviour Order, that bans him from going near any Islamic building or organisation in the London Borough Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets. He is also banned from going near anywhere in Cambridge where there is an Islamic enclave.

Now look at what happens to a Muslim when he is arrested and charged for racially abusing a police officer in the heavily Islamised Northern English town of Blackburn.

Tahir Hussain, of Blackburn was involved in a fracas when police went to find a vulnerable 13 year old girl who had gone missing. The girl was located but got aggressive with the police officer, at which point the police and the girl found themselves surrounded by Muslims who abused the police officer. Hussain told the police officer to ‘go back where you came from ‘.

For this abuse of a police officer in highly dubious circumstances, with Hussain acting as part of a Muslim mob, Hussain was only given a conditional discharge for 12 months and a costs order of £40.

What no bans from going near police officers for the purposes of harassment? No ASBO? No bans from being in particular areas?

Hussain abused a police officer in a racial manner whilst the officer was executing his duty in locating a vulnerable young woman (don’t forget such vulnerable girls and young women have been too often captured and treated as sex slaves by Islamic Grooming Gangs), in a town where Islamic sex crimes are becoming a serious problem (see map and zoom into Blackburn).

So for Muslims to abuse a police officer, who was probably following up concerns about the fate of this young girl, will result in less of a sanction for the offender than someone ranting about Islam and drunkenly saying that mosques should be burned*.

What a huge difference in punishment meted out to the Muslim and the Non-Muslim. And the police and justice system wonder why they have lost the respect of the majority of Britons. This Muslim should have done time for this (a non-Muslim who abused the police would probably have got a lot heavier sentence) or at least should have had a greater punishment than he got.


BBC story on mosque threats

More on this story from the East London Advertiser (based in the Islamic Republic of Tower Hamlets) who referred to the offender as a ‘racist’ – tell me what ‘race’ is Islam? There are black Muslims, White ones, Asian ones etc etc.

Map of Islamic sex criminals

*Burning is not the best way to deal with the Islamic menace, it only gives the Muslims something to whine about, and helps them detract from the fact that Islam is very rarely the ‘oppressed’ but is far too often the oppressor. Having a proper elected representative government in possession of some balls, who would bulldoze, close down or otherwise interdict, the Islamic terror and paedophile indoctrination centres known as mosques, would be a much better way of dealing with this problem.   

  1. MTG permalink

    The first case concerned racially motivated arson threats, which were drafted and considered before they were posted online. The second was ‘heat of the moment’ verbal abuse without any threat. Unless I am missing something, these two ‘chalk and cheese’ offences are simply incommensurable.

    • Fahrenheit211 permalink

      I can see your of view but the threats were drunken ones as the original story shows so both stories have some element of ‘heat of the moment’. That doesn’t change the fact that even when all these factors were taken into consideration, the Muslim came out of this with a derisory sentence when compared to the non-Muslim. The East London Mosque has for years been hosting hate preachers whose words undoubtably contravene hate speech laws,but nothing has been done practically to counter this. I disagree with you that these are ‘chalk and cheese’ offences as the judgement of both offenders were impared,one by booze and another by being a member of a mob surrounding a police officer.

      You and I may consider carefully before we post (I try to have a ‘drink-post’ limit) but how do we know definitively that Camp thought before posting? We don’t.

      If you look around I’m sure that you can find other examples of how Muslims are treated differently by the legal system. For example Muslims are allowed to fly the flag of the terrorists Hezbollah,insult and threaten our soliders and call for the overthrow of the government and nothing,but nothing is done about it. Call Islam uncivilised on Twitter or use harsh words to describe the cult and your collar gets felt. That is not what many would call equal law enforcement.

      There is a double standard and this is just one example. Hussain should in my mind have at least got probation and/or probation.

      • MTG permalink

        My support is assured when you cite any number of deplorable cases where Muslims were treated differently. IMHO the example is counter productive because it isn’t one.

      • Fahrenheit211 permalink

        I disagree because although there are differences, there are also similarities. The police officer surounded by an Islamic mob, may have been placed in some fear of assault and was verbally racially abused. Camp, befuddled by drink, made a threat that he was probably in no state or position to carry out. Yes there is the possibility that someone could have been inspired by Camp’s rant to torch a mosque which begs the question why have the leaders of the East London Mosque, which runs support for Jihadists and their allies, not been arrested for promoting hatred against non-Muslims?

        It is still a much higher sentence that was given out to Camp than that issued to those few Islamics who have been picked up for anti British offences. £50 fine for burning poppies, another derisory fine for hateful Islamic graffiti, suspended sentence for an Islamic nonce etc. These are actual instances of physical hate crimes in full vandalistic action, or a physical sex attack. A drunken rant by a man unlikely to be able to do anything physical to back up their threat is not as worrying as an Islamic mob surrounding a police officer for trying to deal with a distressed runaway child.

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