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“Get back in your little bacon pork machine, and drive away” – Facing down the police, video footage.

August 28, 2013


Please note:  Some links NSFW.

I don’t know the background to this or if the person doing the filming of the police was in the right or the wrong, but he certainly faced down the police quite effectively judging by the video.

The police do rely on people not being informed of their rights and also bully people, but this guy stood up to 8 of the old bill, didn’t get violent with them and was so adamant in his non-compliance that eventually the police went away.

Apparently, the protagonist was accused of doing a handbrake turn, which he vehemently denied, and refused to comply with the police’s request that he get out of the car. There was something quite shady about how the police officer was vague as to the legal provisions on why the man should get out of the car which struck me as odd. Even when the civilian protagonist asked ‘is this a Road Traffic Act stop?’ the officer was still vague.

This man with the camera really knew his stuff and kept on at the police until they gave up. He didn’t hit, he didn’t threaten to hit, he just stood his ground and made it plain that he knew what he was talking about. OK, some may have an problem with his aggressive style of argument, but that is a secondary issue. Informed and justified non-compliance can (and in my mind, should) be done politely as well.

Should we, the law abiding, do this sort of thing ourselves, and more often, when the police try to bully us into compliance with the multicultural bollocks that is causing so much trouble in this nation? Can we also peacefully ‘non-comply’ with them when they lie, submit false reports, intimidate and threaten, like the guy appears to be doing in the video?

Should we not call out as ‘useful idiots’ officers like Ed Wells of Essex Police who can be seen verbally ‘deep rimming’ the local Harlow Muslim community leaders after a fire, or Police Superintendent Charlie Hill of West Mercia, who is actively supporting the building of more mosques? Should we loudly say ‘bullshit!’, whenever a police officer sings too enthusiastically from the ‘diversity is wonderful’ hymnsheet?

Of course we should, and if enough of us do that, it would send a message. This message is that although we in Britain are by and large tolerant, which is a good thing, we have had enough of being told to accept a situation where we are being slowly killed by our own tolerance. Especially tolerance of that which is murderously intolerant.

The British police have arrested people for speaking ill of Islam on Twitter whilst simultaneously ‘cocking a deaf ‘un’ to appalling threats of violence emanating from Islamic hate preachers. These preachers get away with telling the police ‘it’s cultural, none of your business so f**k off’, so why on earth don’t we tell the police ‘none of your business, f**k off’, when they threaten and bluster, because some Muslim has taken offence to reasonable criticism of his or her bestial ideology?

We have laws forbidding the threat of murder but very few murder-inciting Islamic preachers have been sanctioned under these laws, but there are too many arrests of those opposed to Islam for ‘inciting religious hatred’. This is just one example of how equality in law enforcement has become corrupted, and how Islamic groups have taken strategic advantage of some very necessary changes in attitudes by the police in how they deal with people. Changes were brought in so that people were not treated differently because of the things they could not change, such as gender or race. The police are not there so that they can defend ideologies whether that is communism, fascism or Islam, they are there to defend us, not just some of us who are ‘favoured’, but all of us, from threat.

Any society needs a police force, to enforce the law and prevent crime. Societies without effective police, law and justice systems are nightmarish places where nobody sane would want to live. However pandering to Islam has involved the police in both failing to enforce the law, as in the cases of hate preachers, and also failing to prevent crime, as with the Islamic Grooming Gang scandals.

We need a police force, but we need an honest and accountable police force that serves all equally and doesn’t show favour to particular violent minorities. What we have at the moment is neither, and that is a national tragedy, and it is a tragedy for all Britons no matter what colour, faith or gender we are. An Islam-appeasing police force, is something that we all need to complain about. An Islam appeasing police force is not our police force, it is the enemy’s police force, a Lord Haw Haw police force. That is something that nobody should want.

This article is not, as should be quite obvious, a call to attack or obstruct police officers acting lawfully. Instead it is an encouragement for those so inclined to shout ‘Bullshit!’ loudly and often, whenever police officers behave in a particularly ‘brown tongued’ manner towards Islamic groups and causes. Attacking or obstructing a police officer is an offence, but ridiculing them when deserved is not. Was Rowan Atkinson arrested for his ‘Constable Savage’ sketch? Of course he wasn’t, because the issue of police racism was current news and therefore the sketch was justified. It is equally justifiable to ridicule the police for their appalling pandering to ideologies that are quite frankly, dangerous.  

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